Like Crazy

Everyone thinks Julia Parker is perfect, but she is nothing close.
She is soon to be facing an arranged Marriage to her dad's close friends son, Harry Styles, though Julia wants nothing to do with him.
But, through Harry she meets Niall who she falls head over heals in love with.
They begin doing things behind Harry's back, and when he finds out, they devise a plan.
But with the wedding coming up, Julia is worried there won't be a way out.
But she can't marry Harry.
Because of Niall.
She needs him, she wants him, she loves him, like crazy.


17. "Well, you know my parents are quite strict?"

-Flashback continues-
Julia's POV:
No one bothered me for the rest of the night. I heard footsteps come up and down the hallway, but nobody had knocked on my door or tried to talk to me.
I was getting extremely bored sitting in my room. I had cleaned every square inch of my already clean room, and even tried reading a Harry Potter book, to no avail.
It only reminded me of Harry. I couldn't decide if I should hate him or not. It's not like he knew this was going to happen, I'm sure he's as surprised and upset as I am.
Curiosity was killing me. I wonder what happened after I stormed off last night? And I really hoped I wouldn't be in trouble for that.. But I knew I would.
Unless I didn't come out of my room... Heck, I was 18, I could move out.
No I couldn't. That was ridiculous.
Then the though occurred.
How in the world was I supposed to go to college when I was MARRIED?
It takes months to prepare a wedding and how would I do that from college?
The part I was dreading the most was having to tell Niall. It hadn't been that long ago he asked me out, and now I had to somehow tell him I was married.
I really liked Niall, and pretending to 'love' Harry through this all was not going to be easy.
I was sitting and thinking on my bed when I got a text from Niall.
Nialler: come over? I thought about it before replying. I needed to get out of this room.
I knocked on the door. I decided now was the best time to tell him.. He'd only be mad if I waited.
"Hey!" He beamed opening the door.
"Hey," I replied, smiling.
He always made me feel better. I walked inside and Niall spun me around, pressing his lips to mine.
I responded instantly, and he grabbed my waist, pressing me against the wall.
Kissing Niall was nothing like kissing Harry. It was better.
I ran my fingers trough his hair and he smiled into the kiss.
He finally pulled away, "I missed you babe,"
I blushed, "I missed you too," It was silent for a moment before I broke the silence.
"Hey so.. I have to talk to you about something.." I said. "Yeah of course. Here-follow me," he instructed, leading me to the living room and sitting next to me on the couch.
Do I tell him I kissed Harry too? I mean it was acting but.. I felt like I should.
I felt like that might be a bit of information overload for him today.. Why did everythinghave to be so complicated?
"You promise you won't be mad at me?" I asked hesitantly.
A look of worry flashed in his eyes, "What is it, Julia?"
I don't know what happened to me, but at that moment I just couldn't do it. I couldn't tell him.
I couldn't bare to see him mad at me because.. I think I.. I think I loved him.
The thought of Niall being the slightest bit of mad at me hurt already.
"Niall I... I um.. Well you know my parents are quite strict.." I began.
He nodded encouragingly at me.
"They don't know I'm dating you.." I said quickly.
I mean it was the truth.
Just not exactly what I had planned on telling him.
"I don't really no what to say," he sighed.
"They think I'm with Harry but really I'm with you.. Harry and I made this deal that we could go out with whoever we wanted while our parents thought we were with each other-" I said, so quickly I doubted he could hear what I was saying.
He nodded and laughed "That's actually quite clever,"
"You're not mad?" I questioned.
"Of course not. We're together and that's what matters right?" He asked, scooting closer and wrapping an arm around my shoulder.
I snuggled into his chest. "There is one more thing I wanted to say.." I said, looking up at him and biting my lip.
He raised an eyebrow. "Niall.. I love you,"
He kissed my head, "I love you too baby."
It was quiet for a moment.
"You can tell me anything, you know that right?" He asked, thoughtfully.
I tensed up.
Did he know something?
"Yeah," I replied.
He leaned in, kissing me.
"I love you," he breathed.
"You just said that," I reminded him.
"I like to remind you," he teased, kissing my nose.
I giggled, "I love you too,"
"Could I record that for my new voicemail?" He joked. I laughed, punching him in the arm.
"Abusing me already,"
I laughed, "What do you want to do?"
"I have an idea," he said, pulling me onto his lap and kissing me, softly.
I quickly climbed through my window, falling onto my bed. I sighed, sitting up and turning around. Hah. I'd done it.
Then I noticed the door to my room.
It was open.
Which meant my parents had been here.
And they knew I was gone.
I was a dead man.
Maybe they hadn't been in here...
That was crazy.
I was desperately trying to convince myself that what I hoped wasn't true.
I quietly shut the door and tiptoed back to my bed, shutting my eyes and attempting to sleep.
"JULIA PARKER!" My name being yelled awoke me from my peaceful slumber.
I groaned, slowly lifting my head off of my pillow. I knew my mother wouldn't be able to hear me from up here, so I slowly made my way downstairs.
What did she want? I wondered.
I had almost reached the kitchen when it hit me.
Everything that happened.
I was just about to turn around, but it was too late.
"Julia?" My mother questioned again.
I rolled my eyes. I never do that. What was wrong with me? The strangest part was, I kind of liked being defiant. It was.. Different. It made me feel like I was my own person, who could make their own choices.
"Yes?" I asked, sweetly.
"Would you like to tell me where you were last night?" She asked, sitting at the table with her mug of coffee.
"In my room," I responded nonchalantly.
"Really? Because we checked on you and you were nowhere to be seen,"
I shrugged, opening up the fridge.
"I will not tolerate lying Julia! I want answers!" She shouted.
"I was at.. Lilly's," I said quickly.
My mother never raised her voice, I guess she never felt the need.
"Her mother wasn't aware of this. Today or yesterday. What's gotten into you Julia? This isn't.. You" She said firmly.
"Isn't me?" I retorted, "I'm sorry but I don't think I really know what 'me' is,"
"What are you talking about?" My mother asked.
"I'm talking about having no freedom! IM EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD!" I yelled.
"There is no need to raise your voice!"
That was it, I'd had enough of her today.
I slammed the fridge closed and walked out of the room. I looked like shit, but I didn't care.
I walked right out the door, not even knowing where I was going.

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