More than friends??

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4. Are you guys going out?

Ciera's POV

I woke up to the smell of eggs,bacon and pancakes. I looked up and saw Harry watching me sleep. "Morning love" he said " Morning" I said. I got up and saw Niall and Jade in the kitchen kissing. "Aww" me and Harry said. They quickly pulled apart. We walked in the kitchen and sat down. "Hello you two love birds" Harry said "shut up" Niall said back. Kade was just standing there blushing.

Harry's POV

Me and Ciera were in the kitchen making fun of the two "love birds". We had caught them kissing. I wanted to kiss Ciera but I was waiting for the right time to do it. She was so beautiful the way her hair fell the way her eyes shined in the morning light but I'm not sure of she feels the same way about me.

Today we are going to go to the carnival. When we finished eating me and Niall got dressed and took the girls home to get dressed. We got in the car Jade and Niall in the back and me and Ciera in the front. "So do you girls want to go to a carnival" I asked "sure" they said. Then we arrived at Jade's house. Niall and Jade got out the car first. We got out and walked in the house. Jade gave Niall a kiss and went up stairs,Ciera followed." So I see you and Jade are going out" I said "well I don't know yet" he said "you should ask her" I said "I know but I'm not sure yet" he said. The convo ended and the girls came down.

Niall's POV

A minute ago me and Harry had a conversation about me asking Jade out. After the convo the girls came down. Jade came and pulled me to the couch. I say down and decided to make a move and pull her on my lap. We watched some movies before leaving. We got in the car and drove off. When we got to the carnival me and Jade went to get some cotton candy and went for a walk. Finally we came to a stop and we looked each other in the eye and I started leaning in. Our lips touch moving in sync. We kissed for about 2 minutes. We pulled part and I asked her will you be my girlfriend. She started crying and said "YES" I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.

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