Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


20. A Real Cliff Hanger.

Brook's Pov


October 6th – 11:30am


I looked between Harry and Louis. Every thought that I had before about Harry was gone, Zayn was on my mind. 'How is he?' I grabbed Louis's arm, 'He hasn't said much yet' he told me. 'I need to get dressed' I whispered breathlessly. I walked up the stairs, and flung open the bedroom door. I grabbed some clothes and got into them, I looked to my door and saw Harry stood there, 'Regretting it?' he asked me, I looked to him softly and shook my head, 'No. Not at all' I smiled, I was being honest, I didn't regret a thing.


I grabbed my bag and took Harry's hand. 'Come on then' I told him, 'This is okay isn't it? Nothings changed?' he asked me, I nodded and looked down to my dusty old shoes, 'I think we are all going to be just fine' I smiled and kissed his cheek. I got to the door where Louis was waiting, 'Am I missing something?' he asked me, I looked to Harry 'Is he?' I smiled, 'Nope, nothing yet' he grinned, I laughed. Should I be laughing right now, I should be sick with worry about Zayn, but I am not, I am happy.


I walked out of the house with Louis and Harry. We got into Louis's car, I smiled lightly at Harry who was sat in the back of the car. 'You ready to see him?' he asked me, 'No' I laughed shakily, 'You will be okay' Louis smiled, 'How do you know something I am not even sure about myself?' I asked him, he laughed 'I am a good guesser'. The drive took longer than expected due to traffic. When we finally reached the hospital, I was frozen in fear at the moment in the car. 'Need a hand?' I saw Harry at my door, holding a hand for me.


I took his hand, and we walked inside the white door. Louis on my left Harry on my right. We walked to the room, 'Before you go in, you need to know something else' Louis spoke, 'What is it?' I asked, 'Zayn had a head injury, he is little bit out of it...' Louis rubbed the back of his neck, the way he did when he was nervous. 'He remembers everything up to that family dinner, nothing after... he said the last thing he remembers was sitting down to dinner with everyone' he told me, I covered my mouth. 'No, that means he -..' I was cut off, 'He doesn't know that you know about the bet' Harry spoke. 'Yeah, they think he will remember soon' Louis pointed out, 'But he doesn't even know I ran away from him, he thinks we are civil' I sighed and ran my fingers through my messy hair.


'Do we tell him?' I asked, 'Not about you knowing, but tell him what happened to him' Louis spoke, 'Who should tell him?' Harry asked, 'We all agreed Brook, he would take it better from her' Louis spoke, I looked to Harry, 'You can still help' I put a hand on his back, and he nodded with a little smile. 'You ready to go in then?' Louis asked, Harry nodded and walked in first. 'Louis can I hold your hand?' I whispered, he nodded lightly.


October 7th – 11pm.


'Take my hand Brook!' Louis shouted at me, I struggled from breath as I knew my body was going to fall, I hung there like a fly on a wall, but I didn't have the wings to save myself. I hung from the cliff top, the waves beneath bashing at the rocks below, and I was going fall. 'You need to hold on to me' Louis told me, 'This is your fault! I am never going near you again!' I shouted, 'Of course you won't because your going to fucking die if you don't take my hand' he gave me his hand, 'Five minutes ago you would of pushed me, why save me now!' I called, 'I-I... Fuck... Brook just take my hand' he yelled, 'Fuck off' I spat, 'Brook, you asked me yesterday if you could hold my hand, now I am begging you hold mine!'


October 6th – 12:05


I walked in with Louis, and I saw Zayn. He smiled at me lightly, Harry stood there. Colour rushed from his cheeks, he looked anywhere but Zayn's eyes. 'Perrie can you give us a minute' Harry spoke, 'go' Zayn told her, she did. 'How are you feeling?' I asked him, it was so difficult to talk to him now. After everything, seeing him almost die in my arms, learning about the bet, it was all very complex, and it took to much of an emotional toll on me. I burst into lonely tears, they fell down my cheeks, not stopping for anyone. 'Come ere' I heard Zayn speak, with out thinking about it, I dropped Louis's hand and ran to his side.


I sat on the side of his bed, and he hugged me softly. 'Sorry I ruined the dinner' he spoke, I laughed softly, he had no idea how much that was true. I pulled back and his thumbs ran across my cheek, 'Don't cry for me remember' he spoke, I laughed and nodded. 'Hey boys' Zayn smiled at Louis and Harry. I nodded at Harry who walked forward sitting in the chair beside Zayn's bed, 'How you feeling man?' Harry's voice crackled, 'I've been better' he chuckled. 'Tell him' Louis spoke from the corner of the room. 'Tell me what?' Zayn asked, 'What happened to you' Louis spoke, 'No one has told me anything' Zayn frowned, 'I will tell you' I cough up, Zayn looked at me expectant. 'Brook' Zayn grabbed my hand, and it hurt me so much because of what he did to me.


'We finished the family dinner, it was good, we pulled everything off' I lied, he nodded. 'The next day you had a testing match for Dominic, and...' I stopped looking to a watery eyed Harry, but he nodded. 'Harry's friend called him asking if he could do a favour and do some boxing for him, it turns out he had to go against you' I sighed, replaying all the events, and it looked like Harry did too. 'What are you trying to say Brook?' Zayn frowned at me, 'I am saying-..' I was cut of by Harry, who was a waterfall.


'I did it. I did this to you, you were saying things to me and winding me up about Brook, and you were being a complete dick after your fight with her, and when you said things about her, it wasn't about winning that boxing match it was about making you feel as bad, you made her feel' he sobbed, I looked at emotion on Harry's face, then Zayn's. 'We had a fight?' Zayn turned to me, he didn't he bother to ask Harry, he was more concerned about me. That touched me. I knew it would, I saw the way he was so gentle with his touch, and the way his dark eyes shone. 'Yes' I nodded, 'What was it about?' he asked me, 'Nothing, Zayn please don't worry about it' I begged him.


'I am sorry' Harry spoke, Zayn turned his head to Harry, 'What was I saying to you?' he asked, 'I am not going to repeat it, but it was some pretty harsh shit' Harry wiped a tear drop. 'Are you mad?' Harry asked, 'Yes, but I am mad at myself... I don't remember anything, what I said, what I did, why we argued, what the fuck happened?!' Zayn was getting himself worked up, 'Zayn relax' I begged him, he shook his head. 'I am sorry Brook, I don't know what I said about you, I don't know why I said it, but forgive me?' Zayn begged, he had so much more he could beg for.


'Brook please' he whispered, if I told him yes, I would have forgiven him for the bet too. If I tell him no, I break his heart and he doesn't even understand why I leave. 'Get some rest' I place a soft kiss to his cheek, 'Brook' he whispered, 'Zayn, I said its okay, get some sleep' I told him. I looked to Harry, and he let me sit on his lap. 'Go to sleep, I will still be here when you wake up' I told him, he smiled lightly. 'Thank you guys, and Harry? I don't know what I did but it must have been pretty shit for you too to this too me, so don't apologise, I am sorry' Zayn spoke.


Zayn was falling asleep, and Harry had two arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. 'That went okay didn't it?' he whispered, I nodded. 'I just hope he remembers' I sighed, 'If he remembers he might not forgive me' Harry looked down, I turned around so we were face to face, 'He will always forgive you, you two are like Louis and Niall, you'll argue and bicker, but in the end your like brothers, you'll always fix things' I smiled, he put his forehead against mine, 'Thank you Brook, for everything' he smiled, and kissed me softly. Its a good thing Zayn is asleep. I told myself.


Zayn's Pov


As I lay there in the bed, my eyes were closed and I couldn't hear a thing. Just empty voice rolling around in my head, 'Go on tell them Zayn!' I tried to back away from it. I didn't understand what this voice was, all I knew was it was Brook. Soon enough the images came back, they were all blurred. '...make me fall in love with him, and guess what it fucking worked!' her voice was broken, and muffled. 'Your scared of me' I heard my own voice, what was happening, was I lost in my own head? 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' my voice spoke. This didn't make sense.


'Your not going to forgive me this time are you?' My voice rang in the echoes of my mind. My heart beat got faster, my breathing quickening. 'Good bye Brook' I whispered, was I close to tears? I didn't know what was happening inside my head, I didn't know what I did, why was I saying goodbye to Brook, I couldn't figure out if it was a dream or a memory. Soon enough it was dark again, that's what it had always been, what I had always been. Dark.

Brook's Pov

It was the 6th October 9:30pm. I hadn't moved from the chair, Louis was sat on one chair, Harry fallen asleep In one in the corner. Niall was out getting coffee. Louis and I both stared at the sleeping figure before us. 'Do you think he is going to remember?' I asked, he shrugged one shoulder 'I don't know, the doctor thinks he will' Louis told me. I could see Louis was sleepy, 'Why don't you go home, get some sleep' I tried to smile, and shook his head. 'Brook?' he asked me after a moments silence, 'Can I take you somewhere tomorrow night?' Louis smiled at me, I smiled back 'Nothing like a date?' I try and smirk, 'No, I just want to talk to you... alone' Louis spoke.

'Sure Lou' I smiled across at him. 'You know, being friends with all these guys has taught me a lot' Louis spoke, 'Yeah' I asked, he nodded. 'They treat you like family, but you have know the boundaries' Louis explained, 'What do you mean boundaries?' I asked him, he shrugged 'Just when to stop' he told me, 'And when is that?' I asked, 'When do you stop?' I questioned, 'When it goes to far' he spoke, 'has it gone to far?' I hoped he would say yes, he nodded confirming it. 'Yeah, but its fine, all this hassle will be over soon, the main cause of the problem will be gone' he smiled, I nodded and smiled back. 'This has been like a novel or something' I laughed lightly, tracing circles in Zayn's hand with my soft fingertips, 'Yeah, it will defiantly leave you on a cliff hanger, won't it?' was that sarcasm?


Oh my god. Three updates in three days! I hope you liked this, I know its dragging but I swear this is all going to make sense soon enough. :3 xx

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