Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


15. Thanks For Caring.

Brook's Pov


Last night we shopped, we bought so much food cooked bit of it and put them in the fridge. I sighed and got out of bed the next morning, 'Why am I doing this?' I spoke to myself, 'Because your an idiot' I turned and smiled seeing Niall, I laughed 'This is going to be like... super fun!' I sarcastically speak. I walked out of my room with Niall, and down the stairs to see the boys all getting set up, 'Its 10, they are here at 12 right?' I asked, they all nodded. 'This was a stupid idea' I whisper to Niall, and he nods and agrees with me.


I look to Zayn and I remember yesterday when he told me about the baby. I tugged a smile, and walked towards him. 'How are you today?' I asked putting a hand on his back, 'Fine thanks' he spoke. I nodded and pulled myself together, 'Can I trust you boys to be all set up?' I asked them, 'Of course' Louis smirked, 'Something tells me I can't' I chuckle, 'We will get it ready, I promise' Liam smiled, I laughed and nodded. 'Right, well I am going to go and get ready' I spoke, 'Your dinner party is in great hands' Harry called after me. I got to the stairs to see Perrie walking down them, I looked the other way as she bumped passed me.


I sighed, turning around looking into the kitchen seeing her in Zayn's arms. I sighed a little bit, of course it was bound to break my heart. I turned around and took a sharp breath, I wasn't going to stay and watch that. I walked upstairs, and sat on my bed for a few minutes bringing in all of my thoughts of the past few days. I looked at my hands, and then thought about the past few weeks, which led me to months. I thought of all the scars. The scars that covered me physically and emotionally. I stood up and looked in the full size mirror. Standing before the mirror in my underwear, I could see every mark a memory.


The nail scratches from Josh that seem worlds away. The gun shot wound in my thigh. The two stab wounds from my brother. This list went on, and I ask looked at myself, I don't need to think twice about why Perrie is better for Zayn than me. Her body is fresh, not like mine that's broken. The door opened, and I saw in the mirror it was Zayn. I hadn't noticed I was crying. 'What is it?' Zayn rushed over to my side. 'Nothing' I lie, 'Really? So you were just staring at your self half naked because?' he rose his eyebrows. 'Zayn am I still beautiful to you?' I asked him, the words leaving my mouth before I could stop.


I turned and grabbed my baggy shirt covering myself with it. 'What makes you ask that, of course you are' he whispered, I sat down on the bed, and he sat down in front of me. 'Well... You know what its stupid it doesn't matter' I shook my head, 'Tell me' he spoke, 'My scars... I mean they are everywhere' I tell him, tears leaving my eyes. 'Brook...' he began, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror and wiped my tears, 'It doesn't matter' I spoke, 'It does matter' he stood up and pulled me back down. 'You always have been beautiful' he spoke, he moved the baggy shirt up to my waist, and ran his fingers over the scars on my thigh, my breathing hitched and I took a deep breath.


'Your scars are what make you' he told me, I looked down and he lifted up my chin. 'Don't you dare go saying your not beautiful, you are' he told me, I laughed a little bit and with out thinking. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and held him tightly, his arms went around me too, this was how it was meant to be. I pulled back and looked into his dark eyes, and smiled a little bit, 'You know you make so hard for me, to not want to kiss you' he smirked, I laughed and I was begging for his lips, not a single part of me didn't ache for him, but that one corner of my mind warned me away “say no” I reminded myself.


'I should be getting dressed' I told him, getting up from him. 'Yeah' Zayn spoke, I looked at him waiting for him to leave, 'Oh yeah' he stood up and smiled lightly, I laughed a little bit. He walked out of the room, I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper, curled my hair, it was getting to long it needed cutting. I sighed and put a little bit of make up on, I cleaned around my room looking for any excuse not to go down stairs. Then I heard the first voice and I knew it straight away, it was Zayn's family. I took a deep breath and walked down the stairs.


I got to the middle of the stairs and his sisters spotted me first. Safaa his younger sister, I think she was 11 now. I looked at her and she came running over to me, 'Hi Brook' she hugged my waist, I laughed 'Hey, haven't you grown since I last saw you' I smirked at her, 'How are you love?' I heard Zayn's mum, I looked up and she was walking over to hug me I hugged her lightly, 'I am good, you?' I asked her, she smiled, 'even better for seeing my son' she grinned at Zayn. 'How are you two' I smiled to Doniya and Waliyha, 'Great thanks' they both smiled. 'Hello' I heard a familiar accent, it was Niall. I smiled 'Hey, this is-...' I was cut off, 'Niall darling how are you?' Zayn mum beamed, I was confused for a moment, 'Remember the summer of 09 we knew each other' Zayn whispered, I blushed 'Oh yeah' I giggled.


'The boys are in the kitchen if you want to say hello' Niall smiled, letting go of Trisha. I smiled at him, 'Zayn' I heard Safaa, I smiled as she jumped into her brothers arms, and he laughed carrying her to the kitchen. 'How long have you and Zayn been together now then?' Doniya asked, I felt my heart drop. 'Excuse me' I smiled at her. I walked to find Zayn, I smiled seeing him with Safaa, but I needed to be angry. I walked over, and put a hand on his shoulder 'Your family still think we are together' I whispered to him, 'Yeah, I didn't get around to telling them' he told me, 'Then go and tell her, your mum can't think we are together, when I need to pretend to be with Liam' I snapped, he frowned 'Well clearly you want her too see you with him instead of me' he snapped, 'Your seriously doing this now?' I sassed him, 'Your hopeless' he growled and walked off to find him mum.


'Safaa why don't you go and help Harry' I spoke, she nodded 'Your not with Zayn any more?' she pouted, I shook my head, 'No we are just friends' I smiled, 'Do you love him?' she asked me, 'Very much' I nodded. 'Then why don't you date him' she asked, 'Its not that simple love' I sighed, she sighed 'Okay' she walked over to Harry who smiled at me lightly. The door thudded and I dreaded the answer off it. I ran to open it and my mum and dad were then, both soon to wrap me in a hug. 'I've missed you!' I heard my mum speak, 'You too' I smiled, 'Is Jack here?' I asked, 'Just parking the car' My dad spoke, 'How are you, are you well, is Zayn still-' my mother was cut short, 'Speak of the devil' my dad spoke, and gave Zayn a hand shake. I saw Jack, and looked at Zayn once more he never had like the idea that I was okay with my brother now.


'Jack!' I shouted to him and he came running down to me, I hugged him tightly as he lifted me up, I laughed and he put me down. 'How are you sis' he asked me, 'I've been good' I lie, 'What about you?' I asked him, he nodded 'I have been good just missing my sis is all' he smile, I laughed, and took his hand come on inside. We walked inside, and Zayn and Jack scowled at each other, 'Please just be nice' I begged them both. 'Brook, where do you want the drinks?' I heard Liam called, 'Just put them on the table' I shouted back, 'Go ahead get some drinks, I won't be far' I reassured my mum and dad.


They left, 'Did you tell your mum?' I asked him, he shook his head 'Not exactly' he rubbed the back of his neck, 'Zayn!' I whisper yelled, 'I'm sorry but, she just likes you so much and it would really upset her' he spoke, 'Well its going to up set her even more when she sees me being all lovely with Liam isn't it?' I frowned, 'Your going to be?' he asked me, 'Well his mum and dad need to think we are, so we are going to have to be all nice and that... and his mum with probably bring up the wedding' I spoke, 'Well then I tell my mum your just best mates with Liam, because that's what you are' he said as more of a warning than anything else. 'Then we just avoid the wedding topic' he spoke, 'Have you met Liam's mum?' I asked, he nodded and laughed 'I think we can pull it off' he spoke.


'Zayn we can't just-..' he cut me off, 'You know we can, so don't try and get out of it' he spoke. I sighed and nodded, I turned to walk away, 'Oh Brook?' he spoke, I loved the way my name sounded from his lips. 'Promise me its only acting with Liam... nothing serious' he spoke, I looked to the floor, I just nod. Not knowing if its true or not. Before I could leave, the final knock came, 'Liam, answer the door' I shout, I wasn't ready to face his parents, Liam came out and wore a light smile. 'Your not bailing on me now' he pulled me with him, Zayn snatched me away 'Don't make her do what she doesn't want to do' Zayn growled lowly, I stepped in between the two boys, and pushed on Zayn's chest 'Zayn just go and help in the kitchen its fine' I spoke, he stormed away.


'What's his problem?' Liam asked me, 'His very on edge today, I don't know what's wrong with him' I spoke, 'Well come on ,lets not keep mommy and daddy waiting' Liam smirked, I sighed and walked to the door. 'Hey mum, dad' Liam spoke, 'Brook' his mum smiled lightly, his dad looked passed me. 'I'm not there favourite person' I whispered to Liam, he laughed. 'Everything okay, with you two now?' his mum asked, I nodded and smiled Liam took my hand. 'Perfect' Liam smiled, I saw Zayn leaning against the door frame, he rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen.


'Come on then, lets get some food' I smiled and walked into the kitchen, hoping Zayn would at least give me a smile. 'Where's Perrie?' I mouthed to him, 'Out' he snapped and looked away. 'This is Brook's Mum and Dad' Liam smiled, 'Hello' Karen laughed. 'Come on the food's getting cold' I rush them, no wedding talk. 'Liam, Zayn has decided not to tell our parents about the break up' I whispered, 'What?' he snapped, 'He didn't want to upset his mum' I tell him, he rolled his eyes 'This is stupid' he spoke, 'Just try and not make it too obvious... Zayn is a little mad anyway' I spoke, going to walk away. 'You want us to not make it obvious because he is feeling insecure?' he snapped, 'No, its not like that... he is just taking this break up a little hard' I sighed, 'Taking it hard? No he isn't he's fucking shagging Perrie! Your telling me he cared?' he growled, I lowered my eyes and turned to walk away, 'I didn't mean it like that Brook, I am sorry' he told me, 'No, you did mean it... every word' I held in a cry and walked out.


I walked into the kitchen where everyone was stood around talking and laughing. I plastered on a smiled, and walked over to Harry. 'Too much for you?' he spoke, 'Is there ever enough?' I joked, he laughed and me and put and arm around me, 'You'll cope, if you don't call on me at any time to whisk you away' he smiled, 'Don't tempt me right now I am ready to smash my head through a window!' I exclaim, 'If it gets to much give me a shout, I fucking hate things like this' he moaned, 'I don't even know why I suggested this' I spoke, he laughed 'Well come on go and be a happy girlfriend to which ever boy' he joked but I laughed at him and smiled, 'Thank you for making me smile' I laughed and hugged him. 'Brook' I heard, I looked to see Liam, he nodded for me to go and sit down at the table.


I sat in between the compromising position of Zayn and Liam either side of me. 'Please dig in' Harry spoke walking in, I smiled and everyone was just picking pieces of food from the middle, 'eat something' both Liam and Zayn whispered to me. Is it me or was this all Ironic? 'So Brook thought any more about your wedding dress?' Liam's mum looked at me, I looked to Zayn and he covered his face, 'Wedding dress?' Zayn's mum got involved, I shook my head looking in between the two boys either side of me. 'Yes, For Brook and-...' I cut her off, 'Enough about weddings' I smiled as politely as possible. 'Hormones, must be the baby' Karen spoke, I could die right now. 'What's this I heard about a baby?' my dad asked, 'Nothing' I spoke, 'Now don't be shy... Brook's Pregnant' she smiled at me, she didn't say anything about who's baby it was.


'Pregnant! Brook you didn't say' My mum gushed, 'its really not that big of a deal' I mumbled, 'Zayn you didn't tell us' Doniya kicked him under the table, 'Well it was up to Brook, not me' he spoke, Okay yes this is alright. 'Can you believe Liam thought they should call it George' Liam's dad spoke, 'Its a boy?' my mum smiled, 'We think its a boy' all three of us said at once, making the table laugh. 'Maybe you two should have some alone time' Zayn's mum spoke, 'no its okay' I spoke, 'No, we insist... go on you look a little stressed dear' she spoke, I looked at Liam and then at Zayn. 'No, I want to stay' I told her, 'If your sure' she spoke and continued eating.


I saw Zayn looking under the table at his phone, and I couldn't help but think he was texting Perrie. I looked the other way and smiled at Liam who was happily talking to Louis. I sat there in a world of my own, I looked around the table and saw my brother was too on his phone, I looked at saw Zayn and Jack stare uneasily at each other, I looked to see Zayn's phone. 'Why are you text jack?' I whispered, 'I'm not' he spoke putting his phone away, 'don't lie to me' I whispered. 'I'm not' he spoke, and ate some food. 'You know this is all so nice, we should do it again' My mum spoke, 'Yeah, maybe the next will be the wedding' Karen laughed, I sighed but smiled. 'We need to all go dress shopping with you Brook' Trisha spoke, 'Yeah' I nod, 'Mother of the bride, mother of the groom, it will be so good' Trisha was excited, but I knew she was about to blow this whole thing.


'Let me take your plates' Louis spoke, saving the day, I smiled and sent a thankful nod his way. We all stood up and everyone began to mingle again, I went to see Harry. But on my way, I noticed Jack and Zayn in the living room with the door slightly open. I didn't want to intrude, so I stood by and listened. 'You've taken this way too far!' Jack shouted, 'You don't understand' Zayn paced, 'I understand you've been playing her all along, and now she is knocked up with your fucking kid' Jack boomed, 'No, I haven't... the kid isn't mine, that kid doesn't even exists' Zayn told Jack. 'This all started from a fucking bet, you need to end it, she is clearly in love with you and you don't see what your doing to her' Jack shouted, A bet what was he talking about?


'It's more than that' Zayn spoke, 'You told her you were looking out for her since our parent's died, you were watching over her? You don't bull shit any more' he spoke, 'I did do that for your parents safety you know that' Zayn spoke, 'Yeah but the rest of it, you made that bet with me' Jack spoke, 'Well didn't expect all this to happened did I?' Zayn yelled, 'Brook and you have had so many fights, you had so many chances to leave her and end this, so why didn't you, because you loved that you won?' Jack growled, 'No' Zayn was getting angry I could tell in his voice, 'What are you going to feed me the same bullshit you feed her, that you fell in love with her? It was a fucking bet Zayn, you bet me that you could get her to fall for you, I told you she wouldn't be so stupid! I guess I was wrong, all of this was for fucking fifty quid!' Jack yelled, and my heart fell.


My eyes broke out in tears, I pushed open the door. Looking like a five year old, who had fallen over. 'Brook...' Zayn whispered, 'A bet?' I croaked out. 'Brook, no... you've got all this wrong' Zayn began to step towards me, 'Don't!' I shouted, I felt so dirty and so used, the taste of his lips was in my mouth, the smell of him on my body, his touch was everywhere. 'You never even loved me' I whispered, 'No Brook, I do' he spoke, 'How did you two even know each other?' I spoke, 'I knew mum and dad weren't dead' Jack confessed, I gasped this was all so much to take in. 'Oh my god, it all makes sense now... You were always telling me to stay away from Zayn, and how he was bad for me... and you were always trying to keep me out away from him!' I shouted, this was all a fucking game to you!' I shouted. 'Brook just listen' Zayn begged, 'No' I shouted. 'What's going on?' Liam and Harry appeared at the door way.


'Go on tell them Zayn!' I began to bawl my eyes out in front of him. 'Brook what's happened?' Liam reached for me, 'Don't touch me!' I shouted, putting my hands either side of my head and crouching over trying to stop the room from spinning, endless sobs escaped. 'What the fuck did you do this time?' Harry growled, 'He put a bet on me!' I shouted, 'What?' Harry and Liam both asked, soon joined by everyone else. 'Zayn bet my brother he could make me fall in love with him, and guess what it fucking worked!' I yelled. 'Zayn?' Trisha spoke, hoping it wasn't true, he looked down to the floor. 'Girls go to the car' Trisha spoke. I sobbed harder, when Trisha came to me and hugged me.


'No please' I let her go, 'He used me... he fucking used me!' I shouted, 'It wasn't like that!' Zayn exclaimed, 'Mum dad, go I Will explain this later' Liam told his parents, they nodded and went. That left my parents, the boys, jack and Trisha. 'How could you do that Zayn?' Trisha asked, I looked to Zayn 'Just let me explain Brook! Please... I didn't mean for this to happen, yes it was a bet but I didn't plan on actually falling in love with you... I’m in love with you' he spoke.


I laughed, 'You don't know what love is! … I loved you, I wanted you... I wanted to wake up with you every morning and have you said that you loved me and missed me when I was gone, I wanted you to try Zayn... I didn't want you to lie to me' I whispered the last part, 'It wasn't like that!' he shouted, 'All those I love yours? … did you mean any off them' I cried, wiping my tears, he stepped forward, but I stepped back. 'Your scared of me' he whispered, this was like when we were first together, 'I'm not scared of you, I am scared of what you've become... or what you were' I whispered, and took a deep breath. I turned to jack, 'And you,... your not the innocent party here.. you don't go making bets on your little sister!' I shouted at him, and pushed him hard in the chest.


I threw punch after punch at him, until I felt two hands grab my wrist and I just broke down to the floor and sat there in someone's arms. I looked to see Harry, and he cooed me like a child. 'I told you, you would fucking break her didn't I?' Harry shouted, 'DIDN'T I?' He yelled even louder, I cried into his shirt. He helped me up, and I am pretty sure I looked a mess. 'I could fill 1000 pages of the ways you have hurt me Zayn, but this.... this just tops it all... every lie you ever told, every tear you made me cry... this beats it all, do you want a medal?' I asked him, he ran his fingers through his hair. 'I really don't even know I am still hoping that you'll change, wasn't I just the stupid girl that fell for the bad boy! The girl that was such an idiot! I hate the fact it had took me so long to realise this' I shouted.


'Brook stop it' Zayn was shaking, he was angry, but I didn't care. 'Why?! You've hurt me! Is it not fair for me to hurt you? You know this is hurting me a hell of a lot more than its hurting you?! I mean you'll be shagging Perrie again tonight!... Maybe I will shag one of the boys, yeah? … make them moan my name, I'll moan there’s instead of yours?' I knew this would make him worse, but I needed to say this, he needed to understand. 'Brook... Stop' Zayn's tone was dark, threatening. 'I'm going to hate you for this Zayn, do you get that? I hate you...' he turned around and grabbed me, one of his fists clenched and everyone gasped, 'Do it... hit me... you said you wouldn't hurt me, that was a lie... so what's stopping you?' I torment. He lowered his hand, and I moved from his other one. 'I am always going to love you for what you made me feel... I love you with each broken piece of my fucking heart' I tell him and wipe my tears.


'You stay away from my daughter' my father walked over to Zayn, 'Dad, leave it... he's not worth it' I spoke, 'He's had his fun... he will move on' I told them, trying so hard to keep it all it inside. 'Brook, you don't understand... I am in love with you... I fucked up big time, but if I hadn't of done that bet you wouldn't of fallen in love with me, and I would of with you, we wouldn't of spoke... it was what we needed, you told me everything happens for a reason... Brook don't let this go away, I told you I love you' he begged me, 'Give me some piece of mind, and just tell me what you spent the £50 on?' I asked him, he looked down, 'Brook... don't' he whispered, 'Tell me' I spoke through gritted teeth. 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' Zayn spoke quietly, 'Lovely to see what I was worth' I spoke.


'Thank you all for coming, I am sorry it ended up this way... er... excuse me' I spoke, and tried to leave. 'Where are you going?' someone shouted, I looked back and saw Safaa standing in the hallway, I walked down the stairs. I sat on the bottom step, 'Do me a favour, and don't fall in love' I told her, she sighed 'Why are you crying?' she asked me, and then hugged me tightly, I cried softly. Her small hand wiped one of my tears, 'Did Zayn upset you?' she asked, 'Something like that' I whispered, and wiped my eyes properly. 'Does this mean we won't see you for a while?' she asked, I nodded 'Just for a little while' I whispered, 'Safaa' I heard Trisha, 'Get your coat and go to the car' she spoke, Safaa hugged me and then left. I stood up to see Trisha.


'Come here love' she spoke, and hugged me. 'I'm so sorry for what he did to you, you don't deserve any of that' she sighed, and brushed my hair behind my ears, 'You'll be happy again' she told me, 'I hope so' I cried a little. 'Keep in touch okay, promise me... Safaa loves you, so do the other two... please even if you never see Zayn again, know you've always got a family with us' she spoke, I nodded and smiled and hugged her again, 'Thank you' I whispered, 'Good luck Brook' she whispered, and walked out. My parents were next to leave, dragging Jack with them. I wouldn't mind if I didn't see those three again, they weren't helping. Trisha was.


I walked up the stairs, and pulled out my suitcase. I have to leave. I packed all my bags, Showered and changed into some joggers and an oversized hoody. I took one of Harry's beanies and walked down stairs, grabbing my car keys. I walked into the living, where all the boys were yelling at Zayn, 'Your such an idiot!' Liam yelled, 'How could you do that to her?!' Louis yelled, 'That is so low, even for you' Niall growled, 'I knew this would happened, I told you. I told you, you break her and look at what happened... your no friend of mine, not when you had her, and you knew you could have her at the drop of the a hat and you still didn't tell her!... your pathetic Zayn' Harry shouted.


I knocked on the door, and all five faces turned to me and my two suitcases. 'Guys give me a second with him' I told them, they all stood up muttering on the way out. I grabbed Harry's arm, 'I need to talk to you' I whispered, he nodded. I sat down beside Zayn.


There was a moment of silence before, I let a tear roll down my cheek. 'You have no idea how worthless you have made me feel' I spoke to him, 'That was never my intention you know I love you' he looked down at his hands,'I might seem strong, but I break' I sighed, 'Your not going to forgive me this time are you?' he asked me, still looking down. 'No Zayn, not this time' I shook my head and stood. 'I just came to let you know I was leaving' I sniffled, 'Where will you go?' he looked up to me, his eyes still dark , but broken too. He couldn't be broken it was all just a game, he lied he is a good actor. 'I will figure it out' I spoke, he stood up. 'I am sorry' he whispered. Sorry won't change what he did, What he's been doing all a long, Pretending. Pretending he loves me.


'Your the first person that broke my heart, and for the rest of my life your always going to be the person that hurt me the most' I told him, 'Don't forget that' I spoke. 'Well if your going, have this' he spoke, in his hand he held the engagement ring on the chain, my frail little finger picked it up. 'I don't know if I want it' I confessed, 'Just have it, please' he begged, I shook my head and put it on him, 'Good bye Zayn' I spoke, 'Good bye Brook' He sighed, and I turned leaving the room.


The boys were all stood outside. 'Well... this is going to be goodbye for a while, I am sorry.. I can't stay' I told them, They all surrounded me in a group hug. 'God, its going to be quiet with out you here' Louis hugged me, and kissed my cheek. 'Call us, everyday!' Niall exclaimed, I smiled and hugged him back. I looked at Liam's sad brown eyes, I cried a little and hugged him. 'I am sorry it had to be like this' he spoke, 'Its okay... call me yeah, we can meet up sometime' he smiled, I nodded and kissed his cheek. 'Is there still a chance?' he whispered, 'You'll always have a chance Liam' I spoke, he sighed and kissed my cheek.


'Guys I need to talk to Harry before I go, so could you give us a minute?' I asked, they all nodded and dispersed. I stood with Harry, 'Everything okay?' he asked, I tilted my head, 'Yes, perfect' I sarcastically spoke, he laughed. We sat on the bottom of the stairs. I took Harry's hands, 'You made me promise earlier today... you said if it all go to much you'd whisk me away...' I spoke, he nodded 'I still mean it' he smiled. 'Harry, one of those suitcases is yours, I want you stay with me... I get if you don't want to but... I need you' I whispered, he hugged me. 'Why me?... not one of the others?' he asked, 'Because I know you'll wait... until I am ready' I spoke.


'Liam would rush me to get over Zayn so he could be with me, Niall wouldn't he wouldn't talk about it, but I need to talk about it, and Louis … well... its Louis... I love him but, I could never be anything with him... but Harry you have always been on my side, you have always fought in my corner, and you'll go at my pace, you'll wait until I am ready to move on... and that's what I need' I confessed, 'You mean it?' he asked, I cracked a small smile. 'I know you love Zayn, but... I want to make you okay, and I will wait however long it takes for you to love me' he spoke, 'I already love you Harry' I smiled, 'I want you to be in love with me' he smiled, I nodded 'Can we go? I can't say good bye... not again' I begged.


We grabbed the bags, and walked out to Harry's car. 'I've got the keys' I smiled, 'I've got my wallet' he smirked. I sat in the passenger seat, I smiled at Harry. The engine roared to life, and I looked back to the house, the front door opened and the three boys stood there and began to walk to the car. I looked over the house, and saw Zayn staring out of the window, and he looked broken, I sighed but threw him a wave. He closed the curtain, thanks for caring. The boys began to shout for us, 'You ready?' Harry asked me, 'Drive Harry, I'm fed up of caring, me and you can do this but on our own' I spoke grabbing his hand, and he drove. In to the dark before the boys could reach the car, 'We are actually doing this' I spoke, he nodded 'Yeah... I guess we are' he smiled.




'I am just going to shower' Harry spoke walking out of the bedroom. We checked into a hotel about an hour away from the house. I sighed and pulled out some pyjamas. I sighed, realising that in the hurry one of Zayn's shirts was in my bag. I picked it up, and sighed sitting on the bed, if I cried now Harry wouldn't hear. I put the shirt over my head, and lay down. Though I felt, used, broken, and every feeling under the sun, I was too tired to cry, or so I thought. The smell of Zayn's shirt made me swoon, it took me back to the old days. I buried my self in his shirt, wrapping it around myself, not realising I was crying. I got under the covers, and my eyes felt heavy. I wish he meant it when he kissed me because then I could look back and see someone who loved me, but now I can only look back and see someone who used me.


I fell asleep in the arms of Zayn's shirt, it wasn't ideal to be here like this, but its what I needed, too sleep, thinking he was near me and I would wake up in the morning and he would be here. When I knew I would never wake up to him again.


Zayn's Pov


I miss her already.


I got a little emotnial writing this. ZOOK!! WHAT HAPPENED !!


I saw a lot of people liking BORRY So I though so drama could be added. Lets be fair its always going to be between Harry and Zayn isn't it?

For Brook anyway.



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