Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


75. Dark.

Brook’s Pov.


Four more weeks had passed. Tensions had rose in the separate lives we were living. I was happy with Zayn, well as happy as I could be. However, Zayn began to become irritated at the fact I spent a lot of time with the other boys. Liam and Zayn held such a hatred for each other at this point, that they wouldn’t even exchange a simple “Hello” when dropping me of, and picking me up. It was like two parents that had, had a divorce and I was stuck between to the two of them. Niall and Louis had bought a flat together, but argued occasionally, over little things, but now they had fallen out with Liam over something to do with Dominic and Riley, Liam had been distancing himself and they accused him of associating with the enemy. So, needless to say Liam hadn’t taken kindly to that remark. So with Liam hating everyone of the boys, and Zayn not talking to Liam, it had become increasing hard to maintain a steady friendship with them all. As for Harry, no one had heard from him. Except one time, when Louis said he had bumped into him. He had new tattoo’s, longer hair, and a whole different personality. I had done that too him. However, I rarely had time to think about Harry. I was still waiting for Steve to hurt what I was working on with Zayn, and also I was trying to help Becca find her own apartment with her new boyfriend. 


I was sick of all the petty arguing between the boys, so I had invited them all over today. No one knew, that the person they hated would be over. I had told Liam, that Zayn was out with Luke and Becca. I had invited Louis and Niall over, telling them, “It’s been far to long, since just the three of us hung out”. They were more than happy to come over, unlike Liam, they would of been civil if Zayn was here, but I knew they would probably find some sort of excuse. So I told them the same lie I had told Liam. I had asked Becca to take Luke out of the house, so me and Zayn could have some “Alone time” and she was more than happy to help. Zayn thought I had a day of romance planned for the two of us, when in reality, there was going to be a lot of shouting, swearing and fighting. I couldn’t go on living like this though, telling each boy that I was fine with their hatred for the other. They would all be over by 1pm. That is when they were all due over. So for now I was getting ready, I heard Becca leave. I stepped out of the bedroom, and walked down to the living room where Zayn was. 


“Hey, you look nice” Zayn smiled at me, ‘I thought we were staying in?” he asked me, and I nodded, “We are… I just… thought I would put in some effort” I smiled at him, and he laughed and me softly. “So what do you have planned for me, Miss. Green?” he asked me, and I smile tenderly. He really wasn’t going to like this. “Well…” I was cut off, by a loud banging at the door. That would be the boys, well one of them. “I will get that” Zayn spoke, “No!… I mean… sit down, I will get it” I smiled at him softly, planting a tender kiss on his lips. I left him, and walked to the door, opening it I saw that it was Liam. “Hey” he smiled and hugged me tightly, in one of his air taking hugs. “Hi” I smile back at him, as he lets me go. “So what is the exactly for, you never invite me over to here?” he spoke, “I though it was about time, I mean we are always at your place” I shrug casually. “Just go in the living room” I point to a door, Liam raised his eyebrows but did as I asked. I take in a sharp breath, as his hand reached the already half open door, and pushed it forward. “This is a ni-.. Your fucking kidding me” Liam stopped mid sentence, and didn’t move. Then he turned to look at me, and I tried to grin at him, but he didn’t grin back. “Move out of my way Brook” Liam spoke, as I stood in front of the door. “Brook what is going on?” I heard Zayn’s loud voice, and I sighed as he came out of the living room too. 


“What the fuck is he doing here?” Liam asked frowning, “It’s my house” Zayn snapped. “She said you wouldn’t be here, that is the only reason I am here now” Liam frowned, “Brook, you said that we-..” he was cut off by another loud knock at the door, and through the stained glass, two blurred figures appeared, I flashed a weary smile, and Liam ran his fingers through his hair, whilst Zayn held a stern glare at me. I turned and opened the door, and Niall and Louis stood with grins on their faces. “Hey guys, come on in” I pulled open the door for them, as they walked in, they barley made it through the door, before turning to scowl at me. I nudged them further in, and then slammed the door locking it. “What the fuck are you doing?” Zayn asked me, “No one is leaving, until we are all friends again, is that clear?” I tell him. “Brook, give me the key” Liam walked over to me, and held his hand in front of me, but I moved passed him. “It’s about time you all grew up, Liam you need to accept the fact that Zayn is my boyfriend again, and that yes he made some pretty bad mistakes, but it’s my choice to be with him, Louis and Niall, you don’t need to feel uncomfortable around me and Zayn, we are still the same people we have always been, and you shouldn’t of just accused Liam like that, you would of reacted the exact same way if he had of accused you! and Zayn? You need to let me hang around with them, I love spending time with you, but you promised you’d let me breath, you need to be the bigger person and let me loose” I spoke and then took a deep breath at the end. 


“Brook, don’t make me do this” Liam begged me, walking closer to me. “I am not going stay stuck in the middle of your petty arguments” I frowned at him. “What do you suggest? We sit around and talk about our feelings?” Zayn snapped at me, “I expect you, to put your differences aside and remember that you were friends before you met me” I tell him. I walked into the living room and the four of the followed. “So, what is this group fucking counselling?” Louis rolled his eyes, “Everyone stop, Brook is right, it’s pathetic what we are doing to each other, this is what Dominic wants! He knows we are weak, we need to sort all this bull shit out, if we are ever going to be strong enough to take him down” Niall spoke, and I sent him a thankful smile. “How do we even know we can take him down, I mean Zayn worked with him for six months! He still could be” Liam spoke, “You know I wouldn’t do that, you know I had to fucking work with him to keep Brook safe!” Zayn yelled at Liam. “You know we all could of kept her safe, if you had of just stayed!” Liam shouted, “He has a point, Zayn, you know we all could of protected her” Louis spoke, “Do I? Because last time I checked, you tried to fucking murder her” Zayn shouted at Louis, “You can’t use that against me!” Louis shouted, “Once a murder, Always a murder” Liam spoke up. Well at least, Zayn and Liam had agreed on one thing, though it be Louis’s murdering habits. It was still a start. 


“Move on” I spoke up. “Liam, why do you hate Zayn?” I sighed, putting my head into my hands. “Because he is a liar, and a cheat, he only ever hurt you, but I really still don’t understand how you can love him after everything he did to you!” Liam’s voice got louder. “Zayn, you were my best friend for a long time, and I don’t know how it got to this, to me physically feeling sick at the sight of you, I helped you every time you ever asked for help, anytime Brook needed saving, sure I did it for her, but I did it for you! By helping you, I ruined any shot at a normal life, I mean we all did! I can’t do the wife and baby thing, because if I did, they’d get hurt by something, I helped you with! You’ve ruined my life” Liam spoke. “We all helped you Zayn, we all did things we never though we would have to do, we have all nearly died to save your relationship, and you’ve never so much as given us a thank you” Louis spoke up. Well, now Louis and Liam were agreeing on something. How much Zayn had ruined their life. If Zayn hadn’t met me, none of this would ever of happened. “You know maybe, I am bias, because I am Zayn’s girlfriend, but you can’t blame him for that, it was your choices that got you here! You could of said no, you could of walked away from us at any point, but you all stayed, you can’t blame him for your choices” I frowned looking at the two boys. “You’d be dead if it weren’t for us” Liam snapped, “Maybe that is how it should of been then! I had escaped death so many times, and you have risked your life too many times just to save me, but it wasn’t Zayn that told you to do that! You did it your self, because you good people, and I promise, one day your going to be happy, but for now you got into this mess with us, your going to get out of it with us too” I snapped at him. 


“Can I say something?” Niall asked, and we all looked over to him. “We’ve been through so much together, and yes, a lot of it has been bad, we’ve had to deal with some dick heads, and we’ve all nearly died at least once… but I wouldn’t change it” he smiled, “I wouldn’t change anything, we may have had mad times, but we’ve had some pretty good times too. After that summer back in 09. I never thought I would see you guys again, and it’s been an amazing year and half with you guys, at least we can say we did something good before we died! I never even imagined seeing you again Brook after we dated, but some how by some Devine coincidence, we made it here, and I don’t know about you guys, but I am so happy I got the change to save Brook Green” Niall smiled at me, and then to the other boys, who all looked a little ashamed of themselves for being so petty about it. “And I am so glad, I got to meet these five amazing boys that saved my life… and come on guys! How many people can say, they dealt with kidnap, murder, three gangs, a fake death, liars, impostors, and drug smuggling? We made it through it all guys, and look 5/6 people isn’t bad” I laughed softly at them. “Not many people can say it” Louis smirked at me, and I smiled softly back at him. “So, that’s it everything is fine now?” Liam rolled his eyes, and I sighed sitting next to him. 


“What is the real problem you’ve got?” I asked him, clear that he hadn’t said everything he had been thinking. “You, your the problem” he whispered, all eyes turned to Liam. “Me?” I asked him, “I love you, Brook, I wouldn’t of done all the shit of you if I didn’t… but what you do…” he whispered, “What I do?” I asked him, “You hurt people Brook, the amount of times all of us have opened our hearts to you, hoping maybe you’d love us, and you don’t, you still love the boy that broke you and would do it again if he had too… I am over it now Brook, really, I couldn’t ever be in a relationship with you, I see you like my sister, but what sickens me the most is… what Zayn did you to you, you went and did to Harry, and now no one knows where he is, what is doing, or if he is even the same man that left us!… After all the hurt you went through being left, you went and did the same to him, but you let him say “I do”” he whispered to me, and I sighed looking down. “You broke him in so many ways, and I just don’t know how you could do it after you’d be through it” he spoke, “I didn’t, I gave him a reason, you had tried talking me out of it so many times! How can you sit there and tell me what I did was wrong, when all three of you tried to convince me not to do it!” I stand up shouting, “Because we told you not to before the wedding, you left seconds before you were meant to agree to be his forever” Liam told me, “I know what I did was bad, but now he is free, free from this life!” I shout, “Well how come he is the one that gets to be happy, and not any of us?” Liam stood up staring me in the eyes. 


“I wouldn’t leave, even if I go offered to be happy” Louis stood up and I looked over to him, “Everything Niall said is right, and what Brook said, we made these choices, and I wouldn’t change any of the ones I made, because it brought us to now” he spoke. “Sure, we might be missing Harry, but if Brook had of told him sooner, things could of been so much worse, Brook, might not of got back with Zayn, we might not even know each other now” Louis spoke, “We’ve all made mistakes Liam, each of us, but friends forget about them and move on” Louis spoke. “Look, I know I hurt harry, and I know you all got caught in the cross fire, but I am never going to hurt anyone the way I hurt him again” I spoke softly, and they all looked at me. “So, what do we do now?” Liam asked me, “We build a bridge and get over all this bullshit” Niall stood up, and I turned around realising Zayn had been silent for the last ten minutes. “What do you feel about all of this?” I asked, and everyone turned to him. “I think we are all fucking mad” Zayn stood up, and paced a little. “We are starting all this gang shit up again” he smirked up but worry crossed through his eyes, “We have lost a lot of people, people hate, and people we care about… I am sorry Liam, for being a dick, but I am not working with Dominic, as soon as he killed Cassie, I got out of there, that wasn’t the type of person I wanted to be involved with, I mean I never wanted to be involved with him in the first place.. but I wouldn’t leave her again, and I wouldn’t ever dream of hurting her” Zayn spoke, walking closer to Liam, “You better not, I won’t forgive you if you hurt her again… though she has pulled a fair bit of shit, I care about her, and I wouldn’t hesitate to snap your neck if you left her again” Liam had a soft playful smirk pull at his lips. 


Liam and Zayn hugged, and patted each other on the back, and I have a light smile, and warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. “Join in on the group hug” Liam looked at me, offering me a hand. I smiled and walked over, and hugged the two boys tightly, then letting go to see Niall and Louis. “I love you all, okay? Don’t ever forget that” I whispered. They let me go, and we all went into the kitchen. People laughed, and messed around, we ordered in some Chinese food, and sat around the table messing around. “Thank you” Zayn purred in my ear, “For what?” I asked him, taking his hand in mine. “For this… I didn’t realise what I had until it was gone” he smiled at me, and pecked my lips, looking around at the other boys. “You know, I do stupid things like this so we can be happy, we aren’t happy with out them” I spoke, “We are, we just aren’t as happy” he told me, and I smiled up at him. “You know I love you, I know the way I talk about Harry makes you uncomfortable, but I won’t let you go” I told him, and he kissed me again, “I know, you feel guilty, but I promise you’ll feel better about to all soon enough” he smiled at me, “Do you feel better about what you did to me?” I asked, he shook his head with a painful frown on his face, “I’m never going to forgive myself for what I did to you” he whispered, and I sighed, “I forgive you” I told him. 


Everyone continued eating and talking, filling each other in with what was going on in there lives. They teased each other, and bickered, but it was like it should be. I heard the phone ring, sharply interrupting the moment and I stood up to get giving smiles to the boys at the table. I walked over to the phone, and picked it up, pressing it against my ear. “Hello?” I asked, “Hey, Doll” I heard. I gulped and stepped out of the kitchen, the now good day, ruined by two little words, and one dreadful voice. “Miss me?” I heard, “Steve, please” I whispered, walking down the hall. “I gave you two months, is that not enough?” he asked me, and I looked to my feet, pressing my back against the wall, to stop my legs from letting me fall. “Steve, don’t do this, don’t ruin what I have, I am so sorry about Cassie, but she was stick of being told where to go, and who to stay with” I explained, “Don’t you fucking say her name” he snarled down the phone, hissing like a snake at its prey. “You took her away from me, now I am going to take what you love away from you, it won’t be all at once, I will do it slowly… and then… I will be coming for you” he told me, and I closed my eyes. “Besides, I have some new people that are itching to meet you, you see i’ve been getting stronger, making some new allies, people that will out smoke the lot of you” he told me, and I gulped. “Please, Steve, you don’t want to do this!” I talk a little louder, but not loud enough to disrupt the conversation in the kitchen.


“I will be around you house in about an hour, don’t bother trying to run… “ he trailed off, and I heard voices in the background. “Bye doll” I heard, and he hung up. I slammed the phone down on the side, and tried to pull myself together. After a few deep breaths, I realised I didn’t have the time to mentally prepare myself for this. I rush into the kitchen, and the boys still in conversation glance at me, but continue. Then they look at me again, and see the panic in my eyes. “Who was on the phone, Brook?” Zayn asked me, standing up. “Steve” I whispered. “What about him?” Liam stood up next. “I should of told you weeks ago, but I just wanted things to settle down before anything else happened” I rush over my words, “Brook, what is going on?” Zayn asked me, reaching for me. “When Cassie died, Steve came around, he told me it was all my fault she was dead, and that he was going to take everything from me, he’d kill me” I whispered, “You never told me he threatened to kill you?!” Zayn yelled, “Because you weren't there for me to tell you” I shouted. “Have your domestic issues later, what did he just say?” Liam asked me, “He is coming over in an hour, he has a new gang, new people, he’s stronger than what he was before” I whispered, and turned around pacing the floor. “If you’d of told us we could of been ready for this!” Louis exclaimed, “I thought he was just mad, he had lost his daughter” I defend myself. “Right, we need to be ready if he is bringing people with him” Liam spoke, “Here, in the garage there is a box, and it has a few hand guns in” Zayn threw the key at Liam, “You said you got rid of those” I frowned, “Well it’s a good thing I didn’t, isn’t it?” he snarled at me. 


For the next 30 mins, a plan of action was agreed upon. We were all to appear at the door when Steve arrive. Louis and Niall would have a gun each, and Zayn and Liam were to use there fists, as they were stronger than the other too. I was to do neither, no gun or fists, I was ordered to run if things got out of control. “You have to do what we say, we don’t know how many of them there will be, and how strong they are” Liam turned to me, “What if they hurt you?” I spoke looking at everyone, they didn’t answer, and carried on prepping. Zayn was stood over near the sink, looking out of the window. “Say something” I spoke, he hadn’t even looked at me in the past hour. “You kept this a secret for two months, I spoke to him in the street, when I should of been fucking killing him” he frowned, and finally turned to look at me. “You were suppose to tell me things like this, I asked you, I begged to know if there was anything more to know about what happened before we got back together, and you looked me in the eye and told me no” he snapped, with a low voice, so the boys wouldn’t hear him. “I’m sorry” I whispered, “Yeah, well it looks like we are having to save your life again” he turned away, “He threatened you and the boys too” I follow him down the hall, “Which is all the more reason you should of told me, not only have you put yourself in danger you put us in danger too!” he shouted at me. “I said I was sorry” I whispered, he ignored me then.


We waited fifteen more minutes, and then a heavy knock came from the door. We all looked to each other, and I stood up first. Leading the way. I looked back to make sure all the boys were there, and then I opened the door. The sent of liquor smacked me across the face, and I stare at the man responsible. “You brought you own back up to? Well that is cute” he smirked at me, “Steve, don’t do this” I whispered. “I told you Brook, you’ve started a war you don’t know how to end, so I will” he smiled at me. “Long time no see boys” he smirked at the boys behind me. I looked over his shoulder, and saw two black cars, and a motor cycle. Three people already stood out. A girl, she was slightly taller than me and had thick black curls, red lips, and a tight dress on with a patterning down the middle in a light pink, and the sides were black. A boy was stood there next, with a baggy blue shirt on, and beanie, he stared up like Steve was his master, and he was a dog that had been told to sit. There was another boy there, but this boy was one I knew. “You really should just pick a fucking side already!” I shouted, and stepped out. This was not part of the plan, and I knew Zayn wouldn’t like it. 


“Nice to see you to” William smirked, “Why can’t you just stay away, if it’s to get some brotherly bond with Louis, just go!” I shouted at him. Louis stepped out then, too pulling me back to the door way. “He isn’t worth it” he whispered in my ear. “Sorry, where are my manners, you need to meet the team” Steve clapped his hands. I jumped back slowly, but Zayn pushed me out the door with a steady hand. We close the door behind us. Tension was high, and we all stepped outside a little more. “So this is Jason” Steve spoke, looking back to the boy in a blue shirt, he nodded our way. “He’s the silent kind” he smirked. “That pretty thing there is Carly, she will give you a run for your money Brook’ Steve nudged me with a sick smirk, “And you know William” he spoke. “The rest of the gang is still the same, but I have a personal new addition” he smirked at us, and I looked to the boys and back to Steve my heart beating so fast. “Your going to love this guy, he can put up a fight, no to bad on the eyes, and he has a real hatred for you two” he pointed at me and Zayn, and I looked up to him, and he put his arm around me protectively “Just fucking get on with it “ Zayn bellowed, and the roar of the motor cycle stopped. “That’s your cue” Steve turned around, as we we all walked a little be more forward. 


From the back of a motor back came a boy with a helmet on tattoos covering his body, some familiar and some fresh. The helmet was ripped off, and for a moment I couldn’t breath, the long hair was the pain in my chest that reminded me, the purple scarf I had given him months ago for his hair. “Harry...” I whispered, and Zayn’s grip got tighter. My heart broke. As he approached he smirked at me, his eyes not leaving mine. He grabbed the girl named Carly, and put two arms around her, kissing her roughly. Not like how he kissed me. “Fuck me” a voice whispered in shock. Harry dropped the girl and she smirked up at him. I already didn’t like her. Harry walked forward, and looked me in the eyes. No one dared to reach me, and Zayn let go of me. I stepped forward, and his peppermint breath was hot on my skin.  “No more Mr nice guy” he seething, smirking down at me, and brushing a strand of hair from my face. This was my worst nightmare, but also my wildest dream. Zayn, grabbed me again, but that didn’t change anything. I was right, it was not Zayn who was the the creature of the night. It was him. Harry Styles, was dark. 




Cliff hanger. - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH READING THIS!! IT'S BEEN AMAZiNG TO WRITE FOR YOU. Dark lll is out 2nd September. I hope you love. Please comment your favourite part, and how you feel about the end of dark 2. 

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