Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


42. Zayn 24 (Part Two.)

Zayn's Pov


After Harry stormed out we all went to bed, I however took a different approach, drink for three hours then bed. I woke up this morning with a head ache, I walked down the stairs and the tension in the house was thick. I could barely make it through it was so restricting. Liam, Louis and Harry were all stood in the kitchen, they all looked at me as I reached for the orange juice. No one spoke, I went to sit down at the table and the others carried on with what ever they were doing, Harry stood on his own, Louis and Liam talked so they wouldn't make it seem like taking sides. “I am going to go and pack” Harry spoke, “When are you leaving?” I asked him, “Saturday night” he spoke, “Weren't you leaving on Sunday?” Louis asked, he nodded “I changed my flight” he mumbled and walked out of the room.


I looked down feeling guilty, I wasn't going to try and stop him though, I had to think about me and Brook. I thought about what I could do now in my 24 hours. I knew one thing that I had to do. After being with Niall in hospital I took it upon myself to do some research, I know where my dad is. I sighed and stood up from where I was walking up the stairs to shower and get ready. I walked down the stair with a crumpled piece of paper that had my dad's address in. I took a deep breath and walked out of the house, still riding along with guilt harry had left me with.


I drove down to the address. What was I going to say to him? Hey, I am your son that you didn't know you had? I don't know. I saw that he was in the front garden of his house smoking a cigarette. He had black hair that was pushed back out of his face, and a ridiculous amount of tattoos much like myself, and my eyes were like his too. I stepped out of my car, and looked at the man who stood there so casually, as I went to walk towards him a young woman came out of the house, she was no older than 24. Long cascading brown hair with a smile. I walked forward as seeing him kiss her and her walk back inside.


“Excuse me?” I spoke, why was I being so nice around this man. “What?” he asked me, turning to look at me the sun catching his eyes. “Your Drake right?” I asked him, he nodded “Who wants to know?” he spoke, “I'm Zayn... You knew my mum” I began, he then stood up straight stomping on his cigarette, “Your mum eh?” he asked me, I nodded “Trisha” I spoke. He walked forward to me, “I never thought I would hear that name again” he smiled, “How is she doing?” he asked me, I nodded “Well” I spoke, “Is she still with that dick head?” he snapped, did he mean my dad?... Well not my dad. “Never mind” he stopped me before I could answer.


“What do you want boy?... I am guessing your mother told you?” he asked me, I nodded. “I did wonder how long it would take for her to tell you” he spoke, “21 years” I sighed, he laughed, “21 years and going strong” he laughed back. “Let me look at you then” he spoke turning to me, I laughed lightly, the man didn't seem that bad. Though I didn't know exactly what he was looking for. “Do you have a family?” I asked him, “No, your mum and you were going to be my family” he spoke, I felt sorry for the man in front of me. Why didn't you fight for her?” I asked her, “There comes a point in life when you can't fight any more, I tried so hard but I moved on I got a proper job at a good business and I ruined it, I ruin everything, so I gave up” he shrugged.


“Your a lot like I was” he smirked, I didn't know if that was a good thing or not. “Why did your mum tell you now?” he asked me, “I don't know, she didn't really have the choice” I spoke, he nodded. “You want to come inside” he asked me, I nodded slowly. We walked inside, and the house was clean, there were white walls around the house, and shiny marble flooring. “Don't just stand there come in” he spoke, and I realised I hadn't entered yet, and I walked in following him into the kitchen. We sat down and he slid a whiskey glass over. “Drinking with my son...” he chuckled, that did feel odd.


“So...” he began, pouring the drink into the glass. “What do you do?” he asked me, “I don't do anything, I do a bit of boxing” I shrugged, “I boxed” he smirked. I was becoming increasingly similar to the man before me. “How are you with women?” he asked, I coughed a bit on the whiskey, “Calm down, I no giving you the birds and the bees” he spoke. “I am fine with them” I spoke, “No girl at the minute?” he asked me, “Yeah, there is a girl at the minute” I spoke, “A serious one?” he asked me, I nodded. “How long?” he asked me, “A while” I shrugged, “You don't like to talk about her?” he asked me smirking, I shook my head “Why?” he asked me, “Because every time I talk about her, someone finds out and hurts her” I spoke.


“You don't know good people do you? You know gangs and shit?” he asked me, “How do you know that?” I asked taking the glass between my fingertips “Because your like me” he spoke, “I remember holding you in my arms for the first time, and knowing you would be like me” he spoke, “Why didn't you try and keep seeing me?” I asked him, “Your mother wouldn't let me, she wanted you to be happy with him” he seethed the words speaking of my dad? “Did he give you a good life?” he asked me, I nodded and smiled “He is a good man” I spoke, “Look, this reunion has been good, but I have some stuff to do, so many if you give me your address I will come around and meet your girl?” he asked me, I nodded slowly and stood up.


I walked out of the house with him behind me. “Is she still beautiful?” my new father called, I turned around realising he was still talking about my mum, I nodded. He smiled “I thought she would be” he spoke. “What about your girl, she is pretty?” he asked me, I nodded and smiled “She's perfect” I spoke. Then turned walking away, smiling lightly thinking off Brook. I saw the way Drake's face lit up when I spoke about mum, it was the way I was when Brook's name was mentioned. “See you soon son” he spoke to me, I nodded slowly, “Bye... dad” I thought about the way I spoke to him.


I called up Brook. I needed to hear her voice, and I needed to talk to her. I needed to know what Harry was talking about last night. I pulled out the phone, and called her up. “Hello” he soft voice whispered, “Hi” I spoke. “Can we meet up?” I asked her, “Now?” she asked, “Yeah” I nodded. “I don't want you to waste your last hours on me” she yawned, “It wouldn't be a waste” I spoke. I sighed, and she mumbled something so someone, “You'll call me?” I heard her speaking to someone. “Zayn?” she came back to me, “Yeah?” I spoke. “Where do you want to meet?” she asked me, “Home?” she continued, “No, defiantly not” I spoke, “ Why, what happened?” he asked. “Harry” I whispered, “What?” she snapped, “Look we will talk about it later, because I know you sat with him last night in the hospital, so don’t' get annoyed with me” I snapped.


Flash Forward

Brook's Pov


“I am sorry, but I need to go after him' I tell the boy infatuated by me, he looks down. 'You have chosen him again haven't you?' he whispered my heart breaking, because I have broke him. Again. I walk over and hug him, nuzzling into the boy that I love. 'I am sorry... But its always been him... It's always going to be, we lied to each other thinking I could just move on' I tell him, he nods understandingly, but softly touches my face, “I love you... and if you walk away, I am promising you... your not going have me again” he warned, with such a threat in eyes, I nodded “Do you know what you want to do?” he asked me, I nodded. “I love him” I whispered.


'Go on.. get him' he tells me, I kissed his cheeks and run out after the boy who left the church just before I said I “I do”. I ran down the aisle and then I stood in the car park. “I messed up okay... I know that now and I am so sorry... It was a in the moment thing, he isn't you Zayn... I only want you' I yell in my white dress, hoping he would stop. He didn't though, he grabbed his helmet and readied his motorbike. 'If you loved me then you wouldn't have been about to marry another man .. something would have told you no' he whispered, I Looked down “I am here now aren't I? Stood outside in a fucking wedding dress! Begging for you to take me back” I yelled. 'Tell me you don't have any feelings for him and I will gladly hold you in my arms, and kiss you... Tell me you do and we are over' he snapped at me, 'I don't Have feeling for him, not like you” I whispered, 'Yeah?... Now look me in the eye and say that' he spat.


Ten minutes ago he would of married me instead of Harry, but now we was willing to drive away.

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