Like Crazy

Everyone thinks Julia Parker is perfect, but she is nothing close.
She is soon to be facing an arranged Marriage to her dad's close friends son, Harry Styles, though Julia wants nothing to do with him.
But, through Harry she meets Niall who she falls head over heals in love with.
They begin doing things behind Harry's back, and when he finds out, they devise a plan.
But with the wedding coming up, Julia is worried there won't be a way out.
But she can't marry Harry.
Because of Niall.
She needs him, she wants him, she loves him, like crazy.


28. "Nothing else has been worth thinking about,"

"What?" I asked, in utter shock.
She didn't respond, only sobbed. I quickly took her into a hug, forgetting anything that had happened between us in that moment.
I took her hand, leading her into the living room so she could sit.
"Lilly... You need to tell me what happened." I said, after it had been quiet for a few minuets.
She wiped her eyes, "I don't.. Remember much." She stated, instantly crying again.
I had never seen Her like this before.
"Just... Talk to me Lilly." I urged.
It was quiet.
"I-I'm sorry." She choked.
"It all started the day we fought. Hannah invited me to a party earlier. Of course I said no, but after you left I was just… mad. I decided to go, I thought maybe it would help get my mind off of it you know?" She explained, sniffling slightly between words.
I nodded, encouraging her to continue.
Flashback, Lilly's POV:
"I'm so glad you decided to come!" Hannah gushed as we walked into someone's house.
There were people everywhere, so many that the floor was barely visible.
Music was blaring and the whole place reeked of alcohol. "Here," Hannah said, shoving a red cup into my hand.
I didn't want to drink this.
I smelt the drink, and set it down on the counter, gaging.
Hannah had already disappeared into the crowd, leaving me alone.
I stood in the same place, looking around the room.
I was already getting a headache.
I decided to go look for Hannah, I really didn't like being here and wanted to go home.
Five minuets later I still couldn't find her. My mouth was dry and my throat was sore.
There had to be water here, right?
I thought back to my red cup.
I walked back and picked it up, praying nobody had done anything to it.
Closing my eyes I took a deep sip. I cringed at the initial taste of the drink, but then enjoyed the aftertaste.
Huh, wasn't that bad. I took another sip, finishing off the cup, and refilling it again.
Several cups later I found myself on the dance floor.
"Lilly!" I heard Hannah call for me over the music.
"Come here I have someone I want you to meet," she slurred, clearly drunk as well.
I wobbled over to her.
"This is Zayn," she said, suddenly bringing my attention to the hot guy standing next to her.
"Zayn this is Lilly," and with that, she left.
"You want to dance?" He asked.
I thought for a second before pressing my lips to his.
He laughed.
"Or we could do that. A lot."
-Flashback ends, Julia's POV-
"That's the last I can remember. I didn't take a test yet but I missed my period. And that's never happened before.." I nodded.
"Do you think you should go to the doctor?" I asked.
"I don't know.. That was barely a week ago, could they possibly tell me anything?" She asked, biting her nail.
"It's worth a try," I reasoned.
"Would you come with me?" She asked.
I nodded, "Of course."
"I'm really sorry.. I was stressed that night that we fought. I didn't mean any of that." She said.
"I'm sorry too," I sighed.
She hugged me tight, and I was glad to have her back.
I was awoken by a sound coming from my balcony at 2 am. I groaned, getting up to open the doors.
"Hey," Niall said, smiling.
"How the heck did you get up there and why are you here at this hour?" I asked.
He laughed, wrapping me in a hug.
"I missed you." He said into my hair.
"You missed me at 2 am?" I questioned.
"I miss you every second you're not with me." He said, gently kissing down my neck.
"You're cheesy," I informed him.
"And you're beautiful," he smiled.
I gave in, wrapping my arms around his waist, and hiding my head in his chest.
He kept a firm hold on me as he led me to my bed, lying down with me and playing with the ends of my hair.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I know. And I love you too," I responded.
"I mean like I really love you. Just seeing you makes me happy. When you're sad it hurts me more than it hurts you. When you're in my arms I feel like everything is going to be okay and ever since I met you… nothing else has ever been worth thinking about,"
I felt my heart flutter and I turned around to face him, pressing our lips together.
He pulled my waist in towards his, embracing me tightly as I did him.
And if it was my choice, I would have never let go.
Despite everything going on, that moment felt..

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