Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


69. How long will I love you?

Brook's Pov


It was the day before my wedding. After that night Cassie died, the boys had kept an even tighter hold on me, they didn't want me to turn into a murderer. I hadn't told the boys about Steve either, the threat he gave me, they didn't need to know, Steve often made promises like that but never kept them. Besides it was my wedding day tomorrow, I didn't need anything like that to jeopardise it. Me and Louis had argued about me wanting to kill Dominic a few times as well and the argument went a little like this.



“Look, I understand your mad and pissed off at him, but you don't want to kill him” he frowned at me, and I rolled my eyes. “Look, I know what it is like to kill someone Brook, and it replays over and over in your head, I don't want that for you, it will haunt you fro the rest of your life!” he shouted at me, “When do I get my revenge then Louis, I mean you got yours!” I yelled back at him, and he rolled his eyes this time. “I wish I hadn't of done it, I wish I could go to bed at night guilt free and have sweet dreams but I don't every day the image in my mind is sticking that fucking knife into Mia” he yelled at me, I rolled my eyes. “I can't sleep now, it would really make a different” I snarled at him, “Your so fucking stupid, for even considering it” he told me.



However, pushing thoughts aside from my brain. I realised today was final preparations for my wedding. I wasn't as nervous as I was the first time around. Maybe because I knew for sure this groom would actually show up, unlike the last. I walked down the stairs, and Harry was in the kitchen, with a piece of paper in front of him. I walked over and stood behind him, but he took my hands, and pulled around to sit on his lap. “Busy work for 10am” I smirked at him, and he smiled and kissed me. “It's a check list” he smiled at me, and I laughed at his nerves. “I have to go and pick the cake up in an hour, the boys are going to come and help me decorate the after party hall, and Niall is going to take you to pick up your dress” he told me, and I smiled at him, and put a hand behind his head, “You've got this all figured out haven't you?” I smirked at him, and he nodded, standing up moving me from him, and walking to pour two cups of coffee.


Life was nice this way. It was smooth. I woke up Harry smiled, made me coffee. All he needed now was a real job, and then he could say “Honey, I'm home” in the late after noon. “What are you grinning about?” he asked me, “I don't know, I just think this is weird, I mean this time tomorrow we will be about to get married, and then what do we do, have normal life?” I asked him, and he smiled. “Normal isn't good enough for you?” he asked me, “Normal is all I want” I smiled and him, and he came over and wrapped his arms around my waist, and kissed me softly. “I am going to give you the world if I can sweetheart, all that you have to do is ask” he smiled at me, and I blushed heavily. “Have you chose are wedding song?” I asked him, and he pulled back from me with a gentle smile on his lips. “I have” he blushed, “What is it?” I asked him.


He walked over to the laptop on the kitchen table, and I smiled as he pressed play. Walking over to me, slowly as the piano played. I laughed lightly, “How long will I love you?” I asked him, and he nodded. Taking my hand, and humming the tune into my ear, and holding me by the waist, moving slowly swaying with me, and twirling me, making me laugh. I smiled as I came back and my arms were around his neck, and he grinned, into my neck, “How long will I want you?” he whispered, “As long as you want me to” I whispered back to the song lyrics. We did this for the rest of the song, answer the questions to each other. I smiled as he laughed trying to waltz with me, but he just make me laugh as he couldn't dance, and I smiled as the song came to an end. We laughed, our bodies close. “I am so glad you chose that one” I smiled at him, and he grinned at me, “I did well eh?” he asked me, and I nodded kissing him softly, “Really well” I laughed against his lips.


“Music and kissing before noon?” Liam walked in, interrupting us. “Way to kill the moment man” Harry commented, and I moved out of his arms. Walking to pick up my coffee cup, “Have you got everything you need” I nudge Liam, and he nodded at me. “I am using the same suit, I did for the last one” he told me, “Dude, you told me you were buying a new one” Harry frowned, “What was the point, it's a perfectly good suit” he shrugged, I smirked at Liam's sick sense of humour. “It's fine, at least he has one” I smiled to Harry, who was stressed again. “What about Louis and Niall, do they have theirs?” Harry asked, “Niall does, I took him for his one” I spoke, “What about Louis?” Liam asked, Harry went wide eyed. “Louis!” he yelled running up the stairs and away from us. Me and Liam both laughed, and rolled our eyes at him.


“What about you, are you ready for this?” he asked me, and I nodded smiling at him. “Yeah” I smiled, “You sure?” he asked me. “Is this your way of trying to talk me out of it” I smirk at him, and he laughed shaking his head. “I just want you to know, as soon as you say “I do” tomorrow, you can't just drop Harry, not even if Zayn comes back with one million excuses and I'm sorry's” he told me, “I know that Liam, I am not going to drop Harry, I love him, really. I do” I smiled, saying those two words to make a point at him, snapping slightly as I did so. “Okay” he smirked at me, “Your practically glowing with Joy, I mean come on cheer up it's your wedding tomorrow” he smiled at me, “What makes you think I am not cheery?” I asked him, “Your face” he told me, “Oh well aren't you quiet the comedian today” I snarl but offer him a smirk.


Harry came back into the kitchen then, “Right Louis has got one” he told me, and I smiled at him, “Your cute when your stressed” I smiled, sipping my coffee, he smiled at me, and then turned to Liam. “You ready to get the cake?” he asked Liam, “Dude, we don't have to be there for like 40 minutes, relax” Liam spoke, but Harry intensely stared at him. “Oh for fuck sake, go” Liam loudened his voice, and rushed Harry out of the room. I smiled lightly, smirking as the two boys left. I went and showered then and got dressed. I came back down the stairs and smiled lightly as Niall and Louis sat on the couch watching TV, Louis sat there with Paper in his hands. “Let me guess, Harry left you with a to-do list too?” I asked sitting between them, and Louis nodded. “Remind me never to have a wedding” he frowned looking at the paper. “I have to take you for your dress pick up, don't I?” Niall asked me, “It would seem so” I smiled at him, we stood up and left Louis with the list. He was meeting Liam and Harry at the venue to start the set up.


Me and Niall drove to the dress shop, and walked in. “Your here to pick it up?” the woman asked and we nodded. “Would you like to try it on, just to make sure the alterations are right?” she asked me, and I looked to Niall and nodded. I walked into the room, and slipped into the dress, it wasn't a huge dress, it was flattering. The bust was tight, but the rest flew down me, with nothing but a small broach in the middle. “Niall” I called, “Yeah?” he shouted back, “You can come and see if you want?” I called, “Oh he isn't the groom?” she asked me, and I shook my head laughing. “No, he is the best man” I smiled, Niall pulled back the curtain and I turned to face him, smiling. The phone then rang, “Excuse me, I need to take that” the woman, excused herself. “Your look amazing” he told me, and I smiled. “Thank you” I smiled at him, “And not just for that” I told him, and he walked over looking at me, smiling.


“Thank you for being tough with me, when no one else was, and you told me the harsh truth of everything, and it sucks that you know me better than I know myself, because you can always fuck around in my head and find a way to make me see that I was wrong, and we both know I hate being wrong” I smiled at him, and he laughed. “I mean it Niall, thank you so much” I told him, and he held his arms out for a hug, and I took it he wrapped his arms around me, and I smiled letting a tears loose. “Don't you'll stain the dress” he told me, and I laughed at him, and pulled back. “Your ready?” the woman walked back into the room, and I nodded and smiled. “I am ready” I told her. Not just about the dress, but about everything. I was ready to forget everything, marry Harry and get a happily ever after. Oh if only things could be that simple.


We were now in the car on the way home. “I need to tell you something” Niall said a little nervously, “What is it?” I asked turning to face him. “You know you the night of the engagement party?” he began, and I nodded slowly. Where was he going with this. Many things happened that night, and they all needed to be left in the past, where no one could find them. “I … Shit... I saw something” he told me, and my throat went dry. “Go on” I whispered, turning to look out of the window. “I think you know what I saw” he told me, and I looked to my hand, and shook my head. “Say it” I whispered to him, so all my fears would come true. “I saw you and Zayn” he told me, and I sighed. “Nothing happened” I whispered to him, “If nothing happened, why didn't you mention it” he told me.


Because I knew Harry would be mad, I knew he wouldn't trust me” I whispered, my eyes filling with tears, and I turned to look at Niall. “What did he say to you?” he asked me, “Nothing” I tell him, “Brook” Niall sternly spoke, “He asked if I had given up on us” I tell him, biting down hard my lip. “What did you tell him?” he asked me, “I said I didn't have to, he did” I spoke, and he sighed for me, “Princess, you should have been able to say you had given up on him” he told me, and I nodded. “I know” I spoke, “Then why didn't you?” he asked me, I paused. I don't really know why I didn't. Maybe it was because I could let go. Maybe it was because, I was afraid to say yes. “Because, Niall, I can remember everything with him, but it wasn't like I was there, it wasn't like I lived it, it was like a bad dream... and sometimes I am still scared I am going to wake up, and nothing here is real, so I didn't want to give up, because giving up on him? It mean giving up on everything that we had worked for” I told him, “Do you still love him?” he asked, “What sort of question is that, I am getting married tomorrow!” I tell him, my voice cracking.


It's a question you need to consider before you get married” he told me, and I looked down. “I know your looking out for me but please stop, I don't need to think like this, I don't' want Zayn, I want to be with Harry” I spoke, and he nodded. “Just be sure” he told me, and I nodded. We drove home in a cooling silence, it wasn't uncomfortable. But he knew what I was thinking, and I didn't like it. “Thanks for taking me” I told him, and he nodded to me. “Niall, please don't tell Harry, that I saw Zayn... it would kill him” I told him, and looked down. “Chin up princess, I won't say anything, I just want you to be happy” he smiled warmly at me. I leant over the car and hugged him, “You should go and help set up now” I told him, and he nodded at me, I took the dress back from the back of the car and walked inside leaving Niall to drive away.


I put the dress away in my wardrobe. Then the phone began to ring down stairs, I rushed down to answer it, encase it was something important. I answer it, “Hello?” I smiled, fighting away the out of breath feelings. “Brook, it's me” I heard. I hated this. Months you would go with out a word, and then it all crept up in one day. “Zayn, what can I do for you?” I asked him, trying to remain calm and not rip my own hair out. “I tried to call Harry but if phone was off” he told me, “Yeah, he does that a lot” I spoke, like a wife who knew her husband well. “What did you try and call him for?” I asked casually, changing away from how much or little I knew about Harry. “I was wondering where address was for the wedding” he told me, “Your still coming?!” I sounded far to surprised, of course he would come, he would compare weddings, how ours would have been, and how mine and Harry's was. “Yeah, if that is still alright?” he asked me, and I hummed a yes.


Are you ready for it?” he asked me, “Ready for what?” I asked oblivious, “Eternal commitment” he spoke, and I let out a shaky laugh. “Yeah” I struggled with the words. I thought about bringing something up, a touchy subject. Well not really, but it would make me feeling highly uncomfortable. “So the wedding, your invitation says you can bring a plus one... bringing anyone?” I asked him, nervously, playing with the end of my cardigan, moving to sit on the couch, and pull my knees up. “I didn't know I could” he told me, “Yeah” I gulped, closing my eyes taking in a breath. “I don't know, maybe you could... bring a date” I spoke, “Why so I won't be alone and my ex fiancées, wedding?” he was smirking, “I didn't mean it like that” I told him, “I know” he spoke. “Besides, you should know out everyone, I don't date” he smiled, “What was I then?” I asked him, he playfully laughed, “The one and only exception” he lowered his voice, and his words seemed to mean something so much more than they should of.


After a moment, of silence and savouring his words, “Er... I should probably go” I spoke, “Oh, yeah, just get Harry to send me the address” he told me, and I nodded then realising he couldn't' see me, “Okay” I spoke, “Good luck tomorrow” he spoke to me, and I hummed a thank you. Then hung up the phone. I stood up and put the phone back on the hook. Telling Harry to message Zayn the address to our wedding, was probably going to be one of the most awkward conversations of my life. Talking to him would have been bad enough, but the day before the wedding made it even worse. Speaking of the devil, the door opened and Harry walked in with Louis, “Hey babe” Harry called, “Your back early” I spoke, “We just came to get some stuff, we will be out of your hair in a minute” he told me, and I nodded. Moving into the kitchen, picking plates up and putting them into the skin.


Oh Zayn called” I say as if I just remembered, the hustle and bustle then stopped, and Harry turned to me slowly. “Zayn?” he asked me lowly, and I nodded smiling at him. “He said he needed you to send him the address of the venue” I told him, as if it wasn't a big deal. When in fact, we both knew it was a huge deal. “Did he say anything else?” he asked me, walking forward, “No, not really, we just talked about who his plus one was” I told him honestly, and he nodded slowly. “Nothing else?” he asked me, and I shook my head. “Just that” I spoke, “Who is he bringing?” he asked me, “He didn't say, he just said he didn't know he could bring someone, so I am guessing he is going to ask someone” I spoke to him, and he sighed. “I really don't like the fact that you spoke to him” he frowned, “Harry, I am marrying you remember” I told him, and he nodded to me, “Besides, you invited him to the wedding, I am going to have to speak to him at some point” I told him, pecking his cheek, and turning around wide eyes, wondering why I said that.


As long as he keeps his mouth shut, and hands to himself its fine” he told me, “Harry, why did you invite him?” I asked him softly, promising not to be mad. “Because, maybe it would do the both of you some good to see the other one with someone else” he told me, and I offered him a sweetish smile, “It's not that I don't trust you” he rushed over to me, cupping my face. “No, I understand, I'd do the same” I lied to him, and he smiled kissing my forehead. “Anyway, we came over to get our bags and Niall and Liam's, stag night and all” he told me, and I laughed at him softly. “Are the girls coming over?” he asked me, “I think Aria and Courtney are staying over, Yeah” I spoke. “What about Hanna?” he asked me. Harry didn't know I had spilt the two up, Hanna and Dominic. He didn't like to talk about the night I came in murderous surprisingly. So it never got brought up. “She is out of town, I told you, she can't even make the wedding” I spoke, “Well on the bright side, that means Dominic can't” he told me, and I nodded.


Harry left not long after that, and an hour or two later. Aria and Courtney came around, with booze and food, and we sat in our pyjamas, watching poor old movies, talking about life and boys, and it was nice. I smiled looking at the clock, as we ate the pizza we just ordered. “Second wedding tomorrow” Aria giggled, “Yeah, I might actually make it down the aisle this time” I smiled lightly, “I am still not over Harry inviting Zayn” Courtney smirked at me, “I was shocked too” Aria added. I nodded too, “It will be alright, I will just be polite and smile, and tell him he looks well or whatever, and then leave, I won't say anything more” I spoke, and the laughed at me. “Bull shit” Courtney smirked at me, and I laughed at her.




“For some fucking reason I am giving you everything Zayn, my everything... please don't break my heart again”


The next chapter is the wedding. Get your tissues, lock your self away, and get ready to cry for got sake, I can't wait to write this.!! 


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