Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


57. Over-thinking.

Brook's Pov


I woke up naked next to Zayn, and I smiled as his body was underneath me and his chest was practically glowing, it never failed to amaze me how perfect he looked in the morning. How no matter what happened the night before, he looked like he walked out of a Hollywood movie the next morning. I showered him soft soft kisses on his chest, before moving on top of him, and kissing his neck. I knew he liked to be woke up like this, and it wasn't exactly bad on my part either. I smirked as he stirred, moving his arms up and around me. “One more day” I whispered to him softly, and nibbled on his ear lobe, and a light smirk appears on his lips and it is a wonderful sight that gives me butterflies.


“Hmm” he spoke, and rose his hands up my hips and then down my thighs beneath the thin white sheets. Zayn opened his wonderful eyes, and he smiled at me and leaned up to kiss me. His touch was soft on my body, and I still trembled every second his fingertips were on my skin. He knew how I liked things done, like I knew him. This was the best part though. The morning after the night before, waking up with him. Laying in his arms, and kissing him. Just being in bed with him, now. That was enough for me. “That was the last time we are going to have sex until we are married” I told him, and he hummed again. He wasn't one for conversation this morning.


I covered my body with one of the sheets, and lay down against Zayn. He ran his fingertips through my hair, and had one arm around me. I hold the hand that is around me. “We have company” I spoke hearing voices down stairs, “Hmm.. five more minutes” he spoke, rolling over so we were spooning and I laughed softly. “You can't hide forever” I spoke, “I said only five minutes, is it crime to want you too myself?” he whispered against my ear and kissed the back of my neck. “No...” I spoke, “You and Me are going to be high in demand today by a lot of different people... So let's just make the most of now” he whispered, the familiar chirp in his voice wasn't there. “Since when did you get so sentimental about being alone with me?” I asked turning to face him, but from his advantage in height I was seeing tattoos along his collar bones. “I always like being alone with you” he tries to smile at me.


I pull my self away from Zayn's arms and throw his t-shirt over my head and some underwear from the draws. “You coming?” I asked him, he shook his head. “I am going enjoy the quiet for a moment” he smirked at me, I nod and smiled at him. Opening the door, “Brook?” he asked, and I turned around and smiled, he looked up at me with eyes that hid one thousand words. “Never mind” he tried to smile, “Your acting odd lately” I squint my eyes at him, and he smiled “Wedding fever” I see him try to sigh but hid it with a smile, and I nod and walked out of the room.


I walked happily down the stairs, and I smirked as I saw the other four boys in the kitchen. I lean against the door frame, and I wonder how we got here. How we got this far. We got my me and Zayn on the verge of madness, Niall almost dying, Liam dealing drugs, Louis being a murderer, and Harry falling apart. How did we end this happy? Normal people would be in a counselling session, talking to someone about it, but somehow we were still okay. The boys all still had smile, and they all still laughed. There laughter had made many day's easier. Especially Niall's recently, he had helped with a lot. The wedding, and if I ever had doubts about where things were going he would be there, many times I had rang him up at 4am when Luke needed feeding, just to talk to him.


Flash Back.


“Hey Princess” I heard Niall tired voice, “Sorry, Did I wake you?” I asked him, “Nothing out of the ordinary, can't you sleep?” he asked me, and I hummed a no. “Your still fussing over this wedding aren't you?” he asked me, “Doesn't it all just seem to perfect?” I sighed and stood up looking out at the dark sky, “Can things be too perfect?” he sat up in his bed, I knew because of the rustling of his sheets that I had become accustom too. “Me and Zayn aren't perfect, you know that, I know that, the whole world knows that... things are going so well, and when they go well and get better... I don't know I feel like I am setting myself up for a bigger fall” I told him, and sat down at the table.


“Zayn wouldn't let you fall” he reassured me, “He has in the past” I spoke, and he hummed a yes. “I know, but he wouldn't not now he is marrying you” he told me, and I rolled my finger around the rim of my cup of tea as he spoke. “I am being ridiculous” I frowned, “No your not” he told me, “Your being a bride” he exaggerated, and I chuckled. “Your going to be nervous, your going to be scared, and your going to feel a lot of things for the next few weeks, but your going be happy at the end” he told me, “I am happy now” I say, “Then why are you calling me at 4am” he spoke, and I knew he was smirking.


“Okay, calm down don't get to big for those fucking boots” I told him, “I am not wearing boots, I am in bed” he told me, “Niall it sounds like your trying to have phone sex with me” I chuckled, and he laughed, “It's fine until your married “he joked, I smirked and laughed trying to be quiet so Zayn wouldn't wake up, “What are you wearing?” he put on a low voice, trying to make him self sound funny, “Oh you know that really hot USA onsies you gave me” I smirked, “I know the one” he laughed, “See you'll be fine” he smirked, “Thanks Niall” I told him, and smiled softly at him, “Okay, can I go to sleep now?” he asked me, “Yeah you can, night” I laughed and hung up the phone.


End of Flashback.


It made me kind of sad to see that the old part of my life was behind me. I know it was very shit, and I know people died, and that it was a mess. But I lived didn't I? I had to live each day like I was going to die the next, there was a lot tears, but there was laughter, and... happy days too. I mean, I am glad we are all okay now, and the dust has settled, but just for a minute. I like to think about it, the danger and the risks we all took, the little bit of adrenaline you got from the rush. The way we fought for not ourself but for each other. And how each day there was something knew, but not for one second did I stop loving Zayn. When I was with Harry, or Josh or anyone. I always loved Zayn.

“There is the woman of the hour” I heard Louis rush over to me and pull me into the group, “So your getting married tomorrow” he smirked, “What do you think this is, Mamma Mia?” I smirked at him, and he rolled his eyes. “Don't party too hard tonight guys, I know you all haven't been together in a while, but I need my groom in once piece for tomorrow” I smirked lightly at them, and they all nod. “We will be on our best behaviour” Liam put his hand on his heart, but that meant fuck all.


“You've still got like soap and shit in your hair” Harry smirked, and tugged a little bun I put my hair into. “Yeah... I didn't shower, I got a little distracted” I spoke, “I know, I heard” I smirked at me, and went to the fridge, making everyone laugh. “Okay shut up” I blushed, “You still get embarrassed about fucking Zayn?” Louis teased, “I am just not open with my sex life okay?” I laughed lightly at the boys, “Your open in every other sense of the word” Louis continued to tease, I widened my eyes as the boys around us laughed, I slapped Louis on the arm lightly.


“What are you going today then?” I asked, “Well I am going to go and get a suit with Niall” Liam spoke up, I widen my eyes at him. “You still haven't got one” I whispered, and covered my face. “Don't stress out the bride” Niall laughed, and put to hands onto my shoulders. “I will make sure he gets a nice one” he told me, “Your lucky I am wearing a suit at all.. Will jeans and T-Shirt not do?” Liam cocked his head, “Right, so that's Liam and Louis uninvited to my wedding, anyone else want to join them?” I smirked around the room, and they chuckled. “You love us, you wouldn't know what to do with out us” Niall nudged me.


“Where is Zayn?” Harry asked, “Upstairs, treasuring the silence” I spoke, “We will go and end that” Louis spoke, and Liam and Niall followed him up the stairs. “They are such children” I smirked and Harry smiled at me, “Big day tomorrow” he gave a nervous smile, “Yeah... Strange isn't it, how far everyone has come” I spoke to him, and he nodded. I heard a few bangs upstairs, “He's never been a morning person” me and Harry spoke simultaneously. I laughed and so did he, “This is nice isn't it?” I asked, “What is ?” he asked me, “Us being back together” I smiled, and then realise what I said, “Everyone being here I mean” and he chuckled at me and nods smirking.


“So what is your dress like?” Harry peered up at me, through his hair. “Man you need a hair cut” I spoke, and ran my fingertips through the part at the front over his bandanna. “I just let it go” he spoke, “It's nice in a weird way, it's... very hippie” I smirk, “Peace” he smirked and held to fingers up at me, “Wrong way” I told him, as he was swearing at me. “No I think I am pretty bang on” he told me, and I laughed at him. “Your dress?” he changed the subject back, “Oh, you'll just have to wait like everyone else” I smiled at him, and he rolled his eyes.


“I think Zayn will be awake now” Harry commented, “He will be down when he is ready” I spoke in no rush, enjoying the half awkward silence with Harry. “Do you have you suit?” I asked, and he hummed a yes, and I sigh in relief. At least someone has. “Your relatively clam considering your wedding is tomorrow” Harry observed, “I am freaking out inside, cool on the outside” I told him, and flashed as smile and he laughed. “Your aloud to be nervous” he touched my shoulder, and I turned around to him, “Should I be?” I asked him, he was the wrong person to ask really, given his opinion was very one sided.


“It's a big commitment, your aloud to be scared about it” he smiled, “I feel like I should try and say some more words, are they helping at all?” he asked me, he was a little more nervous than I was. Who's wedding was this. I laughed lightly, “It's helping, Your helping” I told him, and smiled. “Just remember to breath, take a deep breath and breath” he told me, and I smiled doing what he said. I closed my eyes, then his hand was under my chin so our eyes met. “Hang in there beautiful, you'll make it through” he smiled at me, and kissed my forehead, and for a moment, I was in sweet bliss,everything was in a natural harmony.


There was so much tension between me and Harry. It wasn't like we hated each other, for what I did. We were probably the furthest thing from hate. But I saw the way he looked at me, and the way his smile was a little brighter when he was looking into my eyes. I was so scared that I was looking that way back, that in some mad twist of events, he was going to make me question everything. Not Zayn, or me, him. He was the one that was going to make me think twice about saying “I do”. When we walked down the aisle together and he handed me over to Zayn, I would look back into his eyes for not even a full second, but somehow... I would freeze.


“Brook?” Harry asked waving a had in front of my face, “You alright love?” he asked, I smiled and nodded at him. “Fine” I told him. I shouldn't be fine! I should be amazing, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life, so why am I only fine? I should me smiling at being happy, and telling everyone that I can't wait, but I hadn't uttered those words. I was excited to spend everyday for the rest of my life, waking up with Zayn, and maybe even starting a family with him. What if that bad thing came tomorrow though, we had all this good, all this bliss and then tomorrow it all just snapped around me, “I know what you thinking” Harry spoke, “What? What I am thinking?” I asked him, “that your going to mess something up tomorrow, or something is going to go round, or some shit like that” he shrugged.


“Am I that easy to read?” I smirked and brushed my hair behind my ear, “No, I just know you, and you worry” he cocked his head smiling. “Your wedding is going to be amazing, it is going to everything you could ever dream of, your going to look beautiful, and your going to have the best day of your life, from the moment you say “I do” Your life will change” he smiled at me, “That's what I am afraid off” I whispered, “What?” he asked me, “I am afraid if everything keeps on changing then... things will be left in the past” I spoke, and Harry smiled putting a hand on my cheek. “That's where something need to be, in the past” he told me.


“Your so lovely after I was such a bitch to you” I sighed for him, he shrugged. “No, you weren't a bitch, I wanted too much from you... you spread yourself to thin” he spoke, “It's it bad that I wouldn't change anything though?” I asked him, “We do things in life Brook, and they make us into the people we are now, and I don't know about you but I think your pretty fucking great, so if I had even an ounce of something to do with who you are now, the strong, beautiful girl in front of me, then I wouldn't change a single thing we did either” he smiled at me, and I hugged him tightly. “Promise me I am never going to loose you” I beg, clinging onto him, and he sighed and wraps his arms around me, “I promise” he whispered.


Heavy footsteps tore us apart, and made us wipe our tear filled eyes. Zayn walked in with the boys behind him, “That wasn't fucking funny” Zayn tried not laugh, whilst the rest of the boys were doubled over in laughter. “What even happened?” Harry asked, “They are dicks, that is what happened” I heard Zayn chuckle. I didn't really listen to the conversation then, I just watched. Seeing the five boys bicker and laugh each other was enough for me, I looked to Zayn who smiled at me every so often, and it was odd. I thought he would be so against this, everyone in the same room, but he seemed to be the one enjoying it the most.


“Right Aria is still going to be here at seven, me and Niall are going to go and get my fucking suit” Liam finally stopped laughing just about, I smirked as he pulled his coat on. “Harry and Louis, your on Zayn watch make sure he is ready for the evening we have planned” he smirked and winked at me, “I swear to god if you loose him” I spoke, and Zayn looked to the floor. He had been really off, maybe it was second thoughts or may-... No. He loves me, I am over thinking. Zayn wouldn't ruin anything, I saw a pen in the back pocket of his jeans, and he picked it out and put the end in his mouth holding it between his teeth, and I looked far to much into it. It was only a pen. It's not like it was going to ruin the wedding or anything.


Flash Forward -

Zayn's Pov


“Are you okay?” she asked me with such a blissful innocence in her eyes, and I smiled at her and reach for her cheek and I nod slowly. Lying to the world. “You look amazing” I told her, and she blushed. “I … I just needed to see you” I tell her, “You've got cold feet haven't you?” she stepped back, “No.. Not at all” I try to reassure her. The pen that the fucking letter was written in is still all over my hands, no matter how hard I scrubbed in the shower in wouldn't come off. “Dirty hands been busy?” she asked brushing her soft fingertips over the pen marks.

“Remember, your my happy ending okay?” I asked her, the pain I held was to be subsided. She couldn't no, this moment was going to be the worst. This is where the lie began to get even bigger, and she was so unaware, she was so happy. Hours before this, I had toyed with idea of giving up and just going. Just doing something that he didn't want me to do, I felt like an explanation would hurt her more, which is why I wanted one more happy time with her. Just one.

“So we are getting married” she began to smile, like she was so in love with idea of it. “Yeah... No matter what … happens today, you need to know something” I took a deep breath in, and took her hands turning her to face me. “One line I say to you today won't be true, and I not going to tell you what line, when I am going to say it or how... but you need to figure it out” I told her, “Is this like a game?” she smirked at me and I smiled lightly at her, and kiss her softly, “On your marks” I spoke, then pressing my lips to her again, she pulled back “Get set” she smirked, “Go” I whispered and kissed once more.


One more chapter, then the wedding!! Omg I am excited guys, get your selfs ready with some tissues, I have wrote half of the wedding, its going to be a HUGE chapter. :D What do you think will happen?


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