More than friends??

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6. Will you go out with me?

Harry's POV

When I woke up I looked down and saw Ciera sleeping. She looked so beautiful I just wanted to kiss her. I got ripped from my thoughts when she said "good morning" "oh good morning love" I replied back. She got up and went to the bathroom. I got up and put my pants and short back on and went down stairs. When she came down stairs, she asked me if I wanted some tea. "Sure so you need any help" I asked "no I got it" she said. A few minutes later I snoke in the kitchen. I tried to be as quiet as a can to sneak up behind her. As soon as she felt my arm around her she jumped. "Harry you scared the crap out of me" she yelled. I tried to hold laughter in but I couldn't.  "Sorry love" I was able to get out. When the tea was done she sat mine on the counter and left.

Ciera's POV

"Harry you scared the crap out of me" I yelled  "sorry love"  he was able to get out inbetween laughs.  When the tea was done I say his on the counter and left. When he came in the living room he looked sad but cute at the same time. "Are you mad at me" he asked I didn't answer. "I'm really sorry love"  " ill only forgive you if you take me out" I said "ok where do you want to go" he asked "you pick"

2 hours later

When we came from Nandos we went to Harrys house. -skip car ride-. We arrived at the house we heard weird noises. We went to go check it out and when we found where it was coming from we bust out laughing. (It's Jade and Niall). The laughing died down along with the noises. We got Harry some clothes and decided to stay for a while. We went to knock on Niall's door. Jade peeked her head out and said "Hi"

Jade's POV

Me and Niall were in the house alone and it got kinda heated. You know like we did IT.

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