What If: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Most people never knew that Sirius Black had a daughter. Understandable, because Meadow Black was kept in an anti-aging spell for 36 years. Finally, she has awoken. Finally, she is off to Hogwarts. Finally, her life has begun. But will it end soon after beginning?


19. Complications

"Do you want to change your last name to Potter?"

Meadow massaged her temples, looking a lot older than she physically was. With Albus, James, Scorpius, and all the Weasleys back in school, she had a lot of time to spend with her new parents and little sister - but Lily was at primary school while Harry and Ginny were at work. While they were gone, she'd usually be "Meadow-sat" by her new aunts and uncles, or more frequently Molly and/or Arthur Weasley. Then, when they got home, it was time for the adoption process to begin.

"No. I'll keep it Black." Meadow responded obediently.

"All right. Now, I need your date of birth and the names of your biological parents . . ."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. The wizard assisting the adoption, Johnson Johnson, looked up. "Enter!" he announced boldly.

A scrawny man with balding brown hair stumbled in. "Sir, her previous legal guardian is refusing to give up the rights to Miss Black. We might need a trial." he announced.

Johnson pinched the bridge of his nose. "Honestly, Biggby? This had better not be another trick."

Biggby violently shook his head. "No, sir. She's demanding her rights. Says the Potters are only getting her because they're famous."

Johnson sighed. "All right, let her in. Bring Mr. and Mrs. Potter, too. They at least deserve to be able to witness this. Meadow, I hope you're ready to argue."

Biggby nodded and rushed out the door. Less than a minute later, the old oak slammed against the wall and Vivian Kendricks swaggered in, followed by the more subtle entrance of Ginny and Harry.

"Now, everyone, if we're not careful this could turn into a full-blown custody battle-"

Vivian scoffed. "It shouldn't. I'm her legal guardian appointed to her by her parents. I should have full custody. It's the law. In both Wizarding and Muggle laws universally."

"There are exceptions, aren't there?" Harry interjected furiously.

"Of course, in the cases of child abuse, child neglect, unfit parents . . ."

"Child neglect!" announced Ginny, cutting Johnson off.

Vivian shot Ginny a death glare. "There is no proof of child neglect -"

Everyone in the room was suddenly staring at her.

A blush crept onto Meadow's face, and she spoke. "She'd never give me much attention. She was always gone, obsessing over her appearance and reputation. She's more starved for attention than a newborn baby. She'd always just ignore me when I was home, so I'd try to spend as much time in the Leaky Cauldron as possible. She was mean, too. Always snapped at me to leave her alone. She provided me with food and clothing, but nothing else. She didn't let me home for Christmas."

"Sounds a lot like child neglect." Johnson announced, then to her in a whisper, "Meadow, who do you want to stay with?"

Should she go against my mother's wishes, or should she do what was best for her? In an equally whispered tone she replied, "I'm going to stay with the Potters. If I have any choice in the matter."

"You do, but we need to do a child custody battle to assure that it's legal. Don't worry, I'm going to do everything within my power to get you with Harry and Ginny."

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