Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


17. Where Have You Gone?

Zayn's Pov


I saw her, I don't know why she is here. I just can't stop thinking about her, It's not even been a day and I see her again, I am calling it fate. But I saw her holding Harry's hand and smiling and laughing with that guy, Jay? If she can be so happy in a day maybe she didn't love me as much as she claimed to, maybe I am not the only one a fault here. 'Hey Doll' I smirked, she wasn't getting anything from me not if she can stand there and be happy, if she thought I didn't love her before, she is going to despise me by the end of tonight. Maybe is she did, I could move on, she won't come back to me any way, there is nothing left to fight for. No matter how beautiful she looks tonight, I won't let myself be fooled. She thought it was a game, then let the games begin.


Brook's Pov


'Your fighting him' I turn to Harry, 'Don't worry I will go easy' Zayn smirked, 'You should probably go Brook, you shouldn't have to see this' Harry whispered to me, I didn't want to turn around see a smug look on Zayn's face, I saw it straight away from the tone in his voice, he was smug. I was right, he didn't care and now he is just going to gloat about. 'No let her stay' Zayn taunted, I hated him when he was like this, it was like nothing ever happened, like we never had anything. 'Zayn stop it' Harry shook with anger, his muscles getting tense under his vest shirt.


'It's fine Harry' I spoke, I turn around and Zayn is stood there towel draped around his neck and swear to god his eyes, his eyes get better every time. 'Your not meant to be fighting yet' I spoke looking away from him, 'Plans change doll' he spoke, the way he said Doll sounded so foreign like that was my name I had forgotten it, he had barley called me doll since I came back. Its only been a week and a half. 'Don't call me that' I spoke, 'You use to love it' he smirked, I shook my head 'Don't you remember?... You loved it the bedroom too' Zayn came closer, and Harry stood in front of me, 'leave her alone' he was shaking even more now.


I took Harry's shaking hand and Zayn looked to mine and Harry's hands softly, looking a little it hurt, not for too long before he composed himself. 'Your hot' I whispered to Harry, Zayn rolled his eyes and scoffed, 'No I mean your warm' I spoke, 'Come on' I tried to guide him away, 'Don't Brook' Harry yanked his arm away and not before long he was the one dragging me. I toddled behind him, like a kid lost in the mall.


We walked into one of the back rooms, and he threw me in like his “Doll”. Harry paced the floor running his fingers through his hair, 'You should go back to the hotel' he told me, 'I am staying' I stood my ground, 'Unless you want to see me beat Zayn to a pulp I seriously recommend you leave' he growled, his anger was building, his voice got deeper and muscles got tighter. 'I am not going anywhere' I tell him, 'Brook stop testing my patients... I don't want you to see me like this!' he began to yell, he was truly terrifying. 'This is why you shouldn't fight!' I spoke, my own patients wearing thin.


Suddenly I the walls moved fast, until I was up against one. Harry had hold of one of my wrists tightly, and his grip getting tighter, his other hand pushed my hips back, and my hot breath was coming out like a steam train. 'You don't speak to me like that' he warned, what had happened to the soft Harry that I was with an hour ago. 'You don't know what this is fucking like Brook, I have to fight so I don't get angry at people who don't deserve it' he growled into my ear, I looked into his eye that were looming with a grey mist. 'I do it so I don't hurt people' he whispered, in a deep voice.


'You don't have to do this, not with him' I spoke, 'Yes I do!' he shouted, gripping my wrist tighter, I could feel bruising start. 'Zayn may of let you get away with that attitude but I won't... you chose to leave with me, its my way or no way' he whispered, 'Harry' I whispered, scared. 'Don't worry, you know I would never hurt you' he spoke, I looked at him and his eyes were deep into mine, 'You know I won't hurt you like he did, you know I will look after you... but we do it my way... you might of changed him, but I changed myself, so your going to go now like a good girl' he whispered.


'You don't own me Harry, Zayn didn't... you didn't... no one does' I spoke, 'Your mine now' he spoke. 'You said you wait' I warned him, 'I will but for now your fighting my corner not his' he spoke. 'Get off me, your hurting me' I whispered, and looked to my hand, he let go and fresh bruising was there, 'B-Brook... I am so sorry... this is what I meant, you didn't deserve that, I am sorry... I just get so mad, and I-I have to fight and box to get it out of me' he panicked. His mood had changed so fast, ten seconds ago, you could of killed someone with his stare, now you bring someone back to life with the way his eyes filled with guilt.


He sat down on the couch, and I walked over to him, slowly approaching him like a bear. 'I am sorry Brook' he whispered, 'Its okay, you lost it for a second... we all do' I whispered, sitting beside him. 'Don't be scared of me, please... I wouldn't forgive myself' he whispered, I nodded and put my arm around him, touching his tattoos with my fingertips, 'Its okay' I whispered, 'Did I hurt you?' he asked me looking up at with blood shot eyes, I shook my head lying, he didn't need to think about it now, he looked back down and I looked at the swelling of my wrist.


'Harry the first bell rings in 20, come and warm up' Luke spoke, I looked over and smiled at Harry. I wasn't going to make him angry again. 'Jay, will be in soon, just wait here' I was ordered, I nodded and sighed sitting there while Harry left the room to go and train. Let's be honest here, I think we all know I was not going to stay in that room like every man in my life would of wanted me too.


I stood up and walked outside to the smoke filled room, the boxing ring was empty and people were placing bets. 'Excuse me, who is expected to win?' I asked the man selling tickets, '10-1 on Malik' I heard, I didn't know what that meant. 'In other words Malik is going to loose' I heard a deep voice, I gulped and walked along. I was nervous of seeing Harry fight, seeing Zayn fight was scary enough, but seeing them both fight each other... that's something I didn't know if I would be okay with seeing.


I walked along and saw Zayn. I went to turn around, 'Not too fast Doll' I spun around to face him, 'What?' I asked him, 'Step out side with me' he spoke, 'No, shouldn't you be warming up?' I snap, 'No, I am good for five' he spoke, and put an arm around my back and pushed me out of the building. 'Zayn this isn't even funny' I growled, 'It wasn't meant to be' he teased walking forward, 'Keep away from me' I warned him stepping back, 'Why? We both know if I kissed you, you wouldn't exactly go running off would you' he smirked, 'Zayn stop it, its hard enough seeing you here tonight, I was trying to get away from you' I tell him, 'I wounded' he mocked.


'So who do you think will win, me or Harry?' he smirked, 'That's not even a question I can answer' I spoke, 'Okay, who do you want to win?' he asked with a worse smile. 'What?... Zayn I am not answering that' I told him. 'Oh come on, I won't take it to heart if you say him, and I won't tell Harry if you say me' he teased, 'You know loving you was possibly the worst mistake I ever made' I spat, 'I want you to win' I told him, 'Really?' he asked, 'Yeah, because then I can take Harry home and I can fix him up, I can run my hands over all his bruises and I can kiss him better, and maybe who knows one thing might lead to another and-..' he cut me off, 'Enough' he snapped.


'Did you know last night I slept in one of your shirts, and I cried myself to sleep' I asked him, now me taunting him. 'And I bet you didn't know I heard that voice mail message you left about how you loved me from the second you met me....' I paused, was I about to bring this up. 'and I really bet you didn't know that when you were saying that message I was kissing Liam' I told him, the words fell from my mouth. His eyes brought up to mine, 'Yeah... you didn't know that did you?' I spoke, 'So when you were complaining I moved onto fast , my best mate was already balls deep in you' he snapped, I put on a smile, 'not so nice the other way around is it' my words dripping with sarcasm.


'What happened?' he looked to my arm in the light, I snapped it away from his touch. Then there would be no going back. 'Did he do that?' he frowned, 'No, look Zayn its none of your business' I snapped, 'He did, didn't he... I never told you about Harry's temper' he spoke, 'you didn't have to' I shook my head, 'it started when he was young' He began, 'No Zayn stop, Harry can tell me when he is ready, all you need to know is it was an accident Harry didn't hurt me' I lie, 'I know finger marks when I see them' he spoke, 'No Zayn stop it' I told him, he and turned my back.


'Good luck in there Zayn' I snapped, 'Do you really want me to win?' he asked, 'You know I support you Zayn, but I never support anybody in this' I spoke, 'Did Harry get a lecture?' he called I could tell he was smiling, I turned around 'Not half as much as you got' I smirked, he rolled his eyes 'Run back to him then' he dismissed me with his hand, 'Okay, say hello to Liam for me, would you?' I called back, venom in my voice, 'Of course, only if you send Harry my love' he told me, 'I will don't worry, I might forget depending on how busy we are when your finished with him, like I said one thing might lead to another' I winked, he bit his bottom lip which he did when he was angry or turned on, I am betting the first one.


I walked back inside, and I spot that flipped back mop of curls. I walked over, and touched his hand. 'Jay has been looking for you, I told you not run off' he hugged me, 'Sorry I was just... 'I turned around to point to the door, and Zayn stood there with a cigarette in his mouth, 'getting some air' I spoke to Harry, 'You were out with him?' he frowned, 'he wanted to talk... well kind of demanded but its fine, see I am still in tact' I told him and spun as a joke, but his look was stern, 'Jay! Don't leave her side' he spoke, 'Harry I am okay' I reassured, I put my hands either side of his face and kissed his cheek, 'You go and try you best' I put on a smile, 'I know you hate to say that for boxing but I appreciate the effort' he smiled, I nodded.


'Come on then Jay' I sighed but smiled at him, 'We will go and take a seat' I tell him, 'Good luck' I shout to Harry as we walk off. I sat down with Jay taking some of his drink and fries, if you looked at us now it would look like we were on a really cheesy date that you see in the movies, until you look at our surroundings, then it was too real. 'I don't actually like boxing' he told me, 'Me too, I hate the game' I told him, he smiled and laughed 'So what are you doing supporting it?' he asked, 'Harry is my friend, I didn't know he was going to be here tonight' I spoke, 'Really? Harry said you were his girlfriend' he spoke, I shook my head, what a dick. 'No I can assure you I am not, actually yesterday I broke up with my boyfriend' I told him, 'Was he called Harry?' he joked, I laughed and shook my head, 'No. Zayn Malik' I smirked.


He looked at me as if I was joking, then when he saw I wasn't 'Your serious?' I was the first thing that he said, I laughed 'Yeah, almost a year we were together' I spoke, he gasped, 'didn't see that one coming' he laughed, 'Who do you want to win then?' he asked me, 'I don't care, if Harry wins, it means he's in a good mood all night, and if Zayn wins, then Zayn will be in a bad mood either way, because Harry gets to take me home' I sighed.


'Its about to start' he told me, everyone gathered around. I need to get a new hobby. They both stepped into the ring, both nervously looking for someone, but a stern face for when the looked at each other. Zayn's eyes caught me and he sent a wave, and smiled. Then Harry did the same. Suddenly it didn't feel like Harry was fighting for Luke and Zayn was fighting for Dominic, it felt like they were fighting for me. The bell rang, and the tapped lightly on their feet. Zayn threw the first punch, and Harry dodged slamming Zayn in the side of the face with his other side. I gasped as men cheered, Jay took my hand, 'Just say the word and we can go' he whispered down my ear, 'I am okay thank you' I sighed.


Harry threw several punches, two in Zayn's face the three in his gut. Zayn fought back harder though, three threatening to knock Harry unconscious, and a few to his gut. I stood up to see over the people, Harry's nose was bleeding, and so was Zayn's lip. I didn't like this, Harry was backed into the corner, and the bell rang, first round to Zayn. Maybe you will get to fix Harry when you get home? My conscience added, they both stood in their corners, with there “group” around them, wiping there sweat, and giving them water, putting their mouth guard in for them.


'You still alright?' Jay asked, I nodded and sat beside him. 'I am going to sleep well tonight' I spoke, he laughed. I saw that there were readying them self for the second round. 'Shit' I stood up. I looked to them and sighed, the bell rang for the second round. The same thing except this time Harry won, and he was not for stopping. 'I will be right back, I am going to see Harry' I told Jay, he nodded.


I ran over to Harry, and tapped him he turned around. 'Hey' he whispered out of breath, 'Please, don't kill him' I begged him, he sighed and laughed 'I won't kill him' he told me, 'I don't like seeing the two of you fight' I told him, he sighed and kissed my forehead, 'I know, I am sorry' he told me, I nodded. 'Need a pep talk do you styles?' I heard Zayn call, 'Stop being a dick for ten minutes' I called to Zayn, 'Sorry can't hear you' he told me, I rolled my eyes, 'Relax' Harry told me, and made me calm straight away. 'It will all be fine' he told me, 'Go and sit with Jay' he told me, 'I am not a child' I pout, he laughed 'Just go, I will take you for ice cream later' he smirked.


I went over and sat with Jay. 'How’s it go?' he asked me, 'No better, No worse' I told him. The bell rang and they were both on their feet. Dodging and punching, then hitting and missing. I saw Zayn's lips moving, and a smirk placed on them. Harry's muscles were getting tense, and he was shaky. He was angry, and Zayn was winding him up. I looked between them, I couldn’t hear the words, or lip read. Suddenly Harry was full on pounding at Zayn Throwing hit after hit, and I took my breath in, and saw he wasn't moving off. Suddenly this wasn't boxing any more, this was a life and death situation.


'That's not good' I heard Jay, 'Why? Why is that not boxing ?' I asked him, 'Nope, Not any more' he shook his head, 'now this is a fight. I looked to see Harry no longer had his boxing gloves on, and was grabbing Zayn's head and slamming it against the floor. I looked to Jay, and he pulled me back, 'one of them might hurt you' he told me, I yanked my arm from him and battled through the crowd, 'Zayn! Harry!' I shouted pushing through. I lifted myself up onto the boxing ring and ran over to them, and touched Harry's arm, the blood was pumping through him.


'Harry stop it your going to kill him!' I shouted, and felt tears prick my eyes. I saw blood falling from Zayn's.... everything. 'Harry please!' I yell, he didn't stop. I saw Zayn just taking the hit, unable to move now. 'Harry please stop...' I begged him crying so hard, I was crying for a boy that didn't love me, but a boy I love so much my self. Then I said something that would test him, ''You'll stop if you love me'' I cried to Harry, whispering it in his ear, and his dark eyes softened seeing my fright. He looked down at what he had down, 'Everyone go!' Harry yelled, and soon they scuttled out. Maybe you'll get to fix Zayn instead? My conscience spoke, shut up brain.


Harry stood up pacing. 'Zayn?' I whispered, crouching down. 'Don't move him' Someone spoke, my eyes were too watery to make out who it was. I looked around Zayn's neck and saw he was wearing the chain with the ring on it. I gulped away the pain in my chest. I took hold of his open hand, and he opened his eyes to see me. 'Don't fucking die on me Zayn Malik, we've been through to much to let us go' I begged him, and a weak grip held my hand back. I cried a little, 'I-I'm sorry' he whispered, I looked to Harry who was crying himself, 'I am sorry Brook' Harry told me, 'You might of killed him' I tell him, he nodded 'I told you I get mad' he spoke, 'I know, listen to me next time... no fighting' I warned, and he knew I was right.


'Ambulance are on there way' that voice spoke again. 'Zayn stay with me okay' I whispered touching his face, 'Please...' I whispered, 'Doll' he croaked out. 'Don't talk Zayn' I begged him, 'Good night' he whispered, and his eyes were closing. 'Zayn, don't do this!' I shouted, but he wasn't moving. He wasn't doing anything. Zayn, where have you gone?




I am too emotional. I cried, guys. Harry hurt Zayn. Like really bad. What do we think is going to happen? I don't know, I honestly can't cope with this. Its too much. I L Y ALL!! Hope you enjoy. Because you got two updates, there might not be one tomorrow :( but love you all :) LIKE COMMENT, FAVOURITE.

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