Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


7. You'll Never Be Alone.

Brook's Pov


I didn't know what to do. 'No words?' Dominic teased. 'Please not now' I begged them, 'I'm not going to hurt you in public am I?' he asked me, I looked to Riley, who had the same grin as the last time I saw him. 'Where's Zayn?' Dominic asked, 'Home, I am here with Liam' I shudder, 'Oh?' Riley smirked raising an eyebrow. 'Please go' I whispered, 'No one is going to hurt you' Riley whispered running his hand up my leg, I slapped his hand away.


'Look, I am not going to do anything to you here, so stop worrying' he snapped at me, 'Look, just pass a message for me?' Dominic asked, I nodded. 'Either Brook comes with me, or there will be no Brook' he spat in my ear harshly, there was a lump at the back of my throat. 'Riley... come on... I think she got it' Dominic stood up, 'She will get, don't worry' he smirked, taking it in a sexual way.


Liam came back over with the drinks as they left. 'Who were they?' he asked sipping his drink. 'J-Just some people trying to sell me something' I shrugged, he nodded satisfaction took over. 'Here they are' Liam coughed and smiled brightly, where did that come from. 'Hi Mum!' Liam smiled, I was not expecting this. They walked over, his mum in a formal grey skirt and blouse, and his dad in a suit. Not expecting this at all. 'Dad' Liam smiled.


I stood up, 'You must be Brook... Liam's … girlfriend' his mother put her nose down at me. 'Yeah, its nice to meet you' I spoke, she nodded slowly and sat down opposite us with her husband at the side. 'So son, what did you want to meet up for?' his dad asked us, Liam held my hand on the table and smiled lightly at me. Man he could act. 'Well, me and Brook have been together for sometime now and we want to take things to the next level, we want to move into together... to one of the really big houses' Liam explained, 'you want money?' His mother pouted, he nodded.


'You need a family for a house that big Liam no-..' I cut her of, I saw Liam's eyes wander to me, as he was looking for an excuse. 'That’s also part of the next step' I spoke, 'Children?' his mum asked, we both nod. 'Well, when were you going to tell us about your engagement?' his dad asked, 'W-What?' I stutter, he knew about Zayn. Zayn told me that he wanted me to wear it as a promise if nothing else, but it was an engagement ring that I wore proudly. I looked down, 'That was also part of the next level' I lied smiling. I showed them the ring.


'Well... I must say I am shocked at your choice Liam but-... if you happy then okay' his mother sighed. 'You really want this?' his dad made sure, Liam turned to me and kissed my cheek, 'More and more each day' he smiled, making me blush at the fake complement. His dad got out his cheque book, and wrote us a cheque. 'I expect an invitation to the wedding' he mother sickly smiled, 'and baby scan pictures' his dad interrupted. We both nod. Soon after they left.


'So Liam, were pregnant and engaged, that moved fast' I told him, he laughed, 'I think we are rushing into this' he smirked, I nodded 'Its all too fast' I mocked him, he chuckled deeply. I looked to see we were still holding hands, 'Its okay to be comfortable with this right?' he asked me, I nodded unsure 'I think so' I spoke, now glaring at our hands. 'We should get going soon, Zayn's probably on a man hunt for us' he joked, I nodded 'Yeah, maybe we should get going... take the long way though' I told him, 'That defeats the point in leaving now' he chuckled. 'I want to stay with you for a little bit, happily before Zayn and me argue, too much to ask from my fiancé?' I smirked, he laughed with me, 'What am I marrying?!' he exaggerated.


I walked to the car with Liam, and sighed as I looked across the road to see Dominic and Riley looking over at us. 'Your friends?' Liam asked, and I nodded slowly. He stood in front of me, and took both of my hands, I looked up at him. 'What?' I asked, 'Nothing, you just look a bit down' he smiled lightly, I laughed and hugged him tightly. 'I am so glad I have you Liam' I sighed into him.


We sat in the car for what felt like forever just talking and joking. 'How about we keep this going a little longer?' he asked me, I nodded smiling. 'Lets get going' he turned the car around, 'Where are we going' I asked him, 'Anywhere you want' he spoke, 'In fact, I know just where we can go' he smiled, I nodded 'Don't go getting us in trouble' I warn him, he smirked 'I wouldn't dream of it' he chuckled lightly.


Zayn's Pov


'Where the fuck is she?!' I yelled to myself in frustration. I had been out for two hours and not seen her once. I went back home to see if she was there. I walked in, 'Brook' I yelled, 'she's not here mate' I heard, I looked at Louis and ran my fingers through my hair. 'This is just ridiculous!' I growled. 'I just got a text from her, she said not to worry' Harry spoke coming down the stairs, 'Not to fucking worry?!' I rolled my eyes. I don't know what bugged me more, the fact she text Harry or the fact she left with Liam.


I felt my phone go off in my pocket, I had a text from an unknown number.


Unknown: Great to see her today, her skin is so soft don't you think? Especially her thighs. Liam eh? So you and her are over now? - R


I clicked at the attachment he sent me and it was a picture of Brook and Liam out the coffee hut up town. He was holding her hands, and she smiled up at him, and then the next picture was her hugging him. What. The. Fuck. 'I am going to fucking kill him when I find him' I yell loudly, and Perrie comes into sight. 'What's happened now?' she asked me, 'Liam is fucking Brook' I spat harshly. 'What?!' Harry and Perrie both yelled, I looked at Harry who's eyes were blaring with anger.


I threw the phone to Harry. 'I am going out' he growled and walked out, shoving the phone right back to me. 'How could he do this to me?!' I shouted loudly and threw my phone against the wall. 'Why don't I get you a drink?' Perrie tried to calm me down, I nodded slowly, not wanting to lash out at her. 'Whiskey?' she asked me, I nodded though I despise the taste. 'Why don't you just wait until they are home' she spoke, I nodded again. 'I have clearly lost her already' I moaned, 'She'll come back' Perrie patted my shoulder, I nodded unsure of her words.


Brook's Pov


'Liam are you crazy!?' I giggled but yelled, 'Clearly' he smirked. I laughed as he ran his fingers through his wet hair running his hands over his shining torso. 'I am not getting in there' I tell him, 'Don't be such a pussy' he laughed and ducked his head under the water. 'Liam this is private property!' I exclaim, 'No one is here, I always come here' he shrugged. 'Liam you take me down to a lake at 6pm and expect me to get in there with you' I mocked, he nodded.


It had been many hours, before we came to the lake we went to the little music festival not fair from here, and got some food. Now here. 'Get in please' he begged, 'Can I wear your shirt?' I asked him, not wanting to get in, in only my underwear. 'No. You can wear it after, then your clothes don't get wet' he spoke, I groaned but stripped down to my underwear and dipped my toes in the water. 'Its cold' I complain, he shrugged and dragged me in making me gasp as the water hit me. 'Dick' I scoff at him.


'I miss this' I smiled, 'What?' he asked leaning against the river bank, 'Us hanging out' I sighed. 'Its only been a few days' he chuckled, 'I know, but there has been so much arguing and drama already, I'm just glad today happened' I smiled, 'You want to do this more often?' he asked, I just nodded, 'You'll never be alone you know' he spoke.


We went home later on, after about an hour of messing around. My hair was wet and I had only Liam's shirt on because my clothes had gotten wet. Liam had his skinny jeans on and that was all. We drove home, 'How hard is Zayn going to punch me?' he asked, I chuckled but knew he was serious, 'I won't let him' I smiled, 'You don't need to protect me' he smirked, I nodded 'I know' I laughed. 'How much am I going to get shouted at?' I asked Liam, he shrugged 'A lot' he smirked, I laughed at the subject that should make my stomach turn.


We pulled up outside the house, it was 9pm and I am pretty sure my lips were blue. I held my wet clothes in my hand and I held my shoes in the other. I braced my self when I opened the front door. I walked in and nothing. I heard few muffled voices, I looked to Liam and he shrugged. 'Guys!' I heard Liam call, Suddenly Harry was leaning against the door frame, and tried to smile but he looked a little hurt. 'Everything okay?' I asked, he nodded slowly looking at Liam. 'Zayn... Liam and Brook are back' Harry spoke lowly, through to the living room door.


I heard footsteps, and Zayn came out. Louis and Perrie stood behind him. 'Where the fuck have you been?' he snarled, not shouting. I looked to Liam for reassurance, 'We were-..' Liam was cut off, 'I asked you' Zayn pointed at me taking one step closer. 'It's my fault, don't shout at her' Liam protected me, 'No Liam... You don't have to' I whispered, touching his forearm slightly. I heard Zayn let out a shaky breath, 'I knew you two were getting close but for fuck sake!' he growled, 'Zayn, I was out with Liam sorting something out... then he said we should come home and I didn't want to, I made him keep me out' I confessed, 'Brook' Liam snapped, 'It's okay' I whispered.


'Why didn't you want to come home?' he asked me, 'I knew you would be mad. I was sick of the drama, I just needed to be okay for the day... I needed Liam' I whispered, 'You know what if you don't want the drama, and you don't want the bull shit then fuck off and be with Liam!... clearly he gives you more than I do!' he shouted, and pushed passed me knocking me back slightly, Liam balances me.


I walked into the kitchen, 'Your not going after him?' Perrie asked me, 'He's made it very clear he doesn't want me' I whispered, the words hurting to say. I got into the kitchen, and sat down at the breakfast bar, Niall was sat there. 'You've fucked up again?' he teases, I let out a shaky laugh, 'Haven't I always' I asked him back, he smirked. 'Where did Liam take you?' he asked, 'We went for coffee and then to a festival, and the to a lake' I told him, 'Zayn was going crazy' he told me, 'I did text Harry and tell him where I was' I sighed, 'Maybe you should have text Zayn' he told me, 'Maybe I should off' I sighed.


I left Niall to go and shower. By the time I got out it was 10:30pm. I took one of Zayn's shirt from the dryer, and some clean underwear. I showered and got dressed, tied my hair up and braced my self to face Zayn. I lightly walked over to the room, and opened the door. I walked in a picture frame was lay on the floor in broken glass, one of the lamps was shattered, and there was a hole in the wall, Zayn's fist made. I looked to see him lying in the bed, his head pressed against the head board, and his knees half bent, half straight. His long arms sat over his legs, until one hand reached for his hair.


'Z-Zayn' I whispered, 'Why do you do this Brook?... You know I have been trying not to hurt you... I have done fucking everything and you just throw it back in my face!' he shouted at me. 'I know, you try but... I just needed to get away, it was so suffocating' I told him, 'If I had it my way, you wouldn't fucking leave my side, that's suffocating' he snapped, 'Can we just admit I am sorry and move on' I asked, 'No!... I have lost you to Liam twice now!' he called back, 'You didn't loose me today, I went out with him, he is my friend Zayn! He is there for me and I needed him today, and he needed me' I call him out.

'What if I needed you?!' he shouted, 'You didn't need me though' I whispered back. 'You don't know that' he told me. 'Look Zayn, I love you... I love you so much okay?' I told him, he just looked away, 'You need to know that I have guys who are friends, and they are your friends... I just don't want you to keep thinking the worst of me when I go out with them' I tell him, he rolled his eyes. I sat down at the bottom of the bed, and looked down feeling tears prick my eyes. 'Am I wasting my time loving you?' I whispered, crying a little bit.


There was a looming silence. I took that as my answer, I was wasting my time. I wiped away the remains of my mascara that hadn't quiet got off, and the rest of my tears, I stood up and walked to the door. I touched the handle, and took a breath. I swear as soon as he spoke, my heart just stopped 'Don't go. I don't want to be alone' he whispered to me, I sighed and took a deep breath feeling tears threaten to fall. I turned around and looked at him, toying with the sleeves of my cardigan and my feet fidgeting. 'Come ere' he spoke, I nodded and walked over to him.


I sat in his arms, and he wiped a tear from my cheek. 'No more crying over me' he whispered, and kissed my hand softly. I realised I still got those stupid butterflies in the pit of my stomach. 'Zayn, what if you get sick of me?' I asked him, he looked up to me, 'I won't' he smiled lightly, still hurt about all of this. 'Are you still mad?' I asked him, and he lay back pulling me with him, 'Yes' he nodded, 'Then why are you talking to me?' I asked him, 'Because I can't sit here trying to hate the girl that I love' he smiled lightly again.


'What was it you did today?... With Liam before you wanted to stay out' he spoke, 'We got some money for the people to do the drug smuggling' I told him, he pulled me onto his lap, so I was straddling him, 'How?' he asked wide eyed, and held my wrists. If I tell him it will only make him mad. 'It doesn't matter. All you need to know, is me and Liam got the money.... and it was legalish' I smirk, he rolled his eyes 'Tell me' he frowned, 'I will tell you if you need to know... and right now you don't need to know' I tell him, he sighed 'I won't ask again, I don't want to fight' he sighed.


He lay down, with me pressed against his chest, and he kissed me softly. Enough to make me feel loved. 'Goodnight doll' he whispered. I looked at the clock that read 11pm. 'Night' I whispered back, as he pulled me against his chest. I felt myself drift off, and he ran his fingertips down my spine, making me shiver. 'I know one day your not going to fall back in love with me' he whispered, thinking I was asleep, 'But you'll never be alone in this... I promise' he whispered, before his breathing joined mine, and we were asleep.




Next Time in Dark:


'Louis you can't' I whispered to him, 'I have to' he whispered, 'No, Louis...' I begged him, he held my hand tightly. 'I will still be here for you okay, but for now I can't be' he told me, I wiped a tear. I couldn't let him leave, I needed him to stay.


'ZAYN STOP!' I yelled to him, 'He needs to fucking learn not to touch you!' he shouted back, 'It was me okay!... It was me' I cried to him, 'W-What?' he whispered to me, 'I did it okay... Leave him, it isn't worth it' I tell him, reaching for his hand. 'Don't you fucking touch me' he seethed, and stormed off. Leaving me alone in the room with the newly broken brown haired boy.




Do we like?! The next time its going down!




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