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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


19. Perfect Sense.

The next couple of chapters are all going to be dramatic, and difficult to keep up with.

However, it will all make sense. I put dates if that helps. :) Please enjoy, and comment what you think will happen!


Brook's Pov


Two Day's Later. - October 7th


'Do it!' I shouted to Louis as the dark air of 1am hit my face, 'You don't understand' he told me, 'Do it Louis, push me' I dared him. Disgusted by him. 'Brook, stop it!' he called me out, 'when were you going to tell me?' I shouted at him, the cliff top nearing closer to me, as I walked back from Louis. 'I wasn't' he sighed, 'I trusted you' I called at him, 'You still can' he whispered, 'No I can't' I shouted back to him. 'Don't go any further back' he warned, 'Why because you were told to push me?' I asked him, he shook his head softly, 'I don't want to have to do this' he spoke, I shook my head 'Do it or I will jump' I spoke. 'You wouldn’t do that' he told me, 'really? Dare me' I let a sick smirk flash before the boy.


October 5th

The doctors left the room, I sighed. He was okay. I shook my dried my eyes and walked back over to Zayn's bed side holding his hand. I cried into the white bed sheets, but Zayn still didn't wake up. 'Don't scare me like that' I sobbed. I held his hand tightly, 'Come on love lets get you home' Louis sighed, encouraging me to leave. I shook my head, and shook his arm off me. 'I am going to stay here for the night' I told Louis, 'Are you sure?' he asked me, I nodded. I looked at Zayn before hugging Louis, 'Thank you for helping me tonight' I smiled lightly, he nodded 'You know I care' he smiled and softly kissed my forehead.


October 6th

I was asleep next to Zayn's bad, it was 8am. I shook my self awake when the doctor walked in to check on Zayn, 'How is he?' I yawned, still holding his hand. 'He is stable, no change' the doctor spoke, I nodded and he left. I want a new doctor for Zayn. 'Morning' I heard, I snapped my head back to see Niall with Harry. Harry hung back, and he looked so pale, it didn't suit him being this way. I sighed and stood up, Niall walked round one side of the bed. I walked over to Harry, I took his hand and led him to the chair that I was asleep in minutes ago.


Harry looked at me and then sat down, was he scared? I let go of Harry's hand, 'Take his hand' I told Harry, he took a deep breath and put his hand on Zayn's, he breath was shaky, I sighed and looked at him softly. 'Your not going to break him' I remind him, 'I know' he let out a breath. The door opened again, and a fake nailed girl called Perrie walked right in. I stood up protectively. 'What is she doing here?' I growled, and Louis appeared behind her. 'I warned her not to' Louis spoke, I walked towards her and she looked right to Zayn.


'Why was I not called?' she spat at me, I rolled my eyes 'You don't need to be here' I spoke, 'I am his girlfriend' she snapped and pushed past me. I stopped, not saying anything. 'You want me to get rid of her?' Louis asked me, I shook my head 'Let her stay, she is his girlfriend' I sighed, realising the truth. I turned and saw she had moved Niall away, Harry still sat there staring at Zayn, I sighed and smiled lightly. I liked them not fighting. No words, just getting along. I sighed and looked to Louis, 'Have you heard anything from Liam?' I asked him, he sighed and shook his head softly. 'Sorry' he whispered, and put an arm around me.


'I need to go home and get a few things, sort myself out' I told everyone, 'Want a ride?' Niall asked, 'I will give her one' Louis spoke, I shook my head. 'I should probably walk, clear my head' I sighed, but kissed his cheek. 'I will too I need to shower' Harry stood up, leaving Zayn's hand cold. 'Come on then' I sighed, 'Call me if there are any changes' I spoke to them all, 'No' I heard Perrie mumble, but Louis and Niall nodded slowly. I admired Louis and Niall's relationship, I knew he cared about Niall like a brother and the protection he showed for him was like no other.


I walked out of the room with Harry not even looking back, because I hated the look of Perrie touching him in anyway. 'That wasn't too bad was it?' I asked Harry, 'Better than expected' he took a breath, I smiled. 'He will forgive you' I told him, he nodded, and sighed 'I don't think I can forgive myself... I did that to him' Harry shuddered. 'Don't think about that' I spoke, he sighed and took in the cold air. 'What if Zayn wakes up?' he asked me, 'I don't know' I told him honestly, I didn't know what could happen in the next to days, I had no idea how far forward I could plan.


'We won't run away together then will we?' I asked him,, he shook his head 'Probably not' I didn't see the point in building his hopes up either. 'So in the space of a day, I have lost Zayn, Liam... am I going to loose you too?' I asked him, he shook his head, and reached for my hand. I smiled lightly wrapping my fingers with his, 'Can we not just keep things like this, simple?' he asked me, 'Do know me? I don't do simple' I laughed at the truth, 'You never did' he smirked, and wrapped to arms around me, this is the Harry I like. 'This is nice' I told him, he nodded 'Should we get going?' he asked me, I nodded, 'Don't let go' I whispered, squeezing his hand, 'Never' he told me.


We walked slowly, daydreaming the walk away. I got to the house, and he opened the door. 'We only got out of here two days ago, I thought I would at least last a week' I spoke, he laughed. 'I'm going to shower, you can then if you want?' he asked me, I don't know why I said what I did next, maybe it was because I was so deprived of sleep, maybe it was because I was extra hormonal, I don't know, but the words left my mouth. 'We can share?' I offered, he raised his eyebrows. 'Normally I wouldn't say no bu-..' I cut him off walking up to him, 'Then don't say no' I whispered.


'Why?' he asked, 'I need it, I need to feel something, something other than Zayn.. can you help?' I begged him, holding onto the edge of his shirt, clinging to him. 'You want me to make your forget Zayn?' he asked me, 'No... I want you to make me feel loved' I begged him, he titled my chin up to him, he smiled lightly. 'Before, I say yes... This won't mean anything to you will it' he spoke, I looked up at him with glazed eyes, 'It will, but I am not saying we are in a relationship now... I am saying show me how you feel' I told him, and that was the truth. He wanted a chance this was the chance to show me.


'Brook, are you sure?' he checked, I smiled then nodded. We walked up stairs and went into the bathroom, Harry turned on the steaming water. 'Last chance to back out?' Harry told me, 'Do you not want to?' I asked, he smirked, 'I was hoping you would say something like that' he smirked, and his lips kissed my hungry for more. This felt like kissing Zayn. For the first time, kissing someone else, touching someone else, loving someone else didn't feel wrong. I had no guilt. That's because his girlfriend is by his bedside right now. I shook away the thought.


I kissed Harry back, he moved down my neck and I moaned his name. I ran my hand through his hair, making his groan. It was a wonderful sound. Though I was tired, and I was aching physically and mentally, I knew this is what I wanted. Did this even make sense, I was about to have sex with the boy that beat up my ex boyfriend and practically put him in coma, of course. It made perfect sense. I gasped as Harry hit my sweet spot, 'Shower' I gasped, and moaned pulling at my pants. Harry's large hands went over my hips and up my shirt unclasping my bra, and then lifting my shirt off. I touched his chest, and ripped his shirt from him.


He pulled down his jeans, and then we stepped into the shower. His lips not leaving mine for a moment. The water felt good, I don't know what was better the water or Harry. Harry won. His lips kissed my softly, taking in every inch that needed the attention. 'Fuck Brook' he groaned. I felt him against me, I reached down and took him into my hand and grabbed him. 'Don't do that again, or your not going to be getting anything' he gasped, I chuckled and let him kiss me roughly. The water ran over him, like it had hands of its own. 'Harry please' I begged him, 'Jump then darling' he told me.


I did just that, wrapping my legs around him. This reminded me of when I was in the hospital with Harry, and I was meant to tell him no, but he turned it into a yes, I smiled and felt my cheeks blush red. I smiled lightly and buried my face into his neck, in a caring way, but I kissed him softly too. He thrust into me, and gasped. As soon as we both adjusted it was euphoric. 'Brook, I am close' he told me, in a low raspy voice that really did help. 'Harry keep talking' I told him, he didn't speak for a moment, 'Does it turn you on?' he asked, 'Fuck Harry, please' I begged him.


It was too late, I hit my orgasm, seconds later so did Harry. We stood there for a few moments, and the water washed away the sin of it all. Still nothing, no guilt. I smiled and put my hand on the back of Harry's neck, playing with one of his wet strand of hair, I pulled him towards me kissing him softly. 'Did that show you?' he asked me, I smiled lightly. 'I don't know' I teased him, 'Do I have to show you again... and don't say no' he told me, 'I don't know' I repeated myself, he smiled at me. 'I like this Harry' I told him, 'Me too' he smiled.


'Enjoy the rest of your shower' he told me, 'I don't think I will enjoy it now' I pout as he leaves, he smiled on the way out. 'You shower whilst I get dressed, then you get dressed I will make us a drink and we will go back to the hospital' he told me, I nodded and smiled lightly at him, covering myself with the curtain. 'Don't let me go?' he spoke, asking me the same question I asked him before, I smiled and looked down then back to his bright eyes and his rosy cheek, 'Never' I smiled at him, he laughed and closed the door.


I finished my shower, then heard Harry talking to someone. Guessing he was on the phone, I walked down stairs in my towel, I got to the kitchen. 'Harry?' I asked, two heads shot to me. One being Louis, the other being Harry. I saw Harry biting his bottom lip to stop laughing. 'Sorry, am I interrupting something?' Louis asked us both, I shook my head. 'I was just getting a shower, and came to ask Harry if-... if he needed anything from upstairs' I lie, Louis was not believing a word, but he let it go.


'So what's up?' I asked Louis, he smiled lightly at me. 'You want to sit down?' he asked, 'No, you'll see up her towel' Harry spoke, like a protective boyfriend, Boyfriend? Harry. I liked that. He wasn't, I mean no... No. not even close but it sounded nice, it would make perfect sense. 'Louis' I got back to the subject, he looked between me and Harry. 'What is it?' I asked again, he sighed but kept a fragrant smile, 'Its Zayn... He's Awake' he spoke.




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