Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


60. I'm Fine.

Harry's Pov


Niall walked in to the living room. Was it morning already, I lost track of time about three am when I was waiting for Brook. “Man you look rough” Niall commented, my eyes were red and my face was pale, I hadn't slept. “She will be home when she is ready, why don't you go and take a shower?” Niall suggested, I shook my head and stood up walking to the kitchen with him as he poured two cups of coffee. “I want to be here when she gets back, make sure she is in one piece” I told him, and my voice was low and hoarse. “She will be a mess, and you know she will, and that's something you don't like to see” he told me, and I nod. “I'm still not going anywhere” I spoke, and took the coffee, leaning against the side.


“Any word from Zayn?” I heard, as Liam walked into the room. I shook my head, “Nothing, I don't understand how he could do this again” I shook my head, “He's a low life, I don't know why we all thought he could change” Liam spoke, and he rolled his eyes. “It's Brook I feel sorry for” Niall spoke, “Well feel sorry for her” I told him, “To have him do that to her, after everything she stuck with him through... it's so harsh” he shook his head, “You seen her at all?” Liam asked, I shook my head. “I waited all night, not even a phone call” I sighed, “She is going to need some space right now” he told me, “She shouldn't be alone, what if she does something stupid” I frown, “You think she would do that?” Liam asked, “No” I sighed, and ran my fingers trough my hair.


“Where do you think she went?” Niall asked, “I don't know, maybe to a friends?” I suggested, “No, she wouldn't off, Aria was with Courtney last night, she wasn't there” Liam spoke, “Would she go to Steve?” Liam asked me, I shook my head “I called him already” I told him. “She needs space guys” Louis walked in, “We have established that already... but in case you have fucking forgotten, and lot of fucking people would still love to see her dead” I snapped, “Man, you need to relax” Niall told me, “I don't fucking need to do anything, she needs to be here and be safe, so we can make sure she is alright” I yelled, and threw my cup into the skin, and storming out of the room.


Brook's Pov


I woke up with blurred visions. Yesterday's images graced my broken mind. I sit up with a hand on my head that I have to hold so I am not dizzy. “Your up” I heard a low voice, I looked over to the window where the bright morning was shattering anything I could see, but Drake stood there with a cigarette between his lips, and he blew the spoke out into the air. “Merry Christmas” he told me, I sighed and looked down. It was Christmas wasn't it. The wedding was Christmas eve, so Christmas would be the first one as a couple, and we would have to wait a year. That was Zayn's idea. “Yeah, you too” I spoke, and stood up.


Only then noticing the decorations around the room, there wasn't many. I had been so wrapped up in everything, I had forgotten to buy anything. I sighed, “Thanks for having me last night, but I have to get going, I have something to do” I told him, and he nodded. “Anytime you need a shoulder, or just a whiskey come here” he spoke, “I won't be taking your hospitality any other time” I told him, and he smirked. “That's more like you” he told me, and I rolled my eyes and left. I wanted to forget yesterday, though I don't want to forget anything else.


I walked down the cold street, everywhere was shut on the high street. Except one old shop of nick nacks, so I walked inside. I smiled at the store owner, “Bitter out there inside it?” he asked me, “The world or the weather?” I chuckled softly, finding more comfort in strangers than anyone that knew me, because I wasn't be judged by him, but the people who knew me, knew I had made a dangerous mistake. “Both” he laughed, “You don't happen to have anything last minute do you?” I asked him, “What are you after?” he asked me.


“Matching things” I spoke, “I have just got a set of rings in, they have different words on if that's will do you? They are all the same style” he smiled, and I nodded and walked over to the counter as he lifted out a box. “They are £25 each or considering its Christmas, you can have five for £85” he told me, and I smiled, and read the words. I chose for, all rings were the same style, but different words had been engraved into them. I got each boy a ring, luckily they were of a similar fashion to the ones Harry regularly wore, “Could you put these three on chains?” I asked him, and he nodded “An extra £6” he told me, and I nodded “That's fine” I told him, he put each individual item in a box. “Not that one” I spoke, and he put it in my hand.


The one in my hand, the word that I knew I needed to live by. I paid the man with my credit card, that would soon expire. I left then, and walked to Niall's apartment. I took my time, each step hurting my feet a little bit more, it wasn't the walking that hurt, it was that I knew as soon as I saw the boys faces, unpleasant memories would fill the darkest corners of me, that I tried to numb with alcohol, but that had wore off. I looked up at the daylighting building in front of me, that any other day would be just an ordinary building but it was so much more than that today.


I get to the front of the door, and I twist the rusty gold key and push the door open. There was noise but then when I close the door, everything stops. Slowly and creeping the boys emerge. Harry comes down the stairs and stops half way looking at me, Louis and Liam exit from the kitchen, and Niall comes from the living room. They all look at me, waiting for someone to speak. I know they expect me to cry, and they expect me to fall and need them to hold me back up. Inside I hold the small bag up in my hand. “Merry Christmas” I smiled lightly, with a half broken smile. They laughed lightly, and three of them come and hug me, Harry hangs back waiting for me alone.


The boy's walk into the living room, and Harry smiled continuing down the steps. “Merry Christmas” I tell him, “You okay?” he asked me, lifting my chin up, but I moved from his touch, and step back. “I am okay” I told him, and turned to walk into the living room. I didn't want him to touch me, just because that is what Zayn wanted, and I wasn't giving him what he wanted anymore. In the living room, I smiled and sat on the couch. “It isn't much” I sniffled, and handed each box to the correct person. “Brook... You didn't have to do this” Niall spoke, and I shrugged, “It was nothing” I spoke.


I got Niall a ring that said “Hope”. Niall always hoped for the best in people, when the didn't deserve it, many times when I didn't have anything, it would be his hope that took me to where I needed to go. Liam's ring said “Courage”. Liam took to many risks to keep people safe, Liam's parents hadn't been the best to him, he was adopted but yet somehow in every situation, it was his courage that kept me breathing, like he was my heart beat monster. Louis's ring said “Fearless”. Louis was so fearless, and I admired it so much. He took every situation and would be the first to dive into it. When he lost Niall, he took control and at all costs he got him back, he never seemed to be scared, he was fearless, and if it wasn't for him, I might be dead.


Then Harry. Harry's word was “Eternity”. That was how long he was going to stay by me, through all the stupid mistakes, through every heart ache, and through ever “I love you” he was going to be there, and he would stay there in my heart for a long time. He was going to be there for a infinite or unending time. His love was a symbol of eternity, It wiped out every sense of time, sometimes he had the power to destroy every memory for a beginning, and all hope for an end. I knew he was my eternity, but he would never be the eternity I truly wanted, so I wouldn't give in. I wouldn't let him be my eternity, I would let him think that is what he would be. “Thank you” he mouthed at me, and I nodded and smiled in his direction, the boys put there chains around there necks, “Well I didn't get you anything” Louis chuckled, and I smiled “You don't need too” I whispered.


“What one did you get?” Liam asked pointing to my hand, “Free” I spoke. They all knew why. In that letter the words he spoke, “I'm setting you free” I whispered to myself, and I let a tear escape but quickly wiped it away. Harry went to move, but Liam shook his head at him and held a hand up telling him not too, and he was right to do that. “I'm fine” I looked up and tried to smile, but my teeth wouldn't show, I wasn't happy after all. “Right, I am going to go and shower” I spoke, “What are you going to do about clothes?” Liam asked, I turned around and ran my left hand through my hair, and was shaky on my feet. “I didn't think of that” I looked down and tried to chuckle, but it didn't pass for real.


“Would you like me to go and pick your stuff up?” Niall offered, “Would you?” I asked him, and he nodded lightly smiling at me, “Of course I would princess” he told me, and I smiled at him. I showered the day away then, I must of stood under the water for a good hour or so, until I heard a knock at the door. “It's me” I heard Harry's voice, “Hi” I croak. “You okay?” he asked the same question, “I'm fine” the same lie fell from my lips, I covered my body with my arms, “You've been in here a while” he mumbled, “I know” I spoke, “Well, here you can put these on they are Niall's, he still isn't back so he said give you some of his clothes” he told me, “Thanks” I sighed.


I heard the door close and I pressed my back up against the cold wall, and steadied my breathing. “Please stop” I cried softly covering my mouth, “Please, I can't do this anymore” I cried, and fell to the floor of the shower, the water rushing over me merged with my salty tears. “I just want it to stop” I whispered to myself, and cried a little bit more. I stand to my feet after my five minute break down, and compose myself, I step out of the shower and put on the clothes Harry left for me. “I towel dry my hair, and hover over the door handle. Its nice being alone, but I know I will have to leave this steamy room soon.


I step outside, and walked down the stairs to where the boys were. “You okay love?” Liam asked, and moved his arm over for me to sit next to him, and I sit down next to him, and he put his arm around my shoulder, and pulled me into him I sighed and took his comforting arms. It felt wrong, being this close to Liam when I should be married right now, when everything should be perfect, but I needed some sort of affection, just to prove to me that someone cares. I know all the boys do, but I couldn't go to the one person who wanted to tell me it was okay, because he was going to be part of the problem. Harry.


I was curled into Liam's chest, and I hadn't spoke. It was a bitter-sweet silence. My knees were pulled to me chest, and I had Liam's arm holding me close to his body. “You look tired” he told me, “Yeah, I am” I spoke, as we both watched the TV. Liam looked to me and brushed a stand of my hair from my face. “Where did you go last night?” he asked me, “I would rather not talk about anything of yesterday if that is okay?” I asked him, he nodded softly and kissed my temple. “That's fine” he spoke, “You can sleep here if you like?” he told me, referring to the position we were sat in, “I can't” I told him, “You can, just let yourself, forget everything... just sleep” he told me. So I did.





“Fuck Brook, your so amazing” a low moan escaped Harry's lips, as he kissed down my neck, and he lay me down on the bed, and I ran my hands up his chest, and I looked up at him, and my hands moved around his neck, and up to his hair, and I untie his bandanna and throw it onto the floor. I moved my head to expose more skin on my neck, for his lips to wander over. “I will make you forget” he tells me, and I smiled lightly. I want to forget everything, even if it is just for a second, I want every thought I have ever had to leave me alone, just for a minute. In that minute I will feel nothing, I will be free.


“I love you” the words fall helplessly from his lips, and I don't say them back. I don't want to say them and again, I didn't need love. It was just something that everyone wanted, when it wasn't anything real. Love wasn't real, it was an emotion and I was it's slave. “Brook” he moaned as I moved underneath him, the door opened. Harry turned with a smirk on his lips, and it remained there firmly. “Z-Zayn” I whispered, and shoved Harry of me, and he still chuckled. I stand up, and pull a shirt over my head, Harry's shirt.


“Didn't take you long did it?” he scowled at me, I looked down. I shouldn't be the one who was ashamed here, he walked out on me, he left me. “You didn't even wait a full fucking day!” he shouted at me, and Harry hadn't moved. “Why do you care, you don't love me... remember?” I told him, and feel tear creep out. “Remember one line was a lie... have you figured it out?” he told me, “I burnt it” I snapped at him, “You'll never know then will you?” he told me. “Why?” I asked him, shaking my head, momentarily catching Harry laying back and his shirt was off, then again. I was wearing it.


“Why did I leave you?” he asked me, “You don't think I would do it so easily do you?... It was hard for me too” he told me, was he playing tricks on me. Was he just saying what I wanted to hear, maybe he was. Maybe this was my mind playing some sick fucking trick, and as the walls oozed black, and the images of the room around me faded. I knew it was just some sick trick. “Stop!” I shouted, reaching for Zayn. “Your mine, Doll” he told me, and like everything else he turned into a thick black smoke.


Harry's Pov


She was lay asleep against Liam. I watched her as she slept, making sure she was still breathing. “If your not careful, she will get a restraining order” he tried to joke, and I rolled my eyes at him. “Why won't she come near me?” I asked him, and sighed. “Man, she is in a rough place she is going to go running to you with open arms” he told me, “Well she is asleep in your arms right now, so what is your excuse for that one?” I cocked my head at him, “Look, you two have a lot of history-..” I cut him, “So do you two!” I almost yelled, but then Brook stirred in her sleep. I calmed down, “Not as much as you, besides Zayn wanted her to be with you... that's why its harder for her and you” he frowned.


“I didn't ask for him to say those things” I defended, “She knows that, she just won't fall to what he wanted” he explained, “What if its because its what she wants?” I suggest, “She just broke up with the guy she was meant to be marrying, I am pretty sure she doesn't want anyone but him now” he seethed at me, but more at the mention of Zayn. “Your right, I am just worried... I just want to make her feel better” I told him, and he nodded. “We all do, but we have to move at her pace” Liam told me, and I nodded.


Brook began to move in her slumber, like she was in a nightmare that was completely consuming her. “Darling, wake up” I rushed over to where her a Liam sat. “Darling” I reached for her, and it was as if when I touched her cheek, her eyes opened widely. She flinched back from me, like she was scared of me, like I was the nightmare she just woke up from, but I was real. I let her go, and I stepped back, she didn't want to be touched by me and I had to accept that for now, and I had to respect that. “You okay?” Liam asked her, as her breathing relaxed, and she lay back into him again, “I keep telling you... I am fine” she whispered in such a light breath that the small draft in the room took her words with it.


She wasn't okay. However she got very good a lying. She had to be when she was with us. Just because she tried to smile all the time, it didn't mean she was fine. 



So for the ending of dark 3. I have had an idea, now not everyone is going to like it, but it is going to involve something very cute for Zayn and Brook, and they are finally happy. But not with out complications, but it will be a very justified ending, it will not be cliché at all, it will be different, and no one will expect it. AND.... ONLY 14 CHAPTERS LEFT OF DARK 2 WHO IS EMOTIONAL I AM. 

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