Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


5. Screaming Danger.

Brook's Pov


I groaned and rolled over burring my face into the back of the couch. 'Morning' I heard, I looked up to see Zayn. I blinked at the light, and frowned at the pounding in my head. I sat up and stretched, 'How you feeling?' Zayn asked me, 'Sick' I groaned again, and clasped my face. 'You did drink a lot' Zayn mumbled, then I remembered I am meant to be mad at him. I kept my distance from Zayn, 'What's the matter?' Zayn asked, I shook my head.


'Your still angry' he sighed, 'With good reason' I replied. He went to stand next to me, but I retreat. 'I am going to go and shower' I sighed, trying to move past him. 'Your not leaving this time, talk' he spoke to me, I groaned in annoyance. 'What do you want me to say?' I asked him, 'Tell me how you feel now your sober?' he begged me, sitting down and sat beside him.


'I said I feel sick' I replied, 'Brook, stop being stubborn for two minutes' he snapped at me. A dark cast loomed, 'Do you know how horrible I felt last night?... seeing you with that Caleb?' he snapped again. 'You know he means nothing to me' I replied, 'You could of fooled me last night' he sighed slowly. I guess I am in the wrong here. He didn't do anything, he only flirted with her a little bit, and only because I was being jealous. I was defeated. I took his hands in mine.


'Look, Maybe I-...' I was cut of by the living room door being opened, and there in the door opened and she was there. Standing in a towel with wet hair, 'Hey-.. Sorry to interrupt, just telling you the shower was free' she smiled, 'Lovely to see you sober' Perrie tried to joke and walked off. I dropped Zayn's hands. I still wasn't over it.


'Brook don't-..' Zayn began but I cut him, 'I am going for a shower' I snap at him. 'Look. You seem to have forgotten one big thing' Zayn growled, and pushed me up against the wall. My heart raced, and a black look in his eyes scared me. 'Your mine. No one else’s, I swear to god you go anywhere near Caleb again and he will be dead... you need to see no one is going to come in between you and me, not even Perrie, no matter how good she looks in a towel' he smirked the last line, knowing it would anger me.


'Your not choosing who my friends are' I snap at him, 'Oh doll, I am' he whispered against my skin, 'Things haven't changed Doll, you still do as I say' he snapped, 'since when did I do that' I fight back, 'Your not getting it are you?' he whispered, 'You do as your told, next time I tell you to come home with me you come home' he growled, 'What happened to you when I left Zayn' I whispered, 'I had nothing left to fight for' he whispered, 'You do now! Fight for me, don't force me, don't tell me what to do' I begin to yell.


'No Brook! I am not loosing you, so your going to do as your told... you don't leave this house unless one of the boys is with you, or me got it? … you don't go drinking with strangers, and you give Perrie a chance' Zayn growled at me, 'You ever so protective of her, Perrie can do no wrong can she?!' I shout back, but he pushes me back that little bit harder so I submit. 'You need to stop being so jealous' Zayn spoke back, 'No. I don't, Your my boyfriend, I should be should I?... Unless how would you feel if I went up stairs now, and started being all giggly with Harry?' I asked him harshly.


'Stop it!' he growled, his fist was clenched. 'What you don't like the idea of me and Harry?' I snap back at him, 'Seriously Brook shut the fuck up!' he shouted at me, and I was scared, but he wouldn't know. 'You wanted me to talk so here I am … talking!' I yell at him, he raised his hand and I flinched momentarily, but he only wipes it through his hair. 'What did you think I was going to do?..' Zayn's eyes then flashed with worry.


'Nothing' I whispered, and looked down. 'You though I was going to hit you' he shook his head in disbelief, 'Wu-Well, you were getting angry so I-I just thought-..' he stopped me, 'You should know that I would never lay a finger on you' he whispered to me, 'I am sorry' I whispered not wanting to argue any more, he sighed and nodded. 'I am sorry too, but my rules are still in play... me and the boys come out with you at all times' he told me, I nodded slowly.


'You know I wouldn't hurt you right?' he asked me, I nodded slowly 'I know' I whispered. 'You know what I do is too look after you?' he asked me again, I nodded 'I know' I croaked, 'You understand that all I am doing is keeping you safe?' he finally asked, I nodded again and spoke 'I know' slowly. 'You do know that I am madly in love with you?' He smiled, and took my face if his hands, I smiled and nodded 'And I love you too' I whispered to him, and his warm cherry flavoured lips touched against mine, and for a moment everything was perfect.


'Go and get your shower' Zayn smiled, I nodded and walked out of the room leaving him stood there. I hoped into the shower hoping it would rinse of the nights events. I got out and dried, and dressed. I sat in Mine and Zayn's room, staring at my phone. Should even check to see if Caleb has left me a message? No. No I shouldn't.


'Brook?' I heard, followed my two light footsteps at my door. 'Oh. Hi' I spoke to Perrie. 'Can we talk?' she spoke, I nodded slowly. Make an effort the voice in my head told me. She sat at the edge of the bed. 'I am sorry, if I have done something' she spoke, I shrugged 'Its fine, what's done is done' I sighed, 'I don't want to cause an argument between you and Zayn' she spoke, 'We have sorted it' I tell her, 'I know, I just didn't mean to' she whispered, I nodded. I needed to make a better effort.


'I never said thanks, you know? For helping us with this' I tell her, 'Its fine, I don't mind... are we okay? … I don't want to start of on a bad foot, I mean... if we are going to be together for a while, we should at least get on' she smiled, I nodded, she wasn't so bad when she wasn't flirting with my Zayn. 'You know, I might of got you all wrong' I smiled at her, genuinely. 'I am sorry, I am not a threat to you... I know you love Zayn and believe me he loves you, I have never seen a boy love a girl that much' she told me, it was a nice thing to hear.


'Well, I will leave you too what you were doing' she smiled, 'Thanks Perrie, Really' I smiled at her, 'Its okay' she giggled and walked out. I was left with the phone. I ignored it, and walked down stairs. But I did put it in my pocket, I wasn't going to risk Zayn seeing. Not that I had anything to hide.


'So Leo, you know what your doing?' I heard, I remembered a little of what he had to do. He was going to go and sneak around with Riley for the boys getting some inside information. I walked into the room, 'Hey doll' I heard Zayn speak but he was stood up, I went and sat beside Harry who smiled at me warmly. Niall, Louis and Liam sat on one couch, while Perrie sat on a chair. 'You okay?' he asked, I nodded and beamed back up at him. 'So, I go now?' Leo asked, he looked at me briefly. 'Your not going to mess this up are you?' He frowned at me, I went to open my mouth, but Zayn gave me warning eyes, I just shook my head.


'Good, so I will see you boys soon' he smiled, and then left. He was rude. I looked at the time, 1:30pm. Then I realize it was my phone that I checked, three new messages shown up on my I phone screen, each from Caleb. I gulped, and slid my phone back into my pocket. 'You okay?' I heard Harry speak, I nodded casually. Zayn looked at me from across the room and smiled slightly.


'Liam, can I have a word with you?' I asked him, he nodded slowly knowing what I wanted to talk about. 'Brook?' Zayn spoke, 'It's okay, nothing is wrong' I told him, with a small smile. He was uneasy but, I needed to speak to Liam. I needed some confirmation. I needed to know his plan.


Zayn's Pov


I looked at Harry, 'I don't know mate don't ask me' he shrugged, I sat beside him. 'Don't you think Liam and Brook and getting... Close?' I asked the boys, Louis smirked 'Awhhh Zayn are you jealous?' he mocked, I frowned 'Oh very funny' I sarcastically spat, 'Well what do you expect?... Three months, Liam was her only friend... they are bound to still be close' Niall spoke up, I rolled my eyes. 'But come three months... all alone... who knows what the did' Louis snickered, 'Your seriously asking for a punch aren't you?' I snapped at him again, 'I am just saying... a girl a has needs' Louis spoke.


'You don't think they did anything do you?' I frowned, looking at Harry who I hoped would give me some sympathy. 'No. Of course not, she wouldn't do that to you' Harry smiled patting my back, easing me slightly. 'You know she loves you just relax' I heard Perrie's voice snap harshly, uncalled for. 'Jealously looks good on you' Louis winked at her, 'Your seriously pushing your luck now mate' Niall warned him, he shrugged.


'What's taking them so long?' I stood up, 'Leave them too it Zayn' Harry told me, I ignored him and opened the living room door. No one was in the hallway, 'Where are they?' I frowned, I ran to the kitchen, no. 'Zayn what's wrong?' I heard a voice call, but I couldn't distinguish who it was. I ran up the stairs, they were in none of the rooms. 'FUCK!' I yelled, and went down the stairs. The boys and Perrie stood there in shock. 'What is it?' Harry asked, 'They've only gone and fucking left' I snapped harshly.


'They won't of gone far' Niall reassured me, it didn't work. 'Is that really the point Niall?!' I growled lowly at him, Louis stepped in front of Niall protectively. 'Don't go mad at him' Louis warned, 'Fuck off, you've been nothing but shit today... so shut your mouth' I growled at him. 'Zayn you need to calm down' Harry told me, stepping forward. I backed away. 'Liam took his car keys' Perrie spoke, the boys groaned knowing she'd made things worse. I looked at Niall, 'Won't of gone far eh?' I snap at Niall.


'Give me my keys Perrie' I told her, she handed them to me. The boys now blocked the door, 'What makes you think your going to find her Zayn?' Harry asked me, 'You'll never understand why I do these stupid things for her Harry. Because you don't know what its like to be loved by her, and you know what you never will... so get out of my way' I growled at him. He moved, and walked away. 'Just remember if you fuck shit up this time, I won't tell her, you should be with him' he whispered and walked away. 'Move' I snap at them, Perrie looked me in the eyes 'Try not kill Liam, she spoke with a playful smirk, 'No promises' I snap back.


My heart was screaming danger.


But that is why I needed to go.


Brook's Pov


I sat in Liams car. 'Zayn is going to kill us' I snapped at him, but smiled lightly. 'I know, but its fine' he shrugged. 'You know Liam, I didn't think I would ever like you after your plan to sleep with me' I told him, 'Who says that plan is over?' he spoke, half serious, half playful. 'So, this plan of yours?' I asked him, 'Right. There's this old coffee hut up town, we are meeting my parents there' he spoke, 'Wait what?' I asked him, 'I don't have the best relationship with them' he mumbled, 'then why are we-..' he stopped me.


'Your going to be playing the role of my girlfriend, they are loaded, we are going to tell them, we are looking for a place, I need to borrow some money of my dad... then we can pay someone to do the whole drugs thing for us' he told me, 'I don't want to scam your parents' I whispered, he smirked 'You won't like them anyway' he told me.


'Why? What did they do to you?' I asked him, 'what makes you think they did something?' he looked at me, 'I don't know, there's just usually a reason' I tell him. 'Let's save that for another time' he told me, 'Oh Okay' I tell him. 'So, you'll do it?' he asked me, 'Zayn will be so angry' I sighed, 'Where's the new Brook, the one who didn't take any shit?' he smirked, I laughed 'Mr. Payne, you have your self a deal' I laughed.


We walked into the small coffee hut. 'They will be here soon, take a seat I will get us drinks' Liam told me, I nodded and sat down. I looked around the room briefly. My eyes meeting someone. He looked familiar. I didn't like the way his eyes danced around, 'Could you please not stare?' I thought to myself. As he moved his hand to brush some hair from his face, it was then that I remembered a devilish grin. 'Dominic?' I whispered, soon he was joined by a friend. The same

person who was in my kitchen breaking in days earlier. Riley.


My heart was screaming danger.



OH MY GOD!1 DOMINIC IS ON THE SCENE. Riley is there too?!!?!?!!




What will Liam do?

Will Zayn find them?

Will they get the money?

What is Riley up to?

What is Dominic up to?

Do we like Perrie?

What about Harry?!


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#GoodPerrie #BadPerrie



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