Alice has been a bad, bad girl...


1. One

"Oh Miss Alice, what have you got yourself into now?" Alec circles me, his thin, tight mouth stretched into what could of been a smile. He shakes his head, ruffling his thick, blonde hair. "You need too be punished, and once your punished, your mine forever, and that isn't a bad thing." He walks over too me, his long legs taking powerful strides."Mine!" He murmurs into my ear, his cool breath tickling my neck. I gaze a him and wonder how he can talk. His mouth is sewn together with neat stitches, in a rich black cotton. Alec notices me looking and says, "I sewed it myself you know. I promise I will do an even better job for you."  He walks away from me and exits the room. I can not help myself, throwing my head back I scream as loud as I can. Rejecting marriage is a sin here. Especially if you reject one of the Stitches. Your punished, and your family will never see you again. I did both of them things and when I am a Stitch I will be forced to marry Alec.This mere thought made me want too scream again. Alec renters a gleam in his eye,a needle clasped in one hand and a pocket full of cotton. "What colour do you want, My Love?"

"Your sick!" I spat, writhing in my chair, but he had me chained down. My tormentor gives me an evil glare but chooses too ignore my comment. He smiles and carries on ;

"Black is the normal colour, but your special Alice. You can have any colour you want..."

I ignore him  but he lashes out, slapping me straight across the cheek. "You are an ungrateful little cow, but yet I love you! Your not fair Alice Marshall. I love you, I want too give you ever thing I possibly  can, yet you throw it back in my face? Your stitches are going too be pink. Pink is the colour of love. I love you, and you need to learn to love me."

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