Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


70. Wedding Disaster, Walking Disaster.

Brook's Pov


I woke up with that familiar knot in my stomach. “Morning sunshine” I heard Aria, her smile was one of those you could hear, because it was so big and loud. However it was rather lovely. I wake up moaning slightly, “Hang over?” She asked me, I nodded. “Well Courtney has been throwing her guts up for the past 20 minutes, so no doubt you'll be next” she smiled, I shook my head and took the coffee she offered me, “Don't you get hung over, ever?” Courtney asked walking into the room, sitting down beside me on the couch. We hadn't made it upstairs last night, one drink lead to the next, and before you knew it we were passed out on the couch. “Nope, it's a good thing isn't it?” Aria smiled, “What time is it?” I asked, “8:30” Aria smiled, picking up empty bottles and pizza boxes.


I was getting married in three and a half hours. “Better get to work then” I stood up, “Just leave me here” Courtney curled up into a ball on the couch. I smiled at her, “Leave her to sleep for a while, she gets ready quick anyway” I told Aria. “I have spoken to Harry, and all the boys are at the venue setting up, Harry is leaving to get ready in an hour, excited?” she asked me, “Yeah, I guess” I smiled at her, “Is it more nerves?” she asked me, I nodded instead of going into a whole speech about how I was really feeling anything. That would raise to many questions, and it was too early, and I was too hung over for that kind of seriousness. “You go and shower, I will heat the curling wand up” she told me, and I nodded. “Aria?” I called to her, she turned around with a bright smile. “Thank you” I told her, and she smiled at me.


I showered, and then came out with a bathrobe around myself, walking down stairs to find Courtney was now sat up watching early morning TV. “Your alive then” I smirked walking passed, “Just about” she told me, and I laughed. “Brook!” I heard Aria shout, “It's all down hill from here” I smirked to Courtney, “She just cares” Courtney told me, “I know, she is a god send for this kind of thing” I told her, and she nodded. “Brook!” I heard again, “I'm coming” I shouted. I walked up the stairs, and went to see what she was calling for. “You ready?” she asked, with even more make up and clips than the last wedding, “Well someone certainly stocked up” I gave a nervous giggle, she nodded and pulled me to sit down in front of the mirror. She began to work on me. “Feels like only last week I was getting you ready for your first wedding” she smiled down at me.


I know right” I spoke quietly, “Your sure this will be your last one?” she asked me, and I laughed at her, and I nodded. “What ever happened with you and Liam, Aria?” I asked her. I remembered when I was “Dead” they had a thing for each other, and now they didn't really seem to talk much, but I don't know what happened whilst I was away with Harry. “I told you, I didn't like him” she spoke, and I laughed shaking my head, “No, you did, and so did he, so why didn't anything happen?” I asked her softly, and she sighed. “You want the truth?” she asked me, “He was fucking another girl?” I asked her, she laughed and shook her head. “He took me to meet his parents when you were away” she told me, “Oh, really? We are on about the same Liam here?” I asked her, and she nodded. “So what happened?” I asked her.


He didn't call or text me, and then when I finally saw him, he said he didn't think we would work, something about his parents approval or something” she sighed, “His parents don't like anyone” I tell her, “Well they must of hated me” she spoke, “That's why things are always awkward when you two are around each other isn't it?” I asked her, she nodded. “I really liked him, I mean. I still do” she spoke to me, and I smiled. “I will sort it, I mean you've don't so much for me, it's the least I can do for you” I told her, “Don't, it would make things worse” she spoke, “Liam Payne in love with someone is something that doesn't come around often, he gives his heart to one person, and it looks like it's you, I mean for god sake Aria the way he looks at you! It's the way that Zayn looked at...” I stopped myself, “Should do your make up now?” she asked after a moment of silence, and I nodded, “Yes please” I whispered.

Harry's Pov


We had left the venue and were on our way to Niall's flat. “Your so pale” Louis told me, “Are you feeling alright man?” Niall asked me, I took a deep breath. “I am marrying Brook today” I whispered, “Yeah, I would of hoped you knew that” Liam spoke, “No,fuck. I am actually marrying her today” I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair. “Let's be honest, who here actually though that after Zayn left her she would go running back to him, I won't lie, because I thought we would have to go running behind the two of them, picking every part of her up, and now look... I'm marrying her” I spoke, “I thought she would of” Liam owned up, “So did I” Louis and Niall mumbled.


It turned out right, didn't it?” I smiled, “Let's just get through the day with no bumps, before we say things turned out right, eh mate?” Louis patted my back, “Your right” I spoke and looked to him. “Thank you boys, for all the help” I smiled at them, they all nodded. “So how hung over do we think Brook is this morning?” Niall laughed, “I called up and Aria said she's hung over but Courtney is worse” I spoke, and they laughed. “Liam, what ever happened with you and that Aria chick, you were fucking weren't you?” Louis asked, “We were” he gave a short answer, in other words he was hurt about her, and didn't want to talk. “Why aren't you anymore?” I asked him, “We just didn't see the point, can we just drop it?” he snapped, and we all backed of him. I had bigger things to think about anyway, today I was making Brook Green, my wife.


Brook's Pov.


It was now 10:30 we had been working on my hair for so long, and my make up was just about done, the dress was on. Everything was as perfect as it could be, though Aria wanted to do more when we arrived. The girls were in there fuck egg coloured dresses, and my god they looked more beautiful than the last time. Cassie had chosen these dresses so it was a shame she didn't get to wear it now. We stepped out side and it was raining, it was a typical British summer, it was June now. The girl's gathered around to catch my dress in the puddles, and a white car was waiting for us, we got in and drove to the place we were getting married, and it had a hotel style complex with it, meaning we could go into the room, and wait. Waiting, I was so sick of it. In the room now also was Harry's Sister, who had recently taken a shine to me, Courtney, Aria, myself, and my cousin Jane who couldn't make the first wedding.

I paced the floor. My white new heels clicking along the floor. My heavy white dress pulled me down, and I felt every single person in the room talking and and either working on my hair, dress or make up. I sighed and looked around, “There I think we are done” Aria smiles. I smiled at her, and she laughed “You look so … beautiful” she whispered, I smiled and looked down. Whilst all the girl held meaningless chatter, I stood up and looked at myself in the long mirror. This was so not me. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

Three knocks came from the door, “Go away, your not aloud to see the bride!” Aria shouted, I laughed. “It's me” I heard, and no one else would know that voice, but I would. Aria walked to the door and opened it, she looked at me, and I nodded for her to let him. “Give us a minute guys” I spoke, and they all nodded and walked out. I turned my back to him and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw Zayn stood in the back, I smiled “I didn't think you'd come” I told him, “I didn't think I would ever wear a tux again” he told me. I turned around and looked at him, he smiled at me, “You look... perfect” he whispered.

“Just one thing” he spoke, and walked forward. Reaching up to my hair, and pulling out the small tiara that was clipped in, and the two sparkled pins. Letting the long curls loose. “Much better” he smiled at me, I laughed, “I knew that wasn't me” I told him. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, and smiled. He was right, it was much better. “I always thought I would be the first one to see you in your wedding dress” he spoke, “You were, remember?” I asked him, he nodded “I just didn't get the chance to take it off you” he whispered, and ran his hand up my arm.

“You won't either” I spoke, he sighed laughing, “here take this, something old right?” he spoke, and handed me a box, “Its your engagement ring, on a chain” he spoke, “Should I be wearing this at my wedding?” I asked him, he nodded “here let me” he spoke, and moved my hair so he put it around my neck. “You don't have to do this you know?” he spoke, I shook my head and turned to face him “I want to “ I spoke, “I love him” I told him. Zayn rolled his eyes, “Don't do that” I told him, “Your only with him, because I let you down” he told me. “Yes, too much so I couldn't forgive you, Zayn what you did was the worst thing you have ever done” I told him, he rolled his eyes again. “Do you even love him” he asked me, I nodded. “Brook, are you IN love with him?” he asked me, emphasising the word In. I sighed, and shook him off me. “Stop trying to change my mind” I told him.

“Brook, stop it!” he shouted, and I turned around dropping the whiskey glass I had been holding, and my hands shook. Zayn walked over, and took my hands. “How long have you been drinking for?” he asked me, I pulled my hands back. “I am fine” I shook with a shaky breath. “Brook, your not fine, your shaking because you haven't had a drink” I told him, I shook my head and pushed him away. “I said I am fine” I told him. “You need to get help” he told me, “Stop it” I whispered. “You don't get to tell me what to do, okay? You lost the chance to do that a long time ago” I snapped at him.

“I miss you” he spoke, and I whipped my head around. “No, you don't” I whispered. “Brook, tell me I am not the only who is going mad here” he begged me. “Zayn I am getting married today” I told him, “to a man your not in love with” he whispered, and walked over to me. “I am in love with him” I whispered, “Your not” he tried to convince me like he still knew my mind. He did still know my mind. “Stop trying to convince me, you don't care that I love him, you care that I am not that young 17 year old girl that fell in love with you two years ago” I spoke to him, “You do still love me though, don't you?” he asked me, “Stop it okay?!” I shouted and moved away from him.

“Brook, I can't let you marry someone your not going to be happy with!” he yelled at me, “You were going to let me marry you, and we hadn't even been married five minutes, and I wasn't happy” I told him, “I screwed up I get it, but you can't marry him” he told me, “I am going to, your not going to stop me” I told him. “I do love you Zayn, I always will, and probably more than I am ever going to love any one ever again, but I can't just drop him, I have a life, America will be good for me, its got him and a good job, and no heart break... if I come back to you, if I dropped everything, I know it won't be like that” I told him.

“You think that this is good for you? Brook, he calls me up every night asking what you like, what makes you feel better, you really think he knows you like I do. Brook you need a drink to see the day the through, you can't live like that, in a job you hate, with a man you don't love, feeling nothing but numb” he spoke, “I could take you away, take your hand we could run away right now, I wouldn't leave you like I did... I wouldn't, I couldn't” he spoke, one hand on my cheek tucked behind my hair, as he came close speaking the words. “Zayn I need to marry him” I told him, “Why? What is so important that you need to marry him?!” he shouted at me, “I can't explain it, but I can't hurt him, I have hurt so much in the past, and he knows that I will always love you a little bit more, but you know how I feel about you, and why that was never enough, I won't understand?... But you have to let me go” I told him.

I cried, and Zayn pulled me in close. “Make sure he looks after you” he told me. “What do tell him on the phone?” I looked up at him, “To hold you like this” he whispered, and I sighed wanting to fall into him. “I miss you too” I whispered, he pulled back and kissed my forehead. “I will always love you” he whispered, “Me too” I told him, he let go and walked to the door. “Pleas stay for the ceremony” I spoke, he undid his bow tie, “I will stay how ever long I can, as long you as you promise me that I finally get my first dance with the bride” he spoke, and I let a tear roll my cheek, “I promise” I whispered, and he smiled before walking out and leaving.

I turned to the mirror, and fixed my make up, wiping it off where it had ran. I sighed and kept my hair down. Aria walked back in. “Brook, its almost... your hair, your make up... what happened?!” she exclaimed. “I realised something” I turned around, “You don't want to do this, do you?” she asked me, I shook my head. 'But I am going to” I told her, she sighed and hugged me. “Don't break his heart” she whispered, “I love him, and I am going to marry him” I told her, “Who?” she asked, “Both of them” I spoke, “You can't have both” she whispered, “I hurt both of them no matter who I choose” I told her, she nodded. “Don't make a mistake, follow you heart” she told me, “Doesn't my head know better?” I asked her, “No, you know better” she spoke.

We cleaned up my staggered make up, and I practised my best fake smile. “They are ready for you” Courtney smiled, opening up the door, and I nodded. We walked down to the hall. I stood in in front of the large doors, that were so intimidating. Opening this door, meant closing all the old ones. Some I wouldn't want to close, but I knew I had to. As soon as the music played my heart rate got faster, and I saw Aria and Courtney walked down first, then I followed. I spot Harry smiling at me. If there was a real definition of perfect, in this moment it would have been Harry. How he smiled at me, like I was the most important person in the world. Like I was all he would ever have. I sighed, and smiled at him. Then look to my left, and I see Zayn stood up on the back row, and he doesn't smile at he just looks at me, with those painfully beautiful brown eyes.

I walked, hoping my own two feet take me the right way. The walk is far too long and the nerves are far to much. I finally reach the end though, and I had my flowers to Aria, she smiled and stand at the side with Courtney. The other three boys stand behind Harry, and they all looked smart in their suits. I mean, I have made it this far haven't I? I turned and looked to the people, who we were practically performing for. I then see Trisha in the crowd, and she smiled so warmly at me, and I smile back, then catch a glimpse of Zayn again at the back, and I behind to question everything, and words are fuzzing in my brain. “Your look amazing” Harry whispered, and smiled at me, and I looked up to him with lightly glazed eyes. “So do you” I told him, and he laughed nervously.

The vicar then spoke. Saying things I wasn't concerned about hearing. Forever was a long time, and spending such a length of time with one individual made me question, if marriage was even for me. Maybe, a life time of adventure, with more than person would be a life worth living. Life full of danger, and death, Passion, and romance, surely had to be better, that one person. Zayn Malik, had destroyed every image I had of a perfect life, the moment he called me Doll. The moment he stepped foot into my life, marriage would never have been an option for me. However, twice I had tried. The vicar still spoke, and I smiled at Harry like I was happy, and he grinned back, I stole the odd glance from Zayn, and then the boys behind, Niall who looked right through me and saw where my eyes were leading. Liam kept looking at Aria behind me, and I felt if I didn't go through with Marrying Harry, then I stood no chance of getting Liam and Aria together.

Then the important part came.

'”At this time, I’ll ask you, Harry Edward Styles, and you, Brook Green, to face each other & take each other’s hands” I caught my breath in my throat. I faced him completely, and he offered his hands for me to rest mine into, I smiled wearily at him, and take in a breath. Harry, do you take Brook to be your wife, your partner in life and your one true love? Do you promise to cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever? Do you promise to trust and honour her, laugh with her and cry with her? Do you promise to be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?” he finished, and Harry smiled at me, and I smiled back, his eyes glowed, and his smile was so warm, “I do” he whispered, a stabbing pain came into my chest.


and Brook, will you take Harry to be your husband, your partner in life and..” the words lost me then, because I heard movement, I saw Zayn was leaving. Was it that this was boring, or that he couldn't bare to watch the girl he was in love with, marry another man. “Brook?” Harry asked me, a little nervously, and I looked back to the vicar, who was waiting for my answer. I looked down and saw our hands touching, and I shook, sadness sweeping me, and I looked to the back again at the empty seat. “Your answer?” the vicar asked, and I let out a shaky breath, and took my hands from Harry's. Taking a step back, and wiping my hands on my dress. Hearing mutters in the crowd, I gulped and my breathing was heavier. “I--...I'm sorry, I just can't” I spoke, and turned, lifting the front of my dress up, and running back down the long walkway which I had used not half an hour ago.

I got outside the front of the building in the rain. It was now heavier than before. I heard a motor cycle engine grind, and I looked about five metres away, and Zayn was getting on the bike. “Zayn!” I yelled to him, and he looked over, to the runaway bride in the pouring down rain. “Brook? What are you doing out here?” he walked over to me in the rain. “You were right, I'm not in love with him” I spoke, and tears mixed with rain drops. “Your a dick, I really hate you, You broke me in a way no other person could, you lead me on, and then just broke my heart... but now, I have just done the same to Harry, and I know how he is going to feel, but it would of hurt him... more if I would married him and then found of that I didn't love him” I told him, “Why are you telling me all of this?” he was talking loudly over the rain, “Because, I am still in love with you” I cried softly, and he looked to me. “If I said yes to running away, what you said before up in the room, did you mean it?” I asked him, “Every word” he told me.

My dress was completely ruined, and I didn't care, because Zayn was staring at me. “Zayn” I whispered, with tears rolling down my cheeks, and he looked up to me. “Kiss me” I whispered, and not missing a beat he did. He took my arm and pulled me forward, running a arm around my back, so his hand pulled my further into him, and then he ran his hand through my hair. His lips on my was a thing that came along once or twice in lifetime, a kiss like this was one you would only get once. I pulled back with my head against his, and the rain still hammering down. “I could of married him today, I could of said yes if you didn't turn up” I spoke, and he smiled at me softly. “He should never of asked you to marry him, he knew you loved me, he wanted to prove a point” he told me, “You know I love a him a little, right?” I asked him, he nodded. “I am not leaving here with out giving him an explanation, you left me feeling like I had done so many things wrong, I am not leaving him that way” I told him, and he nodded.

Are you okay to go back in there?” he asked me, “I am not the same girl you left six months ago” I told him. I walked back inside, with Zayn behind me. Thought we expected it to be so romantic when we finally kissed again it wasn't, though the feelings were all still there, it still hurt kissing him, because it reminded me of what he did. I knew something like this would happen, and opening the door, seeing everyone staring at me, I sniffled at walked forward. Harry stood up with puffy red eyes, and then looked behind me and saw Zayn, he stood up and walked to meet me, but went to push passed me to get to Zayn. The signs were all there, we were both soaked from the rain, he had to of known something like this was going to happen. But I reached out, and put a hand against his chest and our bodies were close, but stopped and looked up to me.

Tell me this isn't what it looks like, and please just say I do” he voice cracked, “I am so sorry” I cried to him, and took a step back and ran his finger through his hair, looking at me shaking his head. “No” he whispered, I nodded “No!” he yelled, and I let a tear roll down my cheek. The people who came to watch to people who love each other commit for the rest of their lives, was now, two people, one madly in love, and the other leaving for the boy who broke her. “I didn't mean to hurt you, but I couldn't... I couldn't do it, I couldn't spend the rest of my life with you knowing you were giving me your everything and I wasn't” I told him, “I told you, baby, I didn't want your everything, I wanted what ever the fuck you could give me” he sobbed, walking closer and taking my face into his large hands, “Don't let me go” he cried, and I blinked away my own tears, “Not for him, he hurts you, and I don't... I don't” he whispered, “I know, but I love him” I told him, and he looked to the floor.


“I want to fix this” he whispered, “I know...but you can't” I told him, and turned to leave dropping his hands from my face, I see Zayn who was waiting for me at the back of the room, “You are not leaving me, Brook” he shouted with Tears in his eyes, I turned around to face him, with tears of my own. I broke him again. “I can't stay” I told him, tears slipping out, “but I love you” he croaked looking down, his own tears falling, “I know, and I love you” I spoke, “Don't say it like were saying goodbye” he told me. walked over to him and cupped his face in my hand. “I love you in every way I can” I whispered, “And I will miss you the most, and the future I might have had with you” I told him,“Your willing to sacrifice that?” he cried, broken and shattered drops of water leaving his eyes. “Sometimes we have to make sacrifices ” I spoke to him, wiping his tears with my thumb. “Stop pitying me Brook!” he shouted at me, “I am sorry Harry, but I refuse to change you” I told him softly, “If I stayed with you, you'd change, and you can't change, because your so perfect the way you are” I told him, crying myself.


“If I am so perfect, then why are you leaving with him?” he asked me, “Because, we both know I can't change him” I told him. “Please” he begged me, “Harry there is a girl out there for you, she is just waiting, and she is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, she going to make you so much more happier than I ever could, she is going to give you the life you deserve, she won't give you this, all the heart ache and all the hurt, she is going to love you, and only you” I spoke to him, and reached up kissing his cheek, “I never really won... did I?” he asked me softly, looking at me with water filled eyes, “I am sorry” I told him, and he stepped back. “The wedding is cancelled, everyone go home” Harry turned from me and walked away from me, I turned slowly to face Zayn, but that wasn't before, I saw the disappointed looks from Liam, Niall and Louis. I walked over to Zayn, “I am going to get changed” I spoke, and he nodded, “Should I wait here?” he asked me, I nodded. “Yeah, I need a moment alone” I offered him a weak smile.


I walked up to the room, and opened the door sitting down on the bed. Taking of the engagement ring from Harry, and setting it down on the pillow, because there was no doubt in my mind he would come up here and use the room when I had left. I took of the dress, and threw it into a lump in the corner. The door then opened, and it banged shut. “Are you out of your fucking mind?!” I heard a loud voice, it was Liam. I turned to him, with puffy eyes. “Yes” I told him, and he shook his head facing the floor. “What happened to everything you said yesterday? About how you loved Harry?” he boomed, “I meant it, I thought I could say I yes and pretend everything was okay, but I just can't” I told him, and he rolled his eyes. “Your a fool” he told me, “the things he has done, the ways that he has hurt you, and your still going to go running back to him?” he asked in disbelief, I nodded, picking up my shoes and tucking them into my bag. “Your going to get hurt again, you know that don't you? Which one of us will you marry then, huh?” he asked me, “I'm not getting married again, I couldn't” I spoke to him, “Brook, please just think about this” he begged me, turning me to face him.


Liam, stop, I have done nothing but think about this from the moment I agreed to date Harry, I knew it would end up here, it was inevitable. I was always going to find my way back to Zayn, and you know that, so did Harry. I can't tell you how sorry I am, I feel dreadful, and I don't want sympathy, I want to forget it all, but I can't” I spoke to him, “Why did you agree then, if you you knew you would end up right back where you started?” he asked me frowning, “Because somewhere along the line, I hoped that I could of changed it” I spoke, “You could of, you could of said yes to Harry then, and we would all be find right now” he told me, “Instead, Harry is a mess, I am here yelling at you, Zayn has won again, and what did you get out of all of this?” he asked me, “I got what I deserve” I spoke, “What do you deserve?... Pain, to be with a boy that fucked you over, that is so incapable of loving someone that he has to use them?” he asked me, and I zipped up my bag, throwing it over my shoulder, “Exactly” I told him, and he turned to leave. Walking down the corridor.


I got to the lobby, and I sighed, looking back to the hall. I had done it again. I had broken Harry Styles. “You ready to go?” Zayn asked me, and I turned to face him, and I nodded slowly. I step outside, and I see Niall is stood there. “Can you take my bag, I need to speak to Niall” I asked Zayn, and he nodded. I took in a breath and walked over, “I'm so sorry” I told him, “It's not me you should be apologising to” he told me, “I know, but you were right, I shouldn't of agreed to marry Harry, when I still loved someone else” I spoke, and glanced over to Zayn, the rain was now lighter than before. “Just don't be his fool again” he told me, “I can't promise anything” I told him, and he opened his arms for a hug. Though I knew he was mad, and disappointed in me, I knew he was still my friend, and I hugged him tightly, scared to let go, because if I let Niall go, that meant everything I had done today had been real.


I will swing by and pick my things up soon, okay?” I told him, and he nodded towards me. “I really hope your happy” he told me, and I gave the first real smile of the day. “I don't think I know how to be” I told him, “You ever need anyone, you call me” he told me, and I nodded hugging him once more. “Thank you” I told him, and he nodded squeezing me tighter. “Brook, we should leave now” I heard Zayn's low voice, and I turned around nodding. I knew he wanted to forget all this, but there was so much I needed to know, and many things I was going to find out before I jumped in head first with Zayn again, even if things didn't last with Zayn this time. It would be okay, because I save Harry from myself, I saved him from self destruction, and that was all that was important, though it seems like I broke him on one thousand different levels, and I probably had, I just wanted him to be happy, with out me. I kissed Niall's cheek, and then turned to walk down the steps to Zayn.


We walked over to his motorbike in complete silence, nothing but the gravel beneath our feet talked. “I hope your sure about this” he told me, “I've never been sure about you, Zayn, your always going to be a risk I take no matter what the consequences, and I have learnt that now” I spoke, “Is it a good thing or a bad thing?” he asked me, “It can be either” I sighed as be passed me a helmet. Zayn got on the bike, and I got on behind him, clutching around his waist. ““For some fucking reason I am giving you everything Zayn, my everything... please don't break my heart again” I whispered into his neck, and he smiled sighing slightly. “If you think I am going to let you go again, your completely mistaken” he told me, and I sighed. Looking back to the building, where Harry was now stood outside with Liam, Louis, and Niall. I gulped, as they stared at me. I was really a walking disaster, but for now I was riding away. I was so good a running away at this point, I wondered when I would ever be able to stay.



I don't know who I feel worse for. Harry because he lost Brook, Brook because she has is completely numb to the pain, Niall because he lost his best friend, there is just to much here! What did with think? Sorry to the Borry lovers, but come on its a Zayn Malik fic. Either way, Borry guys yours going to love the end, but so will the Zook people! Argh five chapters left. Love you all. 

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