Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


52. Babies and Burns.

Brook's Pov


Waking up in an empty bed was something I didn't like. I looked across and Zayn's phone, and clothes that normally lay on the floor was gone. I got out of bed slightly dazed and confused. I spent the night with Zayn, we watched a movie and then we talked more about us, and we even talked a little about the wedding, and then we kissed and that was all we didn't feel the need to do anymore, for his lips against mine were enough. Then this morning I couldn't see him, it wounded me a little.


I went down the stairs and saw nothing had moved from last nights, the blankets were still on the couch, and I go into the kitchen, and nothing has changed in there either. The worst thoughts immediately wonder in my mind, and I think of the worst. I then get my phone from the living room, and I try to call Zayn, and no answer it goes straight to answer phone. I sighed and looked around, I didn't know where he could of gone. I scrambled through the draws in the kitchen, and I find Drake's number, a number I didn't think I would be ringing so swiftly, or with such ease, but maybe Zayn is with him.


“Hello?” he low voice spoke, and I took in a deep breath. “Hey, its Brook” I told him, and I heard him take a breath on the end of the phone, “I didn't think you to be ringing me” he seemed to smirk, having the same tone Zayn would. “Is Zayn with you?” I asked him, “No, why?” he then frowned, seeming to show some concern. “He wasn't here when I woke up, and he isn't answering his phone” I told him, “Does he do this often?” he asked me, and I shook my head slowly then realising he could see me, “No” I whispered.


“We were fine last night, we had a great time actually... he doesn't do this” I spoke slowly, “He will come back when he is ready, he spoke highly of you to me” he tried to reassure me, why was he being so nice? “Right, anyway I was just wondering if you had seen him, so bye” I spoke, “Brook?” he asked me just before I hung up the phone, “Yes?” I asked him, “I am sorry” he spoke, “It's okay” I lie, and he seemed okay with that because he hung up then.


I was still lost as too where Zayn had gotten to. I had no one to ring. Harry was a million miles away, Liam was on his way to smuggle drugs, Louis was on the run from the police, and then Niall was in hospital. Maybe he had gone to the hospital to see Niall, and he had to turn his phone off. I ran up the stairs to get dressed and was quick to leave. I walked down the cold street, and tried to get there as fast as I could.


I got to the hospital in about fifteen minutes. I tried to remember where Niall's room was, I smiled lightly as I got to the door, looking at the pretty nurse as she left. I walked into the room, and it was just Niall lay there and I sighed. Niall looked to up to me, “Don't look to happy to see me” I spoke, and he laughed as he spoke sitting up at bit. “Sorry, its great to see you... I just thought Zayn might be here” I told him, he shook his head. “No, I haven't seen him since yesterday... why?” he asked me, “He has been gone all morning, no note, no phone call” I spoke to him.


I walk over and sit down on his bed, and I sighed. “Why does he do this?” I asked him and he smiled wearily, “It's not like him, he must have a good reason” I spoke. “No, he doesn't... Zayn doesn't have to have a reason remember?” I snap taking my anger out on him, and he laughed lightly and then his smiled faded a bit, “He did say something yesterday...” Niall frowned. “What?... What did he say?” I encouraged him to speak, “I said you needed time about moving and everything, and he said that it was one thing you were running out of” Niall spoke, “What does that mean?” I asked him, “I don't know, I could tell he was lying when he was changing his mind and he conversation” Niall told me, and I sigh lightly.


Just one day, I just want one fucking day.


“I think he might be up to something” he spoke, and I sighed “Don't say that” I beg him and close my eyes covering my face. “What has he done?!” I stood up and shouting angrily. “Brook, it might be nothing” he told me, “Well now we both know your lying” I spoke. “I am going to get going, go and try and figure this out” I spoke, and he nodded lightly “I will be here, if you want to come back and rack your brain out some more” he told me and I nodded smiling lightly at him.


I walked back home. What was he doing. I sighed. Secrets were the foundations that we were built on and with us right now it was one step forward and two steps back, and I could do it. Maybe this would all be nothing and Niall had me thinking way to much into it, maybe he was just out and he was going to come home and it would all be fine. I laugh at myself, as we all know that it isn't going to happen. I get home and go to unlock the door but I find it is already open, “Hello?” I call, and two heavy footsteps come down the stairs.


“Brook there you are” Zayn spoke and wrapped two arms around me, “Your one to talk” I push him off me, “What?” he asked. “Zayn I have called you like seven times, you just left this morning I thought something happened” I told him, and he smiled “You were worried?” he asked me and I roll my eyes, “Of course I was” I frown at him, and he laughed a little. “You need to stop worrying” he told me and kissed my forehead turning around.


“Are you going to tell me where you were?” I call out, and he stopped turning around. “No where important” he shrugged and carried on. “I would still like to know” I spoke and follow him into the kitchen, “Look I said it doesn't matter, can we just drop it please” he snapped, “No, we can't.. you'd be exactly the same if I left early in the morning and you had no idea where I went” I told him, “The difference is that I would have a reason to worry” he told me, “What's that suppose to mean, I can take care of myself” I snap at him, “I didn't mean that” he told me.


“Just tell me where you were” I yell at him, getting frustrated with the boy keeping secrets. “Brook, I said it doesn't matter” I spoke calmly back to me. “Zayn!” I shouted, “What?” he turned, “Tell me” I yell again, “I will leave, right now... so tell me” I lied, I wouldn't leave. I wouldn't be able too. I couldn't leave him again. “Brook your being over dramatic” he yelled at me, “So are you by not telling me” I sass back to him, he rolled his eyes. “Fine, I was with Perrie” he told me, and for a minute everything stopped.


“See... I told you it didn't matter” he told me and walked passed me. I was frozen to the spot for a minute, and I felt my heart beat right out of my chest. “Why were you with her?!” I yelled over to him, and stormed to where he had gone. “Until you calm down, I am not answering anything” Zayn spoke calmly sitting down on the couch, “I am calm” I frown, “Really?” he asked and stood up to me. “Yes, so please... why the fuck were you with her” I snap, and he smirked. “Your cute when your jealous” he told me, “I am not in the mood” I slap his hand away from me.


“She needed to tell me some stuff about Leo, and the gang... nothing more and nothing less” he spoke, “Really?” I asked him. “I am offended that you think so little of me” he smirked, “I didn't say you did anything wrong, guilty conscience?” I suggest, and he smirked lightly walking closer to me, and hugged my waist with his arms, “I want you” he purred in my ear, “Not yet” I push back. “Why now?” he frowned, “I went to see Niall... he told me something” I spoke, “And that would be what exactly?” he asked me. “Why exactly are we running out of time?” I ask lowly, and he let me go turning around.


“Do you remember Becca?” he asked quietly. I searched through the names in my mind, I knew every single person he had ever been involved with since I met him, I knew every single name that had been uttered from his lips. “The girl that you...” he cut me of with a nod. Becca was a girl from the early days of out relationship, he had been out all day, and I had been angry because I didn't know where he was. Then he came back, we argued – I mean when didn't we. - He told me he might have had a son, and with all that had happened after that I completely forgot but he clearly didn't. “Luke... I saw him” he told me, “You did?” I ask quietly, he nodded. “And he is..” he cut me of again, “Yeah... he is mine, she showed me the DNA test” he spoke, and I fell back into the chair.


“How long have you known?” I asked him, “She got in contact again when you faked your death” he spoke, “Zayn that was almost five months ago” I say to him, and he nods slowly. “All this time and you didn't tell me?” I almost yell. “I wanted to get use to having you back, and I wanted everything to settle down again...” he told me, “Zayn you could of told me so many times, why didn't you?!” I then shout, “Because its not fair on you” he turned around to me. “Life isn't fair to me, this would barley of made a difference” I snap at him, “Have you been seeing him?” I whispered, and he nodded.


“How long?” I asked him, “Since I found out he was mine, I don't see him often but I send money and things to him” he spoke. “How have you kept this hidden from everyone?” I asked him quietly, “I didn't, Harry knew... I begged him not to tell you” he told me, I turn away from him and take a deep breath. “You both knew and not even one of you thought I would want to know!” I shout loudly, and pace the floor. “We knew it would hurt you” he spoke, “Zayn I wouldn't off been mad, I accept that you have a past and have slept with other girl... in fact a lot of fucking girls before me, and I understood that you may have had a child, and I would have been okay with that if you would of just told me!” I yelled at him, and he walked over to me.


“I was going to” he told me softly, “What when he was ten asking to meet his little sister?!” I shouted, “What?” he asked me quietly, “I don't Zayn I thought maybe we were going to have kids and you know he might of wanting to meet them? Or were you going to keep two families apart having a one loving wife, and then a piece on the side?” I snap at him, “Your taking this all wrong, I was never going to just hide him from you, you just needed to adjust and anytime I wanted to tell you something else happened” he told me.


Zayn reached for me, “Please don't touch me” I step back from him, “Don't push me away, this is exactly why I didn't tell you” he spoke, “I don't care that you have a son Zayn, that's amazing congratulations but I care that you didn't tell me” I whispered and went to walk away. “I didn't tell you because of Charley” he whispered, “I didn't tell you because it wasn't fair that we lost our baby, and I had another one” he told me, and I turned around. “Your a dad Zayn and that amazing, I wanted to be the first person you shared that with and I'm not going to be, but Charley was never even here, so don't use her as an excuse” I tell him.


“This is why were running out of time, because as soon as you knew you'd be hurt... and you'd leave” he spoke with a low and sad voice, “I am not leaving you Zayn, I just wish you would of told me” I sigh and walked out of the room. I went up stairs, and lay down on the bed. I wanted to call Harry, I wanted to talk to him. Only because he knew, I wanted to yell at him and tell him how he should of told me. I am so tempting to pick up the phone and scream until my lungs hurt, but I decide against it.


Zayn came up the stairs then, and I sighed as he walked in. “I'm sorry” he spoke slowly. I smiled lightly and looked up at the boy who was trying to win me back, but he already had me. “Do you... Do you want to see what he looks like?” he asked me, and I smiled lightly and nodded. I was happy for him, I really was. Zayn was a dad and I knew he would be a great one. Zayn came over to me and sat beside me, and picked a picture out of his back pocket. “He's almost one” he spoke to me, and I smiled at the picture.


Zayn's son was the spitting image of him. The baby's eyes were a soft brown, he had three teeth and he was smiling. I looked to Zayn, “He's beautiful” I told him, and he smiled at me. “He's cute isn't he?” Zayn smiled proudly, “I don't want to bring him into our life's like this... I want it to be safe before he gets involved” he told me, and I smiled lightly at him. “I understand” I spoke, “You do?” he asked ,and I nodded “I am still mad though” I spoke, and he nodded understandingly.


“I need you to understand” he began, “Zayn please don't, it's okay, really” I spoke. “It's not... Brook I love you, I love you so much and I am going to do everything I can to keep you... and I don't want anything to get in the way of that” he spoke, and I smile up at him and kiss him softly, “I know” I told him, and wrap my arms around him, “I know” I sighed. “I have been thinking” Zayn began, “About the wedding?” he asked me, and I nod for him to continue.


“We have on Christmas eve... I always wanted a white wedding” he spoke, “You don't strike me as the guy to have thought about your wedding” I smirk at him, “I haven't, I have only thought about it with you... marrying you” he spoke, and I smile up at him. I would love to marry Zayn on Christmas eve. “Where do you want to get married?” I asked him, and he shrugged “I don't mind anyway” he spoke.


Flash forward.


“Don't!” I yelled with tears, “Brook...” Harry's soft voice whispered. “No... I why would he do this?!” I shouted with the crumpled piece of paper in my hand, and I rip my hair out of the bun it was up in and it falls down in a mess. I struggled to breath, “Leave me alone” I whispered, and covered my face. “The last thing you need right now is to be alone” he told me. “I-I...” I stammer over words. I sat down on the floor, the dress now dusty and crinkled. Harry came and sat beside me, and wrapped his arms around me.


The door then opened, and Liam stood there. I looked up hopefully maybe he could fine the runaway. “No...” he shook his head, breaking every single ounce of strength I had left. I cry a little more, “I am a fool” I cried. “He fooled everyone” Liam spoke, and came and sat the other side of me, and tried to move the hair out of my face, “Your okay... your going to be okay” he spoke to me softly, “What if I am not... what if I am so broke this time no one can fix me” I cried.


The door opened again, and Niall stood there. I stood up and ran into his arms, “Hey princess” he softly whispered sympathy growing with each tear, as I buried my face into his neck and wrapped two arms around him, and he had one hand on the back of my head and he brushed through it softly. “I am so sorry” he told me, “I want to go home” I cried. “I will get your clothes... Louis's is waiting in the car” Niall let me go, and sighed brushing away my tears. Niall normally made everything better, why was nothing making this better.


“Someone get me out of this fucking dress” I shout. It was suddenly so tight on me, like I was suffocating, I couldn't breath. “Please... get out me out of it” I yell. Harry is suddenly there, unlacing the back of it, and then I breath a little better. I am stood in my under wear. I looked at mess, “Here, cover up” Niall speaks, seeing Harry's wounded painful eyes on me. I took the jeans and jumper from Niall and put them on. “What should we do with this?” Liam asked, holding the dress on the coat hanger.


“Burn it.. I don't want it” I spoke broken. I grabbed my bag from the floor, “Can we go?” I asked, and Niall nodded. Leading me out with one hand on the bottom of my back. I sighed and went to walk away, turning around picking up the letter from the floor, and walking over to Liam. I pushed the letter against his chest and he caught. “Burn that too” I spoke and walked away with tears in my eyes.

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