What If: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Most people never knew that Sirius Black had a daughter. Understandable, because Meadow Black was kept in an anti-aging spell for 36 years. Finally, she has awoken. Finally, she is off to Hogwarts. Finally, her life has begun. But will it end soon after beginning?


3. The Hogwarts Express

Meadow stared out the Hogwarts Express window. The England countryside rolled past as her thoughts swirled within her head.

Across from her was a boy, significantly smaller than she, with blond hair and icy blue eyes. He cleared his throat and, in an attempt to make conversation, asked “What House do you want to be in?”

“I don't know.” replied Meadow. “My dad was a Gryffindor and my mum was a Slytherin.”

“Who were your parents, then? I'm Scorpius Malfoy, by the way.”

“Meadow Black. My parents were Sirius Black and Kaia Mason.”

Scorpius stared at her. “That's impossible. Granddad Malfoy knew Sirius and Kaia. Kaia's in Azkaban – has been for 36 years – and Sirius is long dead.”

“I know.” Meadow replied quietly. He didn't ask for an explanation. She was thankful for that. She didn't want to go to the loony bin for telling the truth.

Suddenly, a little black head popped in. It was the younger Potter boy – Albert or Albus or something like that.

“Hi. Albus Potter. My dad wants to know, what's your name?” he spoke quickly, almost embarrassed.

“Meadow Black.” I replied with a smile.

“Thanks.” he disappeared back into the Hogwarts Express.

She sighed and leaned against her fist as the lady with the treat cart came rolling in. They had replaced her since Harry Potter went to Hogwarts, and many people had complained.

“Sweets?” she asked, poking her head in.

Scorpius ordered a little of everything, and offered a Chocolate Frog to Meadow, which she declined. “Almost to Hogwarts, you ought to eat something. The Sorting's gonna take a while. Lots of ickle firsties this year.”

She shook her head again with a light smile. “I want to eat all I can at the feast.”

It was a cheap excuse. She had been dreaming of Hogwarts all of the 36 years she had been asleep, and now that she was finally going, she was too nervous to even think of eating.

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