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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


53. Not Another Goodbye.

Brook's Pov


-Two Months Later- December.


“Zayn!” I shout coming down the stairs, “In here” he called me and I smiled walking into the kitchen. “Have you thought about you suit yet?” he asked me, “Not really” he shrugged. “Zayn the wedding is in three weeks, I hate to rush you but please. Can you try?” I asked him, “Your going bridezilla again” he called to me, “Well no one else is going to plan the wedding” I spoke, I knew he would be smirking. “When are you picking up your dress?” he asked me, and I smiled and walked back into him, “Tomorrow” I told him.


“Your feet getting cold?” he asked me, I shook my head and walked next to him. “How are yours?” I smiled, “Toasty warm” he smiled and kissed me. “I need to go and see Steve today” I told him, and he nodded lightly. “Is his daughter okay now?” he asked me, “Still shaken up” I spoke. “I just want to make her feel more at home” he told me, “Right, well I am going to go and pick Luke up and take him to buy a one of those little suits you want him to wear” he rolled his eyes.


I start smiling involuntary. “What?” he asked me, “Since when did we become this perfect couple?” I asked him, he walked over to me and wrapped two arms around me. “We've always been perfect, we are just a bit of a rough diamond” he told me, and kissed my lips sweetly. In the past two months a lot of things had happened. Zayn's son Luke, he had been staying with us on weekends, and it was wonderful seeing Zayn playing with him, his son was so much like him even at such a young age. I had been helping Steve found his daughter, and last week we found her. It was probably worse than what could ever of happened to me.


--- Flash Back ----


“You need to get down there Brook, they will see me” Steve told me. “You need to get them away from the door” I tell him, “Zayn is around the back” I heard a voice, and it was one of Steve's guys, Riley. Riley had recently ditched Dominic, and made alliance's with Steve and Zayn, he had also recently become good friends with Zayn, for some unknown reason they now got on. Though I was still cautious around him, Zayn got on well with him and I wasn't going to stop us from having a normal relationship, and we had friends. It was well. It was better well, it was perfect. “You go straight, take the two... I will go to the door, after exactly three minutes, Brook you go to the door, and to the basement... Get Cassie” he told me.


Everyone moved. The four of us were going to take on a full group of guys, and I wasn't even fighting. Suddenly with my back to the wall, I heard many people shout and bangs and crashes. Sending familiar shivers down my spine. I sighed and counted to 180 in my head. Then I would go and save Cassie. I was light on my feet when I reached 180. I walked around, I caught sight of Zayn. Though I wanted to go in and try to help him, I knew I had to get Cassie. She was in danger she had been in danger for far too long.


I walked to the door. I fumbled with the door handle. So I stepped back and kicked it down, luckily it only made a small bang, nothing to distracting. I walked down the stairs, with the flash light bright. I found the light switch at the bottom. I turned it on to reveal the worst thing I had saw in my life, and I am sure the sight will haunt me until I die. “Cassie?” I whispered, and she looked up with such broken eyes, I wasn't sure if she had every been fixed. “W-Who are you?” she stuttered, “I am friend of your dads” I told her.


The girl was so pale, her skin hadn't touched the light. I saw that her feet were blue from standing on the cold cement floor. I looked to her hands, and they were red with blood, I turned to see the door hand nail marks in. She had scratched like a dog that had been chained. There was only a small mattress lying on the floor, with no covers over it, just one small blanket. She wore a dirty white ripped night gown, that could easily be ripped from her. Long brown hair was in tatters around what could have been such a pretty face. “Your with my dad?” she asked in such a quiet voice. The sight of the room and the look of her, was enough to drive any person mad, so I took her arm and pulled her out.


We waited in the car for thirty minutes. For thirty minutes, I offered little conversation and no words of comfort to the girl I had saved in the dead of night. I saw three figures coming our way, “Here is your dad” I told her, and for the first time she had a glimmer of hope in her eyes. I had given the poor girl my jacket too. So in the tatty dress, and expensive jacket, she stepped out of the car, her aching feet touching the soft grass. I got out too. She stood beside me. The Steve saw her. Six years struggled in the air, nothing was uttered form either trembling lips.


Instead, She ran. Cassie ran to the open arms of her father, and she held him like she was going to break. I felt Zayn come beside me, and he took his arm around me. But I was only seeing the reunion unfold before me. In Steve's arm's was his hold world, and his world was fragile. Everything he wanted, and needed stood before in a shivering silence. It was scary that she was taken, but he was scared to take her back. The last time he saw this girl she was ten, and she was happy. Now she was sixteen, and she had stories that would keep a grown man awake a night. She wasn't innocent, everything good about her was taken the minute, they lay there dirty hands around her throat and ripped at her dress.


Steve almost let her go, but he smiled. “You've grown” he stuttered. I smiled lightly, “You did good” Zayn mumbled into my ear and kissed me softly. “I hate to say I told you so” I smirked, “No you don't” he told me laughing. I held his hand, whilst Steve send me a happy smile. “Thank you” he mouthed, and I just nod his way.


End of Flashback.


Cassie had called me everyday. She hated being alone, that scared her. Knowing my voice was there made everything in her head better, it scared every voice away. “I like this new us” I told me, “So do I” he smiled at me, and I laughed lightly. Holding him, “Your sure you want to marry me?” he asked me, and I nod “Are you sure?” I asked again, and he smiled a sweet smile, “I have never been more sure of anything else in my life” he told me, and kissed me softly. “Right Luke” he pulled back, and grabbed his car keys. “Get his room ready, I think he is staying” he told me, and I smiled seeing him walk out.


I sat down at the table, and picked up pieces of paper that Zayn had been signing. Sorting out final wedding plans. Aria was my maid of honour, then Courtney finally got back in touch and said she would be a bridesmaid, and I didn't really like any other people. Zayn suggested Perrie, and I think we all know what he got that night. Nothing. In fact he suggested her a numerous amount of times, he got nothing each time. I had spoken to Liam once about getting his suit, and he said he had it covered. Louis had very rarely told us much about where he was, just calling from pay phones to tell us that he was okay. Niall had recovered and he was living not far away from us, he had been a big help lately, we became great friends again.


Harry? I haven't spoken to him. I haven't since he told me he needed space, and often when I was alone. I thought about how he was doing, where he was. I wondered if he moved on, if he got a girlfriend. Two months had passed with out hearing his voice, and I forgot how he sounded. I missed him, thought I never told Zayn. He knew, sometimes he would just leave me with my thoughts so we wouldn't argue about the past.


I got my things together, and went to see Cassie. Steve had done nothing but thank me. I got there quite quickly, I knocked on the door and I knew she would shudder. However she answered the door and offered a light smile. “How are you today?” I asked her walking inside, she smiled and nodded lightly that she was well. “Here” I spoke, and handed her an invitation to mine and Zayn's wedding, a smile came to the sad girl's face, and it was wonderful to see.


“You didn't have too invite me” she smiled, “I wanted to, your a lovely girl, I would love to have you there, so would Zayn” I told her, and she grinned. “Would you like a drink or anything?” she asked me, and I shook my head. “I can't stay long, Zayn is picking his little boy up, he is staying the night” I told her, she nodded slowly. “It must be nice having a family” she spoke, “I don't have a real one, believe me” I smile lightly, and she lost a smile. “What do you mean, what are they like?” she asked.


“My brother has tried to kill me a few times, made a bet on me with Zayn, My parents they faked there death for a year” I spoke to her, “I had no idea” she told me. “It's fine, I don't mind” I told her and I laughed lightly. “How are things with your dad?” I asked her, “They are okay, it's a little awkward, you know six years to catch up with, he still thinks I am ten” she cracked a smile. “Give him some time to adjust” I smile at her, “Could you take me shopping for you wedding?” she asked me, and I nod lightly.


“I hate to be rude, but... your a little young to get married aren't you?” she asked me, “I love him, and he loves me, I don't want to be with anyone else... I couldn't... its just right with him, no matter what I know he will always be there” I told her, “That's sweet” she smiled. “You seem to have settled in well” I tell her, and she nods lightly. “It's nice” she spoke, “Your so quiet” I smile lightly, “I haven't spoken in six years, it's going to take some getting use to” she told me, I nod lightly understanding her.


I stayed for another hour or so, and then left for home. When I got home, I heard the TV and clutter in the kitchen. I smirk as I walk past the living room and see toys are scattered everywhere already. I walk into the kitchen and Zayn is feeding Luke. I smiled and walked over to him, “Hey doll” he smiled, I kiss his cheek. “Things got messy quickly” I spoke to him, he laughed. “Yeah they did” he told me, and I rolled my eyes laughing.


“How is Cassie?” he asked me, “She is okay, she's still settling in” I told him, “I am not fucking surprised” Zayn spoke, I scowl at him. “Don't swear in front of him” I smack his arms, “He can't understand” he told me, and I rolled my eyes getting out on of his bottles from the side and passing it to Zayn. Luke picked bits of food from the tray in front of him, and he gave a toothless smile, kicking his feet. “Is he staying?” I asked him, and Zayn nodded lightly. “You okay with that?” he asked me, I nodded lightly.


“Thank you for being so understanding with him” Zayn stood up and kissed me softly, I smile “It's okay, I know you have to be there for him, and besides he's a lot cuter than his dad” I smiled and walked over to Luke, he smiled again and had crinkles by his eyes like Zayn did. “I take offence to that” he told me, and wrapped his arms around my waist, “Look at this” Zayn began whispering in my ear, “We look like a real little family” he told me, and I smiled lightly and turned to kiss him. “Perfectly imperfect” I smiled lightly at him, and he laughed.


“I am going to take him for a bath, and then we can all sit down and watch a film” he told me, “Yeah because he is going to watch a film” I laughed, “Well he can play and then he will fall asleep anyway” he told me, and I smile at him. “Come on man” Zayn clapped his hands to his little boy, who put his arms up to be grabbed. I laughed and smiled at the two most important people in my life. Though he wasn't mine, he was my responsibility when he was here. I would treat him like a son, even if he wasn't.


I stood gathering up the small little plates Luke had used, and wiped down his high chair. I smiled lightly as I put it away, our house was 60% memories, and 40% baby things. I put everything away and made some food for me and Zayn, I could hear Zayn laughing upstairs. I remember when Zayn first looked after him over night, he didn't know what to do. Everything was a problem, he thought every time he cried he was sick.


Flash back.


“He just wants holding Zayn” I smiled and picked him up, and cradled him. “Get a bottle, he's probably hungry” I told him. Zayn passed me one, and he stopped crying as soon as I sat down and fed him. “Remember Zayn your a stranger to him, he isn't use to us, it is going to take a while until he is okay with us” I smiled, “Well he doesn't cry for you” he frowned, “Because I am more like his mum that you, maternal instinct... baby's always need there mum's more at the start” I told him, he sighed sadly. “They need there daddy too” I smile, and nod for him to sit.


I passed him over. “Don't you leave me with him” he spoke, “Look he is feeding himself, you just have to hold him, that is all he wants” I told him, and kissed Zayn sweetly. “See” I smile as Luke finishes the bottle. I took the bottle back, and Luke lay happily his father's arms. Staring up at him with brown eyes, just like his dads. “He's going to break some hearts” I smile lightly, and Zayn smirked at me, “Thank you” he told me, and I smile at him and kiss him again.


End of Flashback.


I saw that I had a text and it took my away from the happy memory. The text was from and unknown number.


Unknown: It's Harry, I got your invitation, ring me on this number?


I stopped dead where I was. I hover over the call button. I pressed it and shook lightly, nervously. I put the phone to my ear. “Hey Brook” it was him. His voice was smooth like melted chocolate, “Hi” I whispered breathlessly, “Bad time?” he asked me, “No, it's fine” I spoke. “So I got the invitation” he told me, and I hummed lightly. “It's really happening then?” he asked, “It looks that way” I told him, “Have you argued since we all left?” he asked me, “No, not really” I told him, “Has he told you about Luke?” he asked me, and I hummed a yes. “That was what could of changed your mind” he whispered, he still wanted to break us up even now.


“Are … Are you still going to give me away?” I asked, “If that's what you want?” he asked me and I hummed another yes. “I miss you... I don't really know what else there is to say” he told me, and I sigh smiling, “I missed you too” I told him. “I wish that you were here, you would love it” he told me, and I smiled lightly. “Or maybe that I was there” he told me, “Anywhere we could be together” he sighed, and I took in a breath. We have always been more than friends, but we are less than lovers, it always been so difficult to say what our relationship was.


“Brook?” Zayn yelled, “Yeah?” I asked him, “Can you come here?” he asked, “Be right up” I tell him. “I need to go” I whispered to Harry, “Zayn?” he asked, and my silence was his answer. “I will be there for the wedding” he told me, and I smiled lightly. “Thank you Harry, we will talk soon?” I asked him, “Maybe, yeah” he told me, and I sighed lightly. “Okay, bye” I told him, and he sighed hanging up the phone, again not even a goodbye.



Sorry for the time jump, but some big stuff coming soon :D x

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