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7. i want you

(hey, um... this chapter is kinda heated so dont read if you dont like that stuff)


Ciera's p.o.v 

 well... after me and Harry found Niall and jade having fun in the bedroom we went into Harry's room. "so... do you wanna watch a film?" Harry asked as we sat on his bed. "sure" i smiled. "what do you wanna watch?" i asked. "what do you want to watch?" Harry asked me. i shrugged my shoulders.

"well... if we can't decide, i know something else we can do" Harry smirked. "and what would that be?" i bit my lip. Harry came closer and hovered over me, causing me to lay down on the bed. "i think you know" he whispered. he kissed my neck, sucking and nibbling gently at the skin. "Harry" i moaned. "i want you, Ciera" he mumbled. i moaned as he blew over the now sensitive love bite. "can i have you?" he asked.

i looked away from him. he cupped my face and looked at me. "is something wrong, love?" he whispered. "n-no... i'm fine" "are you sure? we don't have to do this if you don't want to" he said. "Harry, of course i want to. its just I've only done this once and-" he cut me off. "don't worry love, its okay" he whispered. i have no idea why we were whispering. "i'll go gently" he kissed my cheek.

my fingers pulled on his hair as he kissed my lips. "Harry... i want you" i mumbled. "i know baby"

he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and gently pulled it over my head breaking the kiss. "arch your back" he told me. he reached underneath me and unclasped my bra, throwing it on the floor. my hands slid down his chest, fingers tracing his tattoos. "i love your tattoos" i smiled. "i love your soft skin" he said, kissing down my chest and body. we took the rest of our clothes off. Harry slid a condom on and kissed me. "are you ready baby?" he asked. i nodded and prepared myself. my eyes squeezed shut as he pushed into me gently and kissed me before he pulled out again and continued.

he soon came and pulled out of me, kissing me and rolling next to me. "Harry, that was... Amazing" i breathed. "i know baby, i know" he kissed my forehead and i soon found my self falling a sleep.

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