Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


25. My Sister.

Brook's Pov


My heart hurt, along with my head. I leant my head against the window, I wasn't crying any more but the tears still lived on my cheeks. I wiped my eyes on the cuff of my jumper, and looked over at Joe who had worried eyes set on me then the road. 'Hey.... are you okay?' he asked me quietly, I nodded. 'I didn't realise how bad things were over there' he asked me, 'Its never that bad' I sighed. It was silent. I couldn't get that word out of my head. 'Joe?' I asked, 'Yeah' he asked me, 'Before, you called me doll?' I spoke, 'Yeah, w... was that not okay?' he asked me. 'Zayn called me doll, for a long time...' I spoke, 'I won't say if you don't want me too' he spoke, 'Thank you' I laughed lightly, trying to ease the mood.


We arrived at Joe's house, and he helped me take my bags inside. 'I will let you settle yourself in, I will check on you in a little bit' he told me, I nodded. I began to unpack my things. My phone began to ring, it was Harry. I looked at the screen and hovered over the answer button, soon pressing it. 'Hey' I sighed, 'Brook, are you okay?' he asked me, 'I saw what happened before, but I didn't want to get involved.... I had to walk away, I couldn't bare to see you cry' he whispered, 'I am okay Harry, you don't need to apologize' I whispered back, laying down on the unfamiliar bed.


'Where are you now?' he asked me, 'At a friends house' I told him, 'Do you need anything from here, I could bring it to you' he spoke, 'No, Harry... look' I sighed, this was going to break his heart. 'I don't want you to call me for a while' I spoke to him, 'What?' he asked me, 'I don't want, any of you to … I need to get my head straight and you boys need to be safe' I told him, 'What about you, your not safe' he told me, 'I will be okay, I just to get my shit together' I told him, he laughed. 'Well you know I am here if you need me' he spoke, 'I know, I love you Harry' I spoke, 'I love you too, Brook' he sighed into the phone, and we hung up.


Zayn's Pov


'Your such a fucking idiot Zayn!' Liam yelled at me, I ignored him. 'Did you want her to hate you?!' Liam still carried on, 'Liam shut up, its nothing to do with you' I spoke lowly. 'Well it is, because she is important to us all not just you, its about time you fucking learnt that!' Liam shouted, turning around and punching the wall, I turned my head at the crunching sound. 'Liam calm down' Niall spoke, 'Fuck off' he shouted, 'I am going out, don't fucking call, text or try and find me. I don't know how long I will be gone' Liam snapped and walked out. 'That's Liam, Louis, Brook... any one else you want to push away?' Niall spoke, 'Louis wasn't my fault' I snapped 'Well, maybe if you had of acted more like a friend to him, he wouldn't of tried to kill your fucking girlfriend' Niall spoke.


I stomped away, walking up the stairs. Harry's door was open, and I sighed walking passed he probably hates me too. I heard him talking to someone, the phone was on loud speaker. Brook. I miss her so much, the taste of her lips, her lips wrapped around me. Fuck, I miss her. I miss her touching me, and me touching her. The last person to make her moan was Harry, Harry made her do something only I should be making her do. Fuck, I miss her. I heard there conversation. 'What about you, your not safe' Harry spoke, why wouldn't she be safe. I listened back in, 'I love you Harry' I heard, her voice. It sounded horrible having her say she loves someone else. 'I love you too, Brook' I pushed the door open. Harry was stood looking out the window.


He hung up the phone, 'She loved you' I spoke. Harry's head snapped around, 'Zayn, did you... heard all of that?' he asked me, I shook my head. 'Just the “I love you's” ' I sighed, and rolled my eyes then laughed. 'How long?' I asked him, 'What?' he asked me, 'How long have you been sleeping with her, since she came back... she hasn't been the same since then' I growled, 'Zayn, man she never cheated on you' he told me, 'I don't know that! Her and Liam, You and her, Her and Louis... anyone' I shouted, 'Zayn, she loves you' he told me, 'Well she evidently loves you too!' I shouted. 'Zayn, I am not going to argue with you when your like this' he spoke, 'FUCK OFF, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!' I shouted.


'Zayn, you have had too much to drink, you have been arguing with Brook, you kicked her out, your in no position to have an argument' Harry snapped. 'Well I don't give a shit' I snapped. 'Zayn just give it up' Harry spoke folding his clothes, then tying some fabric over his hair. 'That's hers' I seethed, 'Zayn' Harry warned me, 'get out, go and sort yourself out' he told me, pushing me out of his room. He can be like that then, he can ignore me, they can all push me out, they can if they want to, I don't need anyone.... but her. I just really fucking need her.


Brook's Pov


I unpacked all my clothes, and sighed. In the rush I didn't pick up and pyjamas. I walked around the house, 'Joe?' I call, 'In here' I heard, I followed the voice to a room. 'Everything okay?' he asked me, 'Do you er.. have anything I could wear to bed?' I asked him, he smiled and nodded. 'Will this be okay?' he asked me, I nodded as he passed me a white vest shirt, 'Thanks' I spoke, he nodded and I smiled and walked back out of the room.


I got changed, Joe's top was big on me, not as big as Zayn's but still big. It came to my thigh, and it hung low showing my bra at the sides. I heard a knock at the door, then Joe appeared. 'Hey' he smiled, 'Hi' I whispered. 'I am making hot chocolate, you want some?' he asked me, I nodded and smiled. I walked down the stairs with him, we got into the kitchen and he put down two cups. 'Your quiet, are you alright?' he asked me, I nodded. 'Your safe here don't worry' he told me, I smiled. I sat up on the side next to where he was standing, 'I know, thank you' I smiled at him.


I watched him as he made the two drinks, I smiled down at him and laughed. 'What?' he looked up at me with blue eyes and smirked, 'Nothing' I laughed, 'Something made you laugh' he smirked again. 'Your hair it's messy' I spoke, 'come here' I told him. He took a step to the left and I put my hands on his hair, and fixed it. To the touch it was soft. I smiled and withdrew my fingers, 'Better?' he smiled, I bit my lip. 'Its better your way' I spoke and ran my fingers back through hair, and messed it back up, it went in all sorts of directions, but I laughed then, he laughed and his hands sat on my legs, his hands were large covering me.


'I am sorry' he whispered, I shook my head. 'It's fine' I told him, touching his hand saying he was okay to stay there. 'Joe!' I heard a loud voice, enter the kitchen. 'Oh-... Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt' I jumped straight down, and blushed turning around. 'Hey dad' Joe smirked scratching the back of his neck, 'Who's your friend?' his dad smirked, 'This is Brook' he told him, 'Hey, nice to meet you' I smiled. 'You to love' he smiled. 'So are you two...' he trailed off, 'Just friend's dad' he smiled. Soon his mum walked in, 'Oh...' she smiled at me, 'Is there something we are missing?' she asked us, I smiled. 'Nope, nothing at all' he spoke.


'We should probably get to bed, long day an all' Joe spoke, 'Yeah, be safe' his mum whispered as Joe walked passed, 'Mum!' he complained, 'What?!' she asked defensively, 'Your sister is coming down tomorrow' his dad spoke, 'Okay' he smiled. 'It was nice to meet you' I smiled at them, 'You too' they called. We walked up the stairs. 'They are so embarrassing' he spoke, 'It's kind of funny' I spoke, 'We better be safe' I smirked. I laughed and we walked to his room. It was 12:09am. 'You ready to sleep?' he asked me, 'I will go if you are' I stood up, 'No, I was just asking, we can watch a film or something?' he asked me, I nodded and smiled at him.


Zayn's Pov


'So, you want to go to somewhere a little more private?' the woman asked me and she touched my thigh, I drunk the beer from the bottle in front of me. The bar was dark, and I rolled my eyes moving the girl from me. 'You can leave now' I spoke, and wiped my lips. I walked out of the bar, leaving the used piece of white trash behind. I knew what I wanted because I had used it before, when Lola had left, when I had left her, when I was alone. Now I was really thinking of going there again. I walked down to the pharmacy, and walked straight in. I picked up a bottle of what I needed, and I paid for it.


I went down the grave stone, of where Brook was burred. That's the Brook I remembered. I sat and popped open the bottle of pills, and took my first one. The first three went down easily then the sinking feeling started. I felt happy, happier that the thoughts of everything left my head. I dialled Brook's number. 'Hey, I know you don't want to hear from me, but I’m at your grave... and I am little bit drunk... I am-..' I pressed end call. The neck three pills slipped down my neck so happily.


Brook's Pov


I woke up the next morning my head lay on his chest. 'Morning' he spoke, I smiled sitting up in the bed. 'You sleep okay?' he asked me, I nodded. I lied. I didn't. I had dreams of Zayn, and Harry, and Louis and Liam, and Niall, and I woke up so many times. 'Come on, let's go down stairs, think my sister just got here' he told me, 'Okay' I smiled. I jumped out of the bed, and followed him down stairs. We got to the kitchen, and I heard his mum and dad. 'Morning, you two' his mum smiled, I smiled back. 'Where is she?' Joe asked walking past me. 'She is just outside bring the car around the front' his mum said.


'Would you like a drink brook?' his mum smiled, I nodded and thanked her as she handed it to me. 'So how did you two meet?' she asked me, 'Mum' Joe warned, 'I was just asking' she defended. 'Are you just friends?' his dad asked, 'Yes, I have just got out of a long relationship, Joe is being a really good friend' I smiled at him, 'see' he spoke. 'I'M BACK!' we heard a voice. 'Here she is' Joe smiled, and nudged me. It was cute he was excited to see his sister.


The girl walked in, and I swear down my heart just dropped. I dropped my cup onto the floor, and everyone looked. 'I-I am so sorry' I stuttered, and bent down to pick up the shattered glass. Joe bent down, 'What happened?' he asked me, wiping up the liquid. 'I just lost my grip' I spoke, I needed to get out of here. 'Brook?' I heard her voice, I looked up and her smug smile was still placed there, maybe Louis did deserve her. How was she even related to Joe, why were they so different? 'Long time no see' she spoke, I stood up. 'Mia' I whispered, 'Miss me?' she asked, 'How's Zayn, and my boo bear?' she smirked, 'Louis.... Louis gone' I snapped, and walked passed her, 'BROOK!' I heard Joe call after me, 'How do you know her?' he asked me, 'She wanted me dead' I turned around, and ran up the stairs. I was going.



Did we like the plot twist? MIA IS JOES SISTER! and poor Zayn... awhhh he's so sad. but clearly happy.



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