Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


9. His Words.

Brook's Pov

It was the next day. Zayn hadn't spoken to me since yesterday, at about 3am he walked into the room with the sent of whiskey on his breath, and he lay next to me with a heavily sigh, like I was chore he had to do. I looked next to me and he wasn't there, he will be down stairs with the boys and Perrie. I pulled on some joggers and a baggy shirt and walked down stairs, Zayn was sat at the table with a coffee in his hand. He looked to me once before returning to conversation with Liam and Harry.

Its times like this I want Louis. I want him to come over to be and distract me from what's going on and make me laugh. Instead Niall was sat lonely at the side. I walked over to him, 'Pretty deep conversation for 10am wouldn't you say?' I asked him sitting down, 'There are talking about Louis' he spoke, I nodded. 'Niall can we do something today, Zayn... Er... seems busy' I tell him. 'You can't avoid him forever' he whispered and stood up with his dish, I can try, I thought to myself.

I stood up and Perrie walked in, flashing a dashing smile at me. I smiled lightly back, I walked up to my room leaving them to talk business. It wasn't that I didn't understand that Zayn was angry, it was that he wouldn't let me fix it. Three months was a long time, and not having Zayn touching me, or ... pleasuring me. Almost killed me. I was deprived of it. I sat in front of the mirror in my room, had I changed?

The door opened and Zayn stepped into my view. 'No good morning?' he whispered roughly. 'I didn't think you want to talk to me' I tell him, facing the mirror still but catching his eyes. 'Your going out with Niall today?' he asked, 'I do think he wants me to' I whispered, nobody seems to want me. 'Oh' was all Zayn replied. 'I'm going out' he told me grabbing his jacket from the end of the bed, I sighed deeply. 'I-.. I love you' I whispered, and he turned 'I love you too' he replied coldly, and no emotion in his voice. He makes it hard to believe his words.

I looked into the mirror again, after Zayn had left. 'I heard what happened' Perrie spoke, I turned and looked at her, 'You were there' I tell her, 'No I mean Louis' she frowned. 'Oh' I whispered. 'Look I know Zayn is a good guy, but I know he also says things he doesn't mean, that doesn't make it okay for you to cheat' she snapped, I stood up. 'You don't know anything!.. you've known Zayn for about three days and you suddenly know more about me, his girlfriend! And if you had of listened to the story properly Louis kissed me! Not the other way around!' I shouted at her, she was stunned into silence.

I left the room, I wasn't staying with her, not here not now. I walked out of the room, leaving her in there. I walked down the stairs, and Harry and Liam were sat in the kitchen. I stomped over to the back door, and grabbed my converse and a hoodie. 'Whoa where are you going?' Harry asked protectively, 'Out' I snapped. He grabbed my arm and tugged me back, 'What's wrong, what happened?' he asked me, 'Ask the bitch upstairs!' I shout and yank my arm away. 'I am going for a run, I don't know when I will be back' I tell them, and walked away.

I jogged for about an hour, before I gave up and walked. I walked down the cold street, and I walked down looking at the floor. 'Brook' I heard, I snapped my head, seeing Perrie toddling towards me. 'What do you want?' I growl, 'I wanted to say sorry, I shouldn't of just assumed' she spoke, 'You got that right' I mumbled, 'Come on home, Zayn is back now' she told me, 'I don't care, he clearly doesn't want me at the moment' I snapped at her, 'Look just come on back' she told me, 'NO' I shouted.

'Brook' I voice called, I turned around and looked at the voice. The figure was in the distance, 'Who's that?' Perrie asked, I shrugged. I walked down closer to see who it is. When he came into sight, my heart fell and my stomach dropped. 'Brook' he whispered, and a light smile went with it, I couldn't speak, Perrie put hand on my arm, 'Brook who is it?' she asked, and exchanged glances with him. 'Brook' she shook me to activate me, 'Josh' I whispered.

Zayn's Pov

I got back, and Harry and Liam. Niall was upstairs. 'Where's Brook?' I asked the boys, 'She left about an hour ago' Harry spoke, 'Left? What do you mean, Left?' I asked him, 'She argued with Perrie or something, and then ran out and Perrie has gone after her' he explained, 'What did they argue about?' I asked them, 'You' Liam and Harry both spoke. 'Where did she go?' I asked, putting my jacket back on, 'For a run' Harry spoke.

I ran out of the house and Niall came too. I tried to call her but she wasn't answering, 'Niall where the fuck is she?' I yelled in frustration, 'Call Perrie' I tell him, he dialled the number and didn't call. I drive down the streets, for about half an hour. 'She will probably go home when she is ready' Niall told me, 'I know, but what if she is hurt?' I worry to much, 'She will be fine' he tried to reassure me.

We drove back home, I wouldn't normally be so defeated but because she was with Perrie, I think she will be safe. I sat in my room for the next three hours, thinking. I don't know what I was thinking about but it was clearly something. I heard a ring, I answered my phone from the unknown number. 'Hello?' I asked, 'Its me' I heard the voice, it was light and familiar. 'Perrie?' I asked, 'Yes' she whispered, 'Where are you what has happened?' I frowned, 'Brook she went with some guy, and then this other guy came and then they both followed and now I am here in this fucking house and I don't know where I am but, I need your help' she rushed.

I sighed, and looked at the boys. 'We will track you and be on our way' I sighed, 'Okay, hurry' she told me, I rolled my eyes. Trust Brook to get herself into trouble. 'Come on boys' I told them, and they stood up. 'I will explain on they way' I speak. The boy, which boy was it. The first one I think of is that guy from the other night. Caleb? That was his name, 'First stop the restaurant' I spoke.

As we drove, the boys asked questions, I didn't answer any. I just kept my grip tight on the wheel and my face stern. We pulled up outside the restaurant and I stormed inside the boys trying to keep up, 'Caleb?' I shouted, and a boy turned. 'Me?' he asked, I nodded and grabbed him by his collar and dragged him outside. 'Where's Brook?' I snapped throwing him against the wall, 'I don't know what your talking about mate' he defended, 'First off I am not your mate, second of all... see was with a boy, your the only one that springs to mind, either you start talking or else' I yelled at him, 'Mate calm down' Liam spoke, I swat him away.

'Tell me where she is!' I shout, 'I don't know, why don't you call her!?' he challenged, 'She won't answer me' I confessed, 'Want me to call her?' Caleb seemed to tease, I frowned at him but nod. Before he could, a voice stopped us, 'Hey Zayn' he low voice rang, I turned and saw Dominic, 'What the fuck-.' I was cut off, 'Try not to judge me to harshly Zayn... I did give you 24 hours to decided, and you took to long, I had no choice but to take matter's into my own hands' he spoke. 'Where the fuck is Brook' I snapped, 'With an old friend of yours' he smiled, 'I haven't done anything too bad... not yet' he spoke.

And that was it. He was on the floor.

Brook's Pov

'Caleb what are you talking about?!' I shout at him, 'You just need to get down here fast, something has happened Brook' he shouted back at me, 'Caleb, tell me what's going on' I yell into my phone. 'Its Zayn' he whispered. My heart fell. 'What do you mean Zayn?' I asked, 'He came here yelling at me, and then this Dominic guy turned up and I-..' I cut him off, and looked at Josh, 'Is he still there?' I asked, 'No he is looking for you, some Perrie chick tipped him off' he told me, 'Okay, thanks for telling me... I will Er... explain later' I tell him and hang up the phone.

'What's wrong?' he asked me, 'Zayn' I whispered, and grabbed my bag. 'Look Josh, this was fun.. and its weird you still being alive, but I need you to promise me your not going to let me down again' I warned him, 'I am not, I am sorry about last time I just got so wrapped up in it all and I just wanted you to understand... but I see what I did was wrong, I just hope you can forgive me' he whispered, and hugged me lightly. 'I do, its just Zayn you have to convince' I tell him.

'Now, I need to go and find Zayn' I smiled and kissed his cheek, and waved goodbye, and thanked his friend that had us for lunch. I walked outside and bumped into... Perrie. 'Did you bloody follow me!?... we clearly you did, Zayn now has a fucking man hunt on for me' I tell her, 'Well sorry you went of with a stranger, and I didn't know what to do... I asked him for help' she told me, 'Did you think I would go somewhere bad?' I asked her, 'Well given your history' she began, 'shut up' I moaned, 'Come on' I tell her, and drag her away.

'Wait who are they?' she stopped me, I looked. 'Shit. That's riley' I tell her, she pulled me along and we walked down the road to follow them. 'Perrie I don't think this is-..' Not long before someone has me. and Perrie. In the back of a van. and it was dark.


'Oww. Get of me' I moaned, and rolled over on the cold ground. I sat up and it was dark. 'Get off me more like' the voice replied, 'Perrie?' I asked her, she looked to me. 'Where are we?' she asked me, I rolled my eyes and stood up. 'I can't see anything' I tell them, I search for my phone. They must have took it. 'Perrie we need to get out of here like now!' I spoke touching the wooden door that was locked. 'You don't think I know that?!' she shouted at me banging the wall of the place we were in, 'Well it was your bright Idea to follow him!' I shout at her, pacing the floor. 'I didn't know this would happen' she snapped at me, 'Well you got us into this mess, fix it!' I shout at him, 'I am trying okay!' she yelled back. 'Perrie!' I heard a voice call, and it hurt because he didn't call for me.

Soon enough. The door was kicked down, and I stood there seeing a bloody Zayn, 'What happened?' Perrie asked for me, 'Nothing too important' he smiled lightly at her, I appeared behind her, and smiled lightly at him. 'You don't half have some explaining to do' he whispered to me, when he reached me, but he wrapped me in a tender hug. 'I am sorry I ran off' I tell him, 'I am sorry too' he whispered, 'Enough of the reunion we need to go' I heard Liam, I turned and smiled. 'Come on' he grabbed my hand, and we ran out. I didn't understand what just happened, but all I know is Josh is back, for good. I know Dominic has something to do with this. I know Zayn isn't going to like this, but all I needed right now was him. And his words telling me he was sorry was enough for now.

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