Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


8. I don't want to loose him.

Brook's Pov


I woke up in the morning at 10:23am. I looked across to see Zayn still sleeping there, I didn't want to wake him up. I crawled out of bed and got dressed then walked down stairs, I saw Louis and Niall stood in the kitchen having a serious conversation, but they both looked so angry. 'Morning' I smiled lightly at them, 'Morning' I heard Niall mumble, and Louis was staring into space. 'Is he okay?' I mouthed to Niall, he shook his head lightly.


Niall came over to me, 'Maybe you can talk some sense into him' he whispered to me, I was confused, what was going on? Niall walked out of the room, 'Do you want tea Louis?' I asked him, he mumbled a yes. I made to cups of tea and sat down with him at the table, placing his drink in front of him. 'So you going to tell what's wrong?' I asked him, 'I just have a lot to think about' he shrugged, his bluey-green eyes looking at me.


'Tell me' I encouraged, he nodded and looked at me sadly. 'I need to find William' he told me, 'William? Your brother... I thought he was dead' I stuttered, 'No. I-I couldn't kill him' he told me, I nodded slowly, I guess I understand. 'So why do you need to find him?' I asked him, 'I just wanted him to explain him self, he is still my brother' he whispered, 'I get it... but what if he-..' he cut me, 'Don't Brook' he warned me.


'So are you going to get the boys help?' I asked him, he shook his head. 'No, thats why me and Niall were arguing this morning, he saw me packing' he told me. 'Wait... your leaving' I asked him, he nodded. 'Louis you can't' I whispered to him, 'I have to' he whispered, 'Your, Louis...' I begged him, he held my hand tightly. 'I will still be here for you okay, but for now I can't be' he told me, I wiped a tear. I couldn't let him leave, I needed him to stay.


I don't want to loose him.



'No. Louis I won't let you, I need you here your my friend' I tell him, 'Yeah, but Brook... You can cope with out me' he whispered, could I? 'Liam is here for you, so is Zayn and Harry... I just need you to look out for Niall' he told me, I rolled my eyes, 'Why should I? Your leaving me here, Louis... do you not remember what happened last time. Every time I needed someone you were there! When Zayn let me down, when I couldn't hurt Harry any more... you were there Louis' I told him, feeling my voice crack slightly.


'Do you not remember, that I used you.. the things I made you do to me... you forgave me, how?' he asked, 'Because Louis, you helped me.. you helped everyone' I told him. 'I don't want to leave you' he told me, 'Then don't... Louis I need you, It may not seem like it, but I know... I know you'll always be there for me' I sighed. 'Maybe we can still see each other' he whispered, 'No' I snapped at him.


'Do you think that I want to leave you here?!' he shouted at me, 'I don't know' I whispered looking down. He came in front of me, and knelt down running his large hands over my hands, 'Brook, I think your amazing... I think that you know how feel about you, I might not love you as much as Zayn does, but I know I care about you, which is why I am going to find William' he told me, 'Louis don't do this, I don't need any more of Zayn's friends liking me' I whispered, 'I am sorry to put in the that position' he spoke softly.


I looked up to him, I looked as his eyes the were sad, something I barely saw. Louis smiled lightly, he pushed me back slightly our breathing got heavier, and he kissed me softly, but with enough passion. I didn't want to kiss back, Zayn could walk in at any moment, but part me wanted to run my fingers through his hair and kiss him back.


I pulled back, 'Sorry Louis I can't' I whispered, and stood up, 'Brook I am sorry' he whispered back, 'It's fine' I tell him. I went and stood in the front garden. I don't know why? I stood there for a moment, taking in a short breath. Zayn would wake up soon, how was I to explain this to him. 'I am sorry, I just kissed your best mate' no. No that is not what I will say.


I walked back into the house, and Liam was now stood in the kitchen with Louis. I looked to see Zayn coming down the stairs, 'Hey doll' his morning voice growled, making me even more nervous. Harry. I need to talk to him. He's my best friend, he will no what to do. 'Morning' I smiled at Zayn, as he came down and kissed my lips softly. I smiled softly him, as he walked into the kitchen I followed lightly behind. 'Morning, Li, Lou' Zayn spoke, pouring himself some coffee.


I looked between the boys. Louis showed minimal signs of bother, when he looked at me, but he sent a broken and weary smile my way. 'Where is Harry?' I asked them, 'Upstairs' Liam told me, I nodded and turned to walk upstairs. 'Doll?' I turned and saw Zayn, he held my hand tightly 'I was thinking, me and you do something today?' he asked me, I sighed. 'Sure, Let me just go and speak to Harry?' I asked him, 'Why, what's so important?' he asked, 'Nothing, I promise' kissing him softly, 'Give me an hour?' I asked him, he nodded slowly and unsure.


I turned my back, and walked up the stairs. I practically ran over to Harry's room, I opened the door, and he was sat up in bed. Shirtless, tattoos covering him. I looked at him and smiled light, 'What's wrong?' Harry looked at me shocked, shaking out his messy curls. 'I've done something stupid, well.. I haven't but.. kind of have' I tell him, he moved over and patted the bed for me to sit with him, 'Tell me then' he encouraged.


'Louis just kissed me' I sighed, and covered my face. I felt Harry tense beside me, why did I come to him? Yes he is my friend, but he also likes me. 'He what?' he spat. 'Harry... don't kick off, I came to you for help' I begged him, he sighed softly and and looked at me. 'Why?' he asked me, 'I don't even know' I whispered, 'Why did he kiss you? What happened?' he asked me again. I told him everything.


'Louis is leaving?' he asked me in shocked, I nodded 'then like I said things got out of hand and we kissed...' I trailed off, 'I knew he liked you' he confess, 'What?! You didn't even tell me?' I shouted at him, 'He asked me not to' he sighed, 'Harry what am I going to do, if I tell Zayn he will kick off, if I don't he will' I sighed in frustration, and let Harry wrap me in a hug.


'Why can't I have one day without drama?' I asked him, 'I don't know love, do you want me to talk to Louis?' he asked me, I shrugged 'Its pointless, you'll just argue and then nothing will come of it' I sit up straight, 'maybe just tell Zayn' he spoke, 'He would kill Louis' I whispered.


A loud band came from down stairs and I looked at Harry with worried eyes, 'Harry...' I trailed off, 'You don't think-..' he cut me off, 'No. Louis wouldn't be that stupid' he tried to stop me from worrying. But we both stood up anyway and ran down to the living room. We were confronted, by Zayn pushing Louis up against the wall, and seething words in his face.


'Zayn what are you doing!' I shouted, 'Man get of him' Harry got involved. 'No. He kissed you Brook... you didn't fucking think to tell me!' he shouted, 'I-I was going to, I wanted to tell Harry and get his-..' he cut me off, throwing a weak Louis to the floor. 'You told Harry first?!... instead of telling me, your fucking BOYFRIEND! You tell him' he snapped pointing a stern finger to Harry. 'I just didn't think' I whispered, 'and neither did he!' Zayn shouted, turning around kicking Louis hard in the stomach then picking him up by the scruff of his collar.


Then I realised, Zayn still scared me.


'ZAYN STOP!' I yelled to him, 'He needs to fucking learn not to touch you!' he shouted back, 'It was me okay!... It was me' I cried to him, 'W-What?' he whispered to me, 'I did it okay... Leave him, it isn't worth it' I tell him, reaching for his hand. 'Don't you fucking touch me' he seethed, and stormed off. Leaving me alone in the room with the newly broken brown haired boy.


'Brook you idiot! What did you say that for?' Louis lay there, speaking breathlessly. 'He was going to kill you' I tell him softly, 'I don't deserve to have you as a friend' he smiled lightly. 'Harry help him to the couch' I ordered, and ran to get a first aid kit. I came back into the living room, and Louis was shirtless. His torso was already showing a bruise, his lip was busted, and his eye was turning black. 'Louis' I whispered softly, taking a wipe to his lip.


He went to talk, 'Don't say anything' I tell him. I heard bangs, crashes, and thuds coming from upstairs, from mine and Zayn's room. 'Harry, can you see to Louis' I asked him, he nodded 'Zayn's angry, keep your distance' he warned me, I nodded slowly. I walked up the stairs, and went to the door that lead to my room. Niall and Liam stood outside it, 'You know what's wrong with him?' Liam asked, I nodded slowly, 'Louis kissed me' I told them, they moved out the way so I could get inside.


I opened the door, the lamp was in pieces on the floor. The book self lay on its side, the sheets a mess, and all the photo's laying on the floor. Its been five days, and its already going this wrong. I walked silently, over to the small bin. I saw Zayn leaning against the wall, his head pressed against the wall, and a cigarette in one hand. I looked at him once, before taking the bin, over to the smashed lamp on the floor picking the pieces up one by one. 'Leave it' Zayn's voice cracked from the corner, 'Its fine' he continued 'just get out I want to be alone' he whispered.


I stood up, 'Zayn, I didn't kiss Louis... he did kiss me' I whispered, his eyes shot to me and his movement was fast, he stood up. 'Why did you tell me, you kissed him, I went out of my mind thinking I wasn't good enough' he said more hurt than angry. 'I just... I thought you were going to kill him, I had to find some way to make you stop' I told him, he took a deep breath and walked over to me. 'I am sorry' he whispered, 'Its okay' he told me, 'No. No its not' he sighed at me, I took his face in my hands, 'I said its fine' I told him.


'I want to move out' he told me, 'What? This is your house' I tell him. 'Please, I just need some piece of mind knowing that the boys can't try anything with you when I am gone' he told me, 'Zayn, Louis is leaving' I told him, 'I know, but Liam and Harry..' he trailed, 'You think I would do something with them?' I asked him. 'No, Its them I don't trust' he told me.


'Where would we go?' I asked him, 'We can get our own place, just for me and you' he told me, 'But-..' he cut me off, 'Please Doll... I am begging you' he whispered, I nodded slowly, 'Okay, but I am still going to talk to them they are my friends' I warn him, he nodded slowly. 'Do me a favour, and don't talk to Louis' he asked me, 'Zayn I can't just-..' he stopped me once again, 'I am not asking, I am telling... don't talk to Louis' he warned, I gulped and nodded at the dark eyed boy in front of me.


'Louis's going!' I heard Harry call, I looked to Zayn. 'Can I at least say goodbye?' I asked him softly, 'Be quick' he snapped. I left the room with Zayn behind me and I got to the front door near Louis, and smiled weakly at him, and let a tear fall. 'Come ere love' he smiled, and I ran to his hands and whimpered softly into his chest.


'Look after yourself yeah?' my voice cracks, 'I always do' he told me. I pulled back and he dried my cheeks with his thumb, and he looked to Zayn. He let me go and went to shake Zayn's hand, Zayn scoffed and rolled his eyes looking the other way. 'See you soon guys' Louis smiled lightly, 'Bye Louis, stay safe' Harry patted his friends back, he waved and off he went.


'What do we do now?' Harry asked, 'I don't know about you, but I need a drink' Harry mumbled, then at the top of the stairs Perrie came down the stairs. 'Need a hand with anything?' she asked, we all shook are head. 'Zayn, Leo said to call him, he has some new information for you' she told Zayn, he nodded at her, 'Or me and you could drive down there now if you want?' she asked him, touching his arm. I rolled my eyes, is this how Zayn felt. Probably worse.


Zayn's eyes wondered to me. 'Sure, I was going to go out with Brook, but plans change, clearly people do to' he speaks to Perrie but looks at me. 'Something I have missed?' Perrie asked, 'No. Nothing, come on Perrie' Zayn brushed passed Harry and then looked at me, and put his hand at the bottom of my back, 'Bye Doll, don't wait up' he whispered in my ear, and then forced his lips against mine, I pushed him off me. 'Harry!' I shout looking at Zayn, 'Get me a drink to please... whiskey' I tell him, and let go of Zayn, 'Bye, have fun' I walk away, hearing him and Perrie leave.


I don't want to loose him.



Next time in dark:


'Caleb what are you talking about?!' I shout at him, 'You just need to get down here fast, something has happened Brook' he shouted back at me, 'Caleb, tell me what's going on' I yell into my phone. 'Its Zayn' he whispered. My heart fell.




'You don't think I know that?!' she shouted at me banging the wall of the place we were in, 'Well it was your bright Idea to follow him!' I shout at her, pacing the floor. 'I didn't know this would happen' she snapped at me, 'Well you got us into this mess, fix it!' I shout at him, 'I am trying okay!' she yelled back. 'Perrie!' I heard a voice call, and it hurt because he didn't call for me.


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