What If: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Most people never knew that Sirius Black had a daughter. Understandable, because Meadow Black was kept in an anti-aging spell for 36 years. Finally, she has awoken. Finally, she is off to Hogwarts. Finally, her life has begun. But will it end soon after beginning?


14. Think Fast

"I don't think your dad likes me much." Meadow complained, laying in the deep snow with her hair fanned out around her head.

"You kidding? He loves you. I think he wants to adopt you." Albus replied, putting the finishing touches on his snowman.

It was two days before Christmas, and while the Potter/Weasley children she had come to know were ready, Meadow was not. It was sure to be a bittersweet event without her mother.

Suddenly, Ginny's tawny owl swooped down to Meadow with a parchment tied to its leg. She took it. It was from her mother.

Unwilling to read it surrounded by Rose and Hugo Weasley, James, Albus, and Lily, she clutched the letter. "I'll be back soon, okay?"


She dashed into the Potter house and up to the attic, plopping onto the bed and unrolling the scroll.

My dear Meadow, it read.

I'm sorry, for everything. If I had been a better mother I would've demanded that Sirius not put you under the spell, but that may have been the selfish thing to do. Sweetheart, I'm so sorry you have to learn this from a quill and not from me in person, but unless you decide to come visit - which I will not ask you to, as it is dreadful here - it is the only way.

Meadow, I am in Azkaban for the murder of Artemis and Sarah Potter, Harry Potter's grandparents.

I won't deny I did it, because I did. But I have spent every day regretting it.

I'm so sorry, my dear. If you wish to not hear from me any longer, I won't be surprised.

Love always,

Your mother Kaia Mason

Meadow stared at the parchment, horrified at what she'd just read. She went through it once. Twice. Three times.

She was correct.

Unable to think clearly, she began to cry as she threw the thick paper down. She curled up in a fetal position, sobbing.

Finally, she decided that she would not be able to look any of the Potters in the face again. Her mother had killed Harry's grandparents. That was impossible to look past.

Angry and horrified, she ran out the door and began to run away. She didn't know where she was going. She didn't really care either.

She didn't see the car coming towards her until it was too late.

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