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'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


37. Broken Girl Or Broken Boy.

Brook's Pov


We sat in the hospital, Zayn's arm was wrapped around me and I lay into him. I had red eyes, and no make up, it was fair to say I looked a mess. I saw Liam and Harry talking opposite us, as we sat on the blue chairs that we had sat on far too many times. “You okay?” he asked me, I looked up to Zayn and wiped my eyes. “I'm scared” I told him, he nodded and pulled me in again. “That could have been me, nut he got it instead” I whispered, “He didn't know, neither did you” he told me, “I saw him pull the gun out and aim, but I couldn't speak” I cried softly. “Stop blaming yourself” he told me, I sat up straight hearing foot steps down the echoed hall.


“Who invited you?” Zayn stood up and crossed his arms, as did Harry and Liam. “I did” I told them, and they all turned around, “You did?” Zayn frowned, “Niall has always been like a brother, it's the least I could of done considering he saved me” I explained, Louis moved passed them and sat down next to me. “Don't you fucking touch her” Zayn turned around and warned Louis. “Zayn, please forget about it all, just focus on Niall” I begged him, and he rolled his eyes sitting the other side of me. “How are you?” I asked Louis, and took his hand, to which Ryan moved uncomfortably. “Worried” he sighed, and ran on hand through his long brown hair. “We all are” I spoke.


“Can we try and make this scene a little happier?” Louis asked everyone, who was very stubborn around him. “Let's talk about Niall, all the good times” I spoke, sitting up and wiping my face. “Well, we all know my history with him” Louis shrugged, “The rest of us are the same, we know everything about each other... the only person who's past we don't fully know about is you” Zayn whispered, turning away from Louis. “What's your story with Niall? … Please, I would really love to know why you haven't stopped crying for the passed three hours” Zayn sarcastically spoke, was he jealous? That was low even for him, I was sad because my friend is dying, no more no less. However that didn't stop me remembering him. “You want to know everything?” I asked him, and he nodded. “Fine” I spoke, and began.


Flash Back.


“I am going out” I yelled to my mum and dad, who stood in the kitchen. “We only just got back, do you not want to spend any time with us at all?” dad spoke, “I do, but I see you ever day...” I trailed off, pulling on my shoes. “In other words you want to go and see that boy” my mum spoke, I smiled knowing exactly who she is on about. “I don't know what you mean” I told her, “I know you are going to see him?” she called from the kitchen, I walked into the room and grabbed my coat from the chair. “Look, I am just going out with some friends, no one particular” I blushed a crimson. “Okay, sure you are” my dad rolled his eyes and folded up his newspaper. “I love you!” I called walking out of the house.


Of course I was going to see him. I walked down the street, and found his house. I banged on the door, and smiled as he opened it. We stood there smiling at each other for a few seconds, “Are you going to invite me in?” I laughed, he grinned and opened the door more for me to walk in. “Hello Brook!” Niall mum called me, I walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Haven't seen you in a wile” she laughed letting me down, “No, we will blame Niall for that” I smirked at him, he laughed looking down to the floor. “How's the garden been getting along?” I asked her, she smiled “Perfect, my tulips have grown” she told me, “You'll have to show me later” I told her, and she nodded.


“Come on then” Niall pulled me away from his mum, “You two could talk all day” he whispered in my ear. We got up to his bed room and sat down in the small blue room, “As messy as ever” I mumbled and stepped over an empty box of something. “You said weren't coming until tomorrow?” he spoke, “Should I leave?” I asked him sitting down on the bed, he laughed and kissed me softly pushing me so my back was against the bed, I laughed as he put his hand under my shirt, “You really are eager” I giggled, and tugged on his white shirt, he moved off me, “I did miss you” he whispered, I nodded and kissed his pink lips, “I missed you more” I told him.


“Come on let's go out” he stood up, “I just got here” I told him, he laughed and smiled picking me up. “Am I not aloud to spoil you?” he asked me, I looked away from him. I stood up and took his hand walking down the stairs and walking outside. “How was it with out me here?” I asked him, and turned so I was walking backwards, he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him, but twirled me so my back was pressed against his front. “Almost unbearable” he spoke, and kissed my neck, I giggled. “What did you do?” I asked him, “Cried every night” he spoke sarcastically, “Really?” I cocked my head with a smirk, “Nope, I met some guys” he spoke, “Don't tell me your gay?” I asked him, he laughed and shook his head.


“They are good guys” he spoke, “Who are they, do I know them?” I asked him, he shook his head. “Louis, Liam, Harry and this guy called Zayn” he spoke, “Oh, did they corrupt you?” I smirk, “Not quite” he spoke, with a suggestive smirk. “They are the guys that got you in trouble last month aren't they?” I gasped, he nodded slowly. “Tell me about them” I ordered him, “Well, Louis is a cool guy actually kind of the joker, but he is a bit mysterious I suppose... more so lately” he spoke, I nodded. “Liam looked after us all, but seemed to get fed up at the end of the months” he shrugged, “Harry?” I asked him, “He's sweet, far too nice to be involved with boys like us” he spoke, “Boy's like you?” I asked him, he nodded “You know what I can be like now” he told me, and I did, I knew better than any one that Niall was changing, I hated to admit it, but he was changing into someone I didn't like.


“So what about Zayn?” I asked him, as we sat down on the soft green grass that would turn brown in a matter of days as summer drew to a close, “Zayn is actually pretty sick, but he is scary you could say, he doesn't have two sides like the rest of us, he has the one, dark” he told me, and I gulped, “Oh, your leader?” I ask him, he nodded “What he says goes most of the time” he spoke, “Though Louis, is my favourite” he smiled, I laughed. It shocked me how he could go from being so serious to being so happy in a matter of nano seconds. “They all sound... nice” I said unsure, “Don't lie you hate the idea of them all” he chuckled.


“Well, yeah... Louis seems to be trying make everyone else happy but not himself, Liam isn't meant to be fed up of his friends, he should after them, Harry he seems to be living a lie, like he is trying so hard to impress someone, and Zayn well he sounds like a prick” I told him, “You don't know them” he tried to defend, “Would you even want me knowing them?” I asked him, he shook his head. “The things we did this summer, you wouldn't exactly like me for, I changed” he spoke, “You've been changing for a while” I told him. “What's that suppose to mean?” he suddenly got defensive.


“Niall they are going to change you, and you are going to let them because your too nice to let go of them” I sighed, “Your scared your going to loose me” he whispered, “I lost you along time ago” I stood up to leave, but he pulled me back down. “You don't get to just walk away” he spoke, “I hate that this upsets you, but they are my friends and if you are asking me to choose then...” I cut him off, “I am not going to ask you too choose, because I know what you will go for” I sighed, and looked down. He titled my chin up, “Princess?” he asked me, my heart fluttered, “I would never put any one before you, I am going to keep you as close as I can for as long as I can, and if you think I am letting you go with out a good fight then you have another thing coming” he smiled, and I smiled back.


“I have always been yours” I whispered, and he put to arms around me. “I don't want to loose you” he told me, “Not because of them” he continued, “I have been trying to fight for you, but you just can't see” he told me sighing. “Do you love me?” he asked me, he got insecure about this all the time, how many times did I need to remind him? I have butterflies and an insane smile whenever he touches me, was that love. “More than anything” you confess. “Then let me stay friends with them, they need help” he begged, “I can't” you told him. “Why not?” he let me go, “What if you get hurt, and I am not there to save you or say goodbye” I looked down and played with my cardigan. “Your kidding right, love, I am not going anywhere... there is five of us... and one of this complete prick that will be gone when we are sorted” he told me. “You promise?” I asked him, he nodded.


“Here, I wanted to show you this” he whispered, and lifted up his shirt. Only to reveal a small tattoo of my name of his pelvic bone, in blocked carnival letters. “You didn't have to get that” I whispered, and kissed him softly. Pulling back and tracing my fingertips over the tattoo. “You do know what that means don't you?” he asked me, I shook my head looking up into his bright blue eyes. “That mean your mine forever, okay?” he asked me, I laughed and bit my lip looking down. “Forever” I repeated and kissed him once more.


End of Flashback.


At the end of my story the smiled on Louis's face made it all worth while. The memories were always going to be there, and as Louis stared at me I broke a little inside, because it would only be like this for a few more seconds.“Sweet” Louis smiled at me, “Nice to know what you really thought of us” Harry chuckled, “I am sorry, I didn't know you all that well” I tried to smile. “He has a tattoo of your name?” Zayn snarled and looked away from me, “Yes” I nodded. “and you thought I was a prick” Zayn spoke. “Just think if you hadn't of let Niall keep seeing us, we wouldn't all be here now” Louis smiled, “Does that mean that Niall also wouldn't be fighting for his life?” I asked, Louis looked down saddened by my words. Those seconds were up.


“How many other boys have you said you were going to be together “forever” with, eh?” Zayn asked me turning around. “Zayn, that was years ago” I mumbled, “Forever clearly isn't long is it?” he snapped brutally. “Zayn stop” I warned him, he shook his head. “How am I still with you?” he shouted at me, “What?” I asked standing up. “All this time you have been telling me I need to prove myself to you, all this time everything has been my fault, you have blamed me” he shouted, “I owned up to my mistakes” I shouted back at him, he shook his head. “You keep saying you love me, and we can be better but every time I say or do one stupid thing normally to save you, I am the bad guy and you take forever to forgive me... but what about you?” he snapped, “What about me?” I whispered.


“I forgave you when you sucked Louis off, I forgave you when you were going to sleep with Liam, I forgave you time and time again when you fucked Harry, and then when Josh came around, and every other fucking boy you have every been with whilst we have been together... but now you sit here telling about how you and Niall planned on being together forever? You have the fucking nerve to say I need to prove that I love you, well doll guess what? I think its pretty fucking clear I love you with everything I have and ever will have, I would take the moon from the sky if that would prove to you how much I love you... I think for once its you this time, your the one who pushed me away, pushed everyone away when they tried to get close to you, now its about time you prove how much you love me, I may have done some really stupid shit, but you have done far worse” he shouted, and finished out of breath.


After moments silence, I nodded. “Your right, I blamed you... when most of the time is was me” I spoke, and everyone turned to me. “I blamed you, because I can't keep people close” I spoke again. “I do love you Zayn, and I do push away... because I am damaged goods, I always have been, there is things that you don't about me, and things I am so scared to tell you, and to tell anyone, things I have kept to myself for years... but that doesn't matter your right... I let you down, and I do it time and time again, and normally its because I fuck your friends, and I am so sorry Zayn. I really am, I can't say it to any simpler... I am so sorry, but I love you so much and I can't stand to see you hurt over everything I have ever done to you, I thought you would just get over it, and we both thought that if we married each other we could move on, but your never going to forget it are you?” I shook my head, “Your never going to be able to look at me, knowing what I did with them” I told him, “I just need to know one thing Zayn” I whispered, “I love you so much, and nothing will ever change that... but did you even want to marry me in the first place?” I asked him, and burst into tears when I got no answer.


I suppose I should of seen it coming because, who could forgive all the shit I had done. The little things he did I made bigger than they were, but it had always been me letting him down, and I did blame him, for things that were my fault. I never did deserve him, I never would. As I cried no one touched me to comfort me, or Zayn to help mend him, because we had broke each other too much, and because they didn't know who's team to be on.


The Broken Girl Or Broken Boy.




WHO ARE YOU ROUTING FOR? #BrokenGirl or #BrokenBoy       #Zook or #Biall

Emotional. For god sake, I loved writing that. Zayn finally said what you all wanted him to say, and Niall and Brook, how cute were they?!


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