Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


28. Die.

Hey Brother - Avici

Counting Stars- One republic

Compass - Lady Atabellum


Brook's Pov


I just blanked out after my episode. I picked my heavy head up from the bed sheets that smelt like home, with a hint of vodka. I tried to open my eyes, and see what was holding me, though I already knew who it would be. I turned over, and lay on my back trying to ready myself. When I did open my eyes, I sat up to fast and the room spun for a while. I looked and saw Zayn, his hand was on the bottom of my back, he didn't utter a word neither did I. He just moved closer in, I turned so my legs dangled from the bed, 'Do you want a glass of water?' he asked me, I nodded slowly. He stood up to get me a glass of water, I was going to have some serious explaining to do wasn't I?


I stood up and looked out the window, I saw Harry and Liam in the front garden, both stood with a cigarette in there hands. I sighed heavily, the door reopened. I turned my head and gave Zayn a weak smile, I took the water from him. I held it softly and turned back to look out the window. 'How are you feeling?' I asked him, he chuckled 'Shouldn't I be asking you?' he asked me, I turned to him and walked over to the bed and sat down beside him. 'What was all that about doll?' he asked me, I looked up straight ahead, I wasn't even sure myself.


'I don't know, I just... lost it' I told him, touched my arm to stop me clenching my fist. 'I should go and fix your hand up' he told me, I nodded and let him take me to the kitchen where the first aid kit always was. I sat down at the table, and Zayn sat in front of me. 'Isn't this strange?' he asked me, 'me fixing you up' he smiled at me, I nodded no smile returned. 'Brook say something' he told me, 'I am just so tired Zayn' I told him, 'Of what?' he asked me, 'Everything, all the arguing, fighting, everything' I sighed softly, 'I just want it to be us and nothing else' I told him honestly.


'I want you to take me away, I will miss the boys like hell, Liam saved me, Louis he hurt me, Niall was like my brother, and Harry-...' I cut myself short, 'he is leaving anyway' I told him softly, I looked down. He sighed and put down the bloody wipe, 'I will take you anywhere you want, we just need to get the drugs things done' he whispered, 'I don't want any part in it...' I stood up, 'Brook' he sighed, 'It was your smart idea to say yes in the first place' he spoke to me, 'It's me or them' I told him, 'Zayn... please choose me' I begged him.


'I will get Liam and Niall to do it' he whispered, I sighed and thanked him. 'I just can't do it anymore' I told him, he nodded and hugged me tightly. 'I won't push you away anymore' he told me, and held me. I pulled back, 'I don't want to ask to much from you' I told him pulling back, he shook his head 'Your not, I want you to be happy again' he smiled at me, I hugged his torso. 'Sorry are we interrupting' I heard, I turned and it was Harry and Liam. I pulled away and shook my head, Zayn held my hand. 'I am going to spend sometime with Brook' Zayn spoke pulling me from them.


We got back upstairs, after leaving them. 'Zayn... I want you to do one more thing for me' I whispered looking down at the floor, 'What?' he asked me, 'Go out with Harry' I told him, he snapped his head to me. 'What?' he snapped, 'I just want you two to be friends, not brothers, friends... you haven't been the same since I got involved, I don't want him to leave and you regret not spending time with him' I told him, 'That is highly unlikly' he scowled, 'Zayn please, I don't feel this guilty about it, I won't make you do it, but just one night, go and get drunk with him, talk to him, have a laugh' I told him, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair, 'Why are you so persuading?' he sighed, and I smiled at him, 'You'll do it?' I asked him, he nodded.


I smiled and walked over to him, and touched his stubbed face, I turned his head to mine, and I kissed him so softly. I smiled into the kiss, and his arms fell around me, and my fingers ran through his hair. I jumped around him, and he lay me down on the bed, I smiled and he kissed down my neck. It felt good, but so strange. I was just getting use to not having him be like this, I was finally getting over this addiction he gave me one more taste and I was hooked again. He started to try and pull up my shirt, his hands were soft, when he reached my bra before I could stop him something stopped him. 'No, Not yet... It's going to take time' he told me, I nodded.


If only was enough for Zayn to hold me.


He groaned pulling back, 'We will wait' he spoke, I nodded. I kissed him softly. 'You should get ready to go out' I told him, he nodded and groaned again. 'I will go and tell Harry' I spoke, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back, I knew this was going to be a challenge, 'Okay' he whispered and dropped my arm. I walked away from him confused, and tired. I walked down the stairs lightly, and found the boys in the living room. 'Harry, you and Zayn are going out tonight' I told him, 'What?' he asked me, 'I want you two make up before you leave, I want you to leave friends with Zayn' I told him, 'I don't think that will happen' he spoke, 'Zayn agreed, can you?' I asked him, he sighed and nodded. 'Fine' he spoke, 'I will go with them, make sure they don't kill each other' Liam spoke looking at Harry. I had a feeling that was a dig at Harry for nearly killing Zayn days earlier.


Zayn came down the stairs. 'Are you going to be okay on your own?' he asked me, I nodded and he kissed my forehead. 'Harry?' I called back into the living room, 'Zayn is ready' I told him, he nodded and stood up walked to Zayn. 'Play nice now boys' I told them, 'Are you sure you'll be okay?' Zayn asked again, 'Go' I told him, he smiled. 'Bye!' I called, both boys turned and shouted bye to me, then looked at each other, and I laughed and closed the front door on them, Liam ran along behind them, not getting involved just letting them get along with what I asked them to. I was nice to see them talking.


I waited for the silence, and it was great to finally hear. I went into the living room, and lay down on the couch. For the first time in days I felt good. It was quiet, things were working out. I lay there for hours, asleep. I didn't dream, I just lay there in silence, sleeping and it was the only thing that I could completely welcome in. Then the draws cluttered in the kitchen.


I opened my eyes, and stretched. I stood and walked just to the door, and listened. 'Dude, I can't hide this... No... I didn't want to in the first place... you need to come and get it!... Louis!' he shouted, I stepped into the room hearing his name. 'Ni?' I asked him, he turned around and went to speak, but stopped himself 'I will call you back' he spoke, and put his phone down. 'What can't you hide?' I asked him stepping forward, 'Brook please don't, just go back to sleep you look tired' he told me, 'Niall, move out of my way' I ordered, 'No' he shook his head, 'Niall let me see what's in that draw' I snapped at him, he shook his head again. 'Niall move!' I shouted, he looked down and still didn't move.


I shoved him out of the way, and he fought to get back to me, but I already opened the draw. I stopped, everything stopped. 'Brook...' Niall whispered. I ignored him. I looked deep into the draw, pulling away a white piece of cloth stained with crimson, finding a bloody silver knife hidden beneath. 'Don't touch it, your finger prints will be on it' he told me, I pulled my hand back from it, and wrapped a tea towel around the knifes handle, and picked it up. 'Why do you have this?' I asked him, 'It's not what it looks like' he told me, 'Niall' I warned, 'If you don't start talking, I will call the police' I shouted.


'Okay Okay! Look Last night when you were waiting for Harry to get back I went out, I met up with Louis and Louis told me he needed me to hide this for him' he explained, 'Your still talking to him after everything he did?' I asked him, 'he's like family' he whispered, I nodded for him to continue, 'Do you want me to tell you everything Louis told me?' he asked me, I took a shaky breath and nodded. 'Then put that in the draw and we will sit down' he told me, I did as he said.


(Louis's Pov – Flash Back)


I was on the phone to Niall he was telling me that Brook had just been kicked out by Zayn, I swear this is all my fault, I started this if I hadn't have tried to kill her, then she wouldn't of ran away and so on and so forth. I couldn't stop thinking of William. I was going to kill him, why did I even listen to him, I love Brook more than him so why did I listen. She's more of a sibling that what he could ever be. 'I am going to kill him' I whispered, 'Who are you going to kill?' Niall asked on the end of the phone, 'William' I told him, 'Don't be ridiculous mate' he told me, 'I'm not, I am going to go and fucking kill him' I shouted down the phone at him, 'Louis think about what your doing!' Niall shouted, I shook my head and laughed 'I was so stupid' I yelled, and grabbed a knife, I had clear intentions in my mind, and they weren't going to do any one any good.


I hung up on Niall, and grabbed my coat and headed for Williams place. I banged heavily on the door, and it flung open. 'Oh hello' I saw a pretty girl, 'Leave' I ordered her, she cocked her head excuse me. 'Willam tell your tart for the evening to leave' I shouted, 'Oh Louis...' I heard William, 'yeah you should probably go Emma' he spoke, 'It's Claire' she pouted, 'Same thing, go' he told her, she grabbed her bag and left.


'Nice to see you so soon' William smiled, 'I know why your here' he told me, 'Oh yeah?' I asked, 'Yeah that knife sticking out of your pocket made it very clear' William spoke lighting up a cigar. 'Your here to kill me, then you'll go and beg for Brook to forgive you, happily ever after right?' William asked me, I shook with anger. 'Stop trying to be the good guy' he chuckled, 'Your not' he puffed and blew the smoke away. 'I am better than you' I told him, 'You tell your self that but your not' he spoke, 'Have one it will calm you down' he spoke pointing to the cigars, I shook my head. 'So come on then, I am waiting?' William spoke, 'For?' I asked, 'Your going to stab me aren't you, are you saying that wasn't for me?' he asked me, leaving a sick smirk.


'Your a dirty little man, your not my brother' I shook my head, 'Really, I am not the one who was going to push someone over a cliff and pretend like they knew nothing about it' he teased, 'I wouldn't of done it' I told him, 'really? Who are you trying to convince me or you?' he smirked, 'I wouldn't off!' I shouted, 'Why because you love her?' he asked me, I looked down, 'Oh you do?!' he smiled and laughed, 'That's just too precious!' he laughed at me, I felt small. 'Come on then Louis... do it' he spoke, 'Or are you going to chicken out like you did when it came to killing her' he smiled wickedly, he walked over and took the knife from my pocket and put it in my hand, and raised it to his throat, 'Right here?' he asked me, as he held my hand to his neck with blade, I shook.


He laughed, 'Just go Louis, I don't need you anymore, I have what I need' he spoke, 'What's that suppose to mean?' I asked him, 'It means your no brother of mine either' he whispered, 'Go' he spoke and pushed me out the door. I kicked the door for him to let me back in but he didn't open it, I gave up. Why couldn't I do it? I wanted to, I mean I really wanted to. I wanted to kill him so much. I left the apartment block, and took the side streets home, I say home, the hotel. Walking for about 25 minutes, my feet hurt, I heard a familiar voice, call my name. 'Did you miss me sweet cheek?' I heard, I snapped my head around looking for the voice, when I saw her I rolled my eyes. 'Fuck off' I seethed, 'Now that's a little bit rude' she smirked, and walked over to me in her heels.


'Mia leave me alone' I snapped, 'I am in no mood for your bullshit tonight' I spoke. 'I was only coming to say hello' she smiled, 'You know, you really had the best opourtunity to kill her' she smirked, 'How did you know?' I asked her, 'Word spreads fast' she smirked. 'I would of done it for you if you would of just asked' she grinned, and tried to touch my dick. 'Oh fuck of I don't want to hear you games tonight' I told her about to walk off. 'Really?' she called, I stopped and turned to her. 'You know, I thought you were amazing, everything I could want and then you came and ruined everything, I am never going to go near you again, and if brook hates me or not, I am going to everything I can to protect her from bitches like you' I shout at her, 'I love it when you talk dirty' she grinned.


'Brook, is going to be dead soon, the boys are all leaving, William isn't your brother, and well you... your going to be all alone in this world and there isn't anything you can do' she spoke. 'Really?' I asked, 'Yes, because you see everyone is going to leave you Louis... just like Cece did... you break everyone, and Cece... well she's next on my list' she spoke, and with that I sunk the silver blade into the pit of her stomach, 'And everyone is going to forget about you' I whispered, and twisited the knife, she fell and I took the knife. Then reality hit, what had I done?


'Niall?!' I panicked down the phone, 'I-I... SHE'S' I couldn't speak, 'Louis, what is it?' he asked me, 'Mia... she's dead... I stabbed her' he whispered.




Brook's Pov.


'Joe was out this morning, he was looking for her wasn't he?... and Louis.. oh my god... Louis killed Mia' I whispered and covered my mouth.

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