Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


18. Faster, Faster, Flat.





Brook's Pov


The next couple of hours were a blur. They went so fast. Zayn was rushed to the hospital, I didn't once leave his side. I couldn't. I was currently sat in the waiting area, with the image of Harry beating the life out of Zayn. I saw his fists repeatedly hitting his face, and slamming his head back. I was involuntarily crying. Harry kept his distance, standing the other side of the room with his back against the wall. 'Its been three hours' I sniffled, he didn't answer me. I had a feeling he wasn't ignoring me, but ignoring the thought of Zayn being... dead.


The door opened, and in stormed the other three boys. 'What happened?' Louis rushed over to me, but stopped seeing Harry the other side of the room. The distance between us was unusual, everyone noticed it. Louis came and sat beside me, my knees were firmly to my chest and my arms around them, holding myself together. Liam stood looking at Harry, and Niall was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I didn't look at any of the boys, 'What happened?' Liam demanded Harry to answer, fed up of hearing the question with no answer, I answered.


'Harry did a fight for a friend, it was Zayn's test match, they fought. Zayn said something to Harry, and he lost it' I cried, and looked away. 'What did he say to you?' Liam asked Harry, Harry hadn't spoken since the incident, guilt riding high on his conscience. 'Come on darling, we will go and get some drinks' Niall held his hand out for me, I shook my head 'I don't want to go' I begged him, he nodded slowly. 'What did he say?' Liam encouraged, 'LIAM!' I shouted, even Harry's eyes turned to me, 'Can you please just leave it' I tried not to cry.


I looked to Louis, who offered me a hand to hold. I took his and he squeezed it tightly, 'It will be okay love, I promise' Louis whispered into my hair, kissing my head. I sat back so his arms were around me. I can't keep doing this. Liam sat down in the other corner of the room, and he eyed me and Harry. 'So why did you choose Harry to run with?' Liam asked me sourly, 'Liam, this isn't the time' Niall spoke to him, 'Why not? … She isn't with Zayn any more, she shouldn’t care' he snapped, 'Liam' Louis hissed, 'No. He is right' I sat up straight.


'I shouldn't care, I shouldn't care that Zayn is fighting for his life thanks to me running away again' I tell him, 'I still would have fought, its not your fault' Harry growled, for the first time in forever, his words were rough to me. 'If I wasn't there then he wouldn't of made you that mad' I looked down, 'You didn't say why you chose him?' Liam nodded towards Harry, 'Because I trust him' I tell them all, not just Liam. 'You don't trust us?' I heard Liam, 'I do, but Harry has always been the one to fix things for me' I tell them, Louis and Niall get it, but I can tell Liam doesn't.


'He fixed it? What about when Louis got rid of Lola? Or I helped you fake your death?!' he shouted standing up, 'Liam this isn't the time for this' Niall yelled at him, I shook my head. 'No, its fine... Liam you can think what you want about me at the minute, I know I lead you on and I have hurt you, I am sorry for that, but Harry loves me too, he has tried for me to get use to the idea, and we are practically best friends... why can't you accept that I love Zayn?' I asked him, 'Because, you deserve better than this!... but if you want to be a fool go a head, I am not going to protect you this time, go and get yourself killed, cause the way your going your lucky if you get three more months' he told me.


My eyes were sore from crying and tiredness, but Liam was not finished. 'How can you be like this to me, and then so …. so fine with Harry after he just killed the boy you claim to “love” ?' he growled, 'because, I know that he is sorry for what he has done, and I know Zayn was out of line... I have nothing against you Liam, but because I didn't choose you, you think I hate you, but you know that's not true' I spoke to him, 'You know what Brook, I have had enough of this shit' he spat harshly, 'Call me when you have some news on the oh so fucking wonderful Zayn Malik. Then he left.


I sat back down on my chair, my chest was tight and my heart was hurting. Breaking up with Zayn, was okay. I knew he would still be there when I needed him. Leaving Zayn, physically walking away, that hurt a bit. But I knew he would only be a phone call away. Zayn laying in a hospital bed was the worst thing I have ever experienced, not knowing if I would hear his voice again scared me so much, it made me physically sick. I ran out of the room to the toilets, and was sick down the toilets. I sat there on the floor, salty tears falling from my eyes. I heard the door open, 'Its me... come on out' I heard Harry, 'I can't' I whispered, he didn't care, he walked straight in.


I came out of the cubical, and washed my hands and wiped my mouth. 'Here' he spoke, handing me some gum, I nodded a thank you. I sat down on the bathroom floor with Harry not caring. 'I am sorry' he whispered, 'I know you are' I told him, he sighed. 'Do you want to know what he said to me?' he asked, I looked into his eyes and they were full of anger, hurt, and guilt. 'Yes' I whispered, 'He said... You can take her, I had my fun, its fifty quid in my pocket-..' I cut him off, 'Stop' I begged him, he took my hand, I looks at his bloody knuckles, unsure what was Zayn's blood and his own. Harry carried on. 'Tell me is she tight?... she was when I had her-..' I stopped him again, 'Harry' I whispered looking down crying. 'When you have sex with her, you know she will be thinking of me' the words Harry spoke, seemed to pain him. 'Was there more?' I asked him, 'All about the same thing' he told me.


I laughed lightly, and Harry looked at me confused. 'I am sat crying in a hospital bathroom over my ex boyfriend, and his attacker... what is wrong with me Harry?' I stopped laughing and it turned into tears, he pulled me into his chest. 'We are all a little bit broken Brook' he sighed, I looked up to him. 'Why do I love him, when he says things like that?' I asked him, he shrugged, 'I said I would defend him again, but... he was trying to make it seem like he was okay, you know Zayn better than anyone' he whispered, sometimes I don't think I know him at all. 'Zayn didn't want to seem weak, he wanted a reaction, and he got one' he told me, I nodded.


I stood up. 'If he dies-..' Harry stopped me, 'I am a murder' he whispered, and he cried softly. 'I don't want him to die Brook, he is my best friend, I might be in love with you and that might hurt him, but I would give everything right now to save his life, I would give up my friendship with you, and all the boys if it meant that he was okay... Brook... I killed him' He cried, and I walked over and held him in my arms, 'How can you even looked at me' he pushed me forcefully away from him, and turned his back to me with two fists on the wall, I covered my mouth to silence my sobs.


'Harry he forced you too it' I tell him, 'STOP IT! I don't want your pity... I might of killed the boy you love... does that not make you hate me?' he asked me, I shook my head softly 'I love you too' I whispered, and he looked at me with bright green eyes that were sad from his tears. He came up to me, and grabbed my waist, pushing his lips against mine, for a moment I am frozen, and then I kiss him back, both of our tears mixing, this is wrong. Zayn is out there fighting for his life because of me and Harry and I am kissing Harry. I pushed Harry of me and he looked at me and burst into tears.


I covered my mouth, wiping my lips, hoping I could wipe away the night. 'If he dies, will you go to prison?' I asked him, he nodded, 'Yeah, its murder... I would of killed him' he told me, 'Would you confess?' I whispered, he nodded 'I don't think I could live with my own thoughts' he told me, 'Harry... I need you to promise me something, I know lately our promises haven't got us into some great places, but please, try' I asked him, he nodded. 'If Zayn does... die' I struggled to sat the words, 'Then I want you to run away with me, I want us to hid from all of this... I want us ignore everything... I am just as guilty as you' I let a few drops fall from my eyes, 'Your not-..' I cut him of, 'Promise me?' I begged, he nodded slowly.


'Guys?' I heard the door open, Louis was was stood there. 'The doctor is waiting' he told us, me and Harry has never moved faster. Harry went forward, and Louis pulled me back. 'I heard that promise you just made, are you sure?' he asked me, I nodded slowly, 'Don't tell Liam' I begged, he nodded 'You can trust me, you know that' he whispered, I nodded. 'Ready to find out about Zayn' he asked me, I nodded slowly.


We walked to the waiting room again, where the doctor was flipping through his notes. 'Brook Green?' he asked me, I nodded shaking, Louis held my hand. 'How is he?' I shake, 'I will be honest, he is stable for now but we will not know the full extent of his injuries until he wakes up' he told us. Why did this always happen, it feels like an albatross. 'When will he wake up?' I asked the doctor, 'It could be hours or days' The doctor told me. 'What physical injuries does he have' Louis asked, 'He had some bruising to the skull and a broken jaw, shattered cheek bone, a few bruised ribs, and his lips is busted' he told us, I shuddered the idea of him. 'Can we go in and see him?' I asked, 'Yes' he spoke.


He led us to the room, and I gulped, seeing it was the room I was in when I was shot in the leg and Zayn left me that letter telling me he was leaving me, the days seemed so far away. I gulped at the room, then opened the door. 'Louis-' I shook, and he squeezed my hand. 'I am right here sweetheart' he spoke, and walked me in. 'Harry and Niall' I stopped and turned, 'We will give you two some time, then we will go in' Niall spoke for Harry. I closed the door, then turned around.


I looked and saw all the wires hanging from his lifeless body. His skin was pale, and he looked like he had been hit by a bus. I walked forwards, Louis never letting me go. He had no shirt on, but needles everywhere. I looked at the heart machine, so he did have a heart that worked? I didn't cry, I didn't do anything. Except look at the boy I was in love with. I let go of Louis hand, and sat in the chair besides the bed. I grabbed his hand, and lightly traced my fingertips over his hand. 'Hey Zayn... I don't know if you can hear me' I whispered, 'but if you can... then... please don't go' I whispered, and put my head down on his hand, craving his touch.


The feelings of the previous events, him betting on me. Had been forgotten. 'Say you'll wake up' I begged him, he wasn't answering. 'Don't go being quiet now Zayn, you haven't before' I chocked, 'PLEASE!' I shouted, 'I need you' I whispered, Louis was soon holding me tightly. 'Mate don't be a prick' Louis was almost crying, I sighed and looked at his face, bruised but still so beautiful. I cried into Louis, I couldn't stop now. 'Its barley been two days, and I have loved him again' I told Louis, he nodded and smiled, 'You two may fight but I think your meant for each other' he told me, I smiled and kissed his cheek, then I looked to Zayn's lips remembering Harry's kiss from the bathroom, like he was reading my mind, his fingertips twitched, and the heart monitor went faster, faster, then flat.



I know its not that long, but this needed to happen, hope you liked it. I think the bit in the bathroom is the cutest thing, its so sad. LKE, COMMENT AND FAVOURITE.

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