Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


24. Doll.

Zayn's Pov


Though the room was silent, then all the boys let out a laugh. 'Stop being stupid, you had us worried' Liam spoke, I didn't though. The panic in Louis's eyes were to frantic for me to be relaxed. 'He's not joking' I told them, I walked up to him. 'Your not joking' I spoke, my tone dark and threatening, the boys then noticed I was serious and that Louis was serious. 'Your joking right? Tell them your joking' Niall spoke, his innocence shining through. Louis just looked at Niall and shook his head, 'I'm sorry' he whispered, 'Your tried to fucking kill her!' I yelled and lunged at him, grabbing him and pushing him against the wall, 'I didn't want to' he spoke, 'But you fucking tried' I yelled. Though I was weak from the accident, I wasn't going to let him hurt her she was still mine.


'Where is she now?' I asked him, 'I don't know' he whispered, 'Well I would fucking start thinking!' I shouted at him. 'She ran away! Okay, I tried to stop her!' Louis tried to defend himself. 'After you tried to kill her' I growled, 'No, I didn't end up going though with it' he spoke, 'Why would you even do that?' Liam asked Louis, 'Its difficult to explain' he spoke, 'Why didn't you do it?' I asked, 'You could of, your stronger than her, why didn't you?' I whispered, 'You'll hate me' he spoke, 'Say it' I snapped, 'I love her' he spoke, I punched him as soon as he said her, he fell to the floor. 'I probably deserved that' he spoke wiping his lip.


'We need to go and find her' I spoke, grabbing my jacket. 'Your in no fit state to go anywhere' Harry told me, 'You might be the one that she loves but that isn't going to stop me finding her' I spoke. 'She's love you Zayn you know it' Harry told me, 'Can we stop discussing this and try and find her please?' Liam spoke. 'Come on' I spoke, 'You get your stuff out of my house, or its going in the bin' I snapped, 'I want you gone by tonight' I finished. I am coming Brook.


Brook's Pov

I went back to Courtney's house, afterwards. I told her everything that had happened. 'I can't believe that' she spoke, 'I know, I didn't think Louis was like that' I sighed, 'How's.. er.. Niall' she blushed, I smiled at her 'He is okay, have you seen him lately?' I asked her, she shook her head. I looked passed her, 'Really?' I smirked pointing to a shirt that I was sure was Niall’s. 'He came around a few days ago' she smiled. 'Are you two like... you know?' I asked her, she shook her head, 'I think we both know Niall is no place for a relationship right now' she spoke, 'It's not that, he just wouldn't want you getting hurt' I spoke, she nodded in agreement.


My phone rang. I looked and it was Louis, I answered it. 'What do you want?' I asked him, holding in tear. 'Zayn is looking for you, he knows what I tried to do' he spoke, 'And your still breathing' I asked, he laughed. 'He should still be in hospital' I told him, 'He discharged himself' he spoke, 'For me?' I asked him, 'No' he whispered, I don't know why I got my hopes up. 'Oh' I spoke, 'I am sorry Brook' he told me, 'Goodbye Louis' I whispered. I hung up the phone, and I didn't cry, no more was I going to cry for people who didn't deserve my tears.


I decided to call Zayn. The phone rang three times before he answered, 'Brook? Where are you, are you hurt, did her do anything to you?' he asked me all his words rushed. 'I am okay Zayn, please stop looking for me' I told him, 'Brook' he whispered, 'You told me to go, so I am... I am going to go home now, so its fine' I told him, I was going to pack up my things and check into a hotel for a while, until I got my head sorted and until all this had blown over. 'Okay, I think we need to have a word any way' he spoke, I nodded though he couldn't see. 'Goodbye' I told him and hung up the phone.


'I am going to have to go' I spoke to Courtney, she gave me her number and walked me out. I began to walk down the street, as it was cold the wind continued to blow me back. I heard a loud car beep, and it pulled over beside me. 'Hey' I heard, I looked and saw Joe the boy for before, 'Hey' I smiled back lightly, 'You okay, you look really pale' he spoke and grabbed my arm, 'Long night, unexpected events' I sighed, 'Well come on, I am going to take you home then' he told me, 'I have been in cars with strangers before, it never ends well' I smiled, he smirked, 'I am no stranger' I laughed at him. 'You sure you don't understand the concept of stranger' I laughed.


I sat in his car, and turned up the heat. 'So why such a long night?' he asked me, 'Would you believe me if I said one of my friends had a plan to kill me, then his mad brother strangled me, and my ex boyfriend was out hunting for me and discharged himself from hospital then I met my old friend who's boyfriend ended up trying to kill us?' I asked him, he smirked and titled his head to the side, 'Would anyone believe that?' I asked him, he shook his head, 'No' he smirked, 'Then, I have just had a busy night' I told him. 'So what you doing when you get home?' he asked me, 'I am going to pack up my bags, and find a hotel for a while until everything is sorted out' I told him, 'You can't' he shook his head, 'Why?' I raised my eye brows, 'I have a spare room, I still live with my parents and my sister has just moved out, you should come there for a while, there’s no point in you wasting money' he spoke.


'Would they mind?' I asked him, he shook his head. 'Can I trust you, cause the last person I was alone with wanted me dead' I sighed, 'I wouldn't ever kill someone' he told me, I smiled. 'Thank you' I smile. We pulled up outside the house, and the lights were on. 'It's probably best you wait there, Zayn can be.... aggressive' I sighed, he nodded 'I will wait' he spoke, I nodded and walked out of the car, and right up to the front door.


I pushed the door open and I was straight away confronted by three faces that were happy to see me, Harry ran right over and grabbed me and hugged me so tightly, 'Nice to see you too' I spoke so tiredly, he let me go. 'We had no idea that's what he was like Brook' Liam told me, I nodded. 'He didn't touch you did he?' Niall asked so innocently, I shook my head. 'Where is he now?' I asked, 'he left about ten minutes ago, he was packing , he's gone' Zayn spoke from deep in the mist. 'Boys, we need a word... alone' he spoke, the boys nodded and scurried off. 'Zayn please I have nothing to say to you' I told him, walking up the stairs.


'Brook' Zayn's tone was low, and annoyance was present. 'No Zayn stop! I am tired! I am fed up, I am let down. I just want you too leave me alone, you wanted me to leave you alone, so do me a favour and stop trying to fix things you can't' I shouted at him, 'Brook' he said again, the way he said my name made me so desperate to turn around and grab him, and kiss him. 'Please talk to me' he begged, 'No Zayn, I can't keep doing this, there is so much back and forth, so stop' I told him walking upstairs.


I got to my room but as I was about to close the bedroom door Zayn stopped it with his arm on the door and he pushed it open. 'Your being stubborn' he told me, 'I don't care, can you get out please' I told him, 'my house, my rules' he whispered. I grabbed my bag, and put it on the bed and began to pack clothes, 'What are you doing?' he asked me, walking over. 'I am staying at a friends house for a while' I told him, 'Are you going to shag that friend too?' he snapped, I looked up to him. 'Excuse me?' I asked, 'Well you have pretty much shagged all of mine, best start making more' he told me, 'Fuck off' I spat.


'YOU SHAGGED HARRY WHEN I WAS DYING!' He yelled, 'Because I thought you didn't love me! I thought that was what I wanted, I wanted to feel something other than you, see what its like to be with someone else. To see what it was like not loving you' I whispered the last part, 'I can't be here Zayn, seeing you with Perrie, knowing you bet on me, knowing Harry has feelings for, and knowing I might end up loving him, loving you so much that it kills me, seeing the boys get hurt because of me! I would be better of dead and you know I would' I shouted, and he came over and grabbed me. 'Don't say that' he whispered, and pushed me back, so I was again the wall, he brushed my blonde hair out of my face.


'Did you know tonight, when Louis wouldn't push me I jumped... I jumped off a cliff because I thought that could solve everyone's problems' I began to feel tears, 'It wouldn't solve anything' he whispered, 'But it would thought! No one would be after you guys! You would still be friends with Harry, if I wasn't here, if you never met me! Things would be a lot better' I shout at him, pushing on his chest so I can move.'If you weren't here, my life wouldn't be worth anything, I would have nothing to fight for' he whispered, 'Then when did you stop fighting for me?'' I asked him, he looked away from me. 'That's what I thought' I whispered, and carried on packing.


Then he watched. He watched as each piece of fabric and clothing entered the bag, 'Please don't do this' he whispered, 'I can't stay here' I told him, 'I am not safe' I told him again. 'You think I would really let anyone hurt you' he spoke, 'Louis did' I spoke, he then snapped. Like all the angry, and emotion the night had suddenly hit him. 'HE HAD EVERYONE FOOLED NOT JUST YOU! STOP ACTING LIKE I DIDN'T CARE, YOU KNOW I DID. EVERYTHING I EVER DID WAS BECAUSE I LOVED YOU!' he shouted, 'YOU KNOW WHAT GO THEN! TAKE YOU BAGS, AND FUCKING GO! CLEARLY I AM NOT WHAT YOU WANT! WHAT I WROTE IN THAT NOTE BOOK WAS TRUE! I AM NEVER GOING TO BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU AM I BROOK? NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRIED. HERE LET ME HELP YOU WITH YOU BAGS?!' He yelled, and ripped my bag from the bed.


'Zayn stop, your acting like a child!' I shouted at him, 'YOUR THE ONE FUCKIGN LEAVING, WORSE HAS HAPPENED, I TOLD YOU I LOVED YOU WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!' He shouted, throwing my bag out of the front door it opened and my clothes lay there of the floor, salty tears grazed my cheeks. 'WHAT DO I WANT!? I WANT YOU TO FUCKING MEAN IT WHEN YOU SAY IT!' I shouted, crying picking up my clothes and putting them in the bag again. 'DON'T BOTHER COMING BACK, I DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE AGAIN' Zayn yelled, I cried so hard for the boy who was breaking my heart yet again. Just as Zayn was about to slam the door, a dirty blonde haired boy came over, and ran to my side. 'You okay angel?' he asked me, wiping my cheeks and brushing hair back.


'Who the fuck is this?' Zayn stepped back out of the house, I stood up so weak in Joe's arms. 'C-Can we go?' I cried, he nodded. Zayn ran over and yanked back on my wrist, 'Brook' he spoke, 'Get off her' Joe snapped, 'Don't tell me what to fucking do' Zayn snapped right back. 'Stop it' I cried, 'Just stop' I sobbed. 'Zayn, you don't get the choice on who I go with any more' I whispered, 'Joe please, can we go' I grabbed his arm, he nodded. 'Brook, I'm sorry' Zayn called, 'Out of all the things you've done, this is the worst, betting on fine, saying that you don't want me, ok, saying you don't want to see me. alright... but not telling me that you love me after all this, that hurts the most' I told him, 'Come doll' Joe spoke, and that familiar nickname, sent back 1000 memories, and scared me that it was all going to happen again.


I nearly cried!

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