Dark ll || Z.M

'I am not going to loose you again Brook!' he yelled at me, his eyes fully on anger. 'Zayn I can do what I want to do!' I shouted back, finding my voice. He grabbed me and pushed me against the wall, 'In those three months you seem to of forgotten your mine' he whispered harshly, 'you seem to of forgotten, you do as your told' he snapped.


38. 24

Brook's Pov


Flash forward.


I paced the floor. My white new heels clicking along the floor. My heavy white dress pulled me down, and I felt every single person in the room talking and and either working on my hair, dress or make up. I sighed and looked around, “There I think we are done” Aria smiles. I smiled at her, and she laughed “You look so … beautiful” she whispered, I smiled and looked down. Whilst all the girl held meaningless chatter, I stood up and looked at myself in the long mirror. This was so not me. I sighed and rolled my eyes.


Three knocks came from the door, “Go away, your not aloud to see the bride!” Aria shouted, I laughed. “It's me” I heard, and no one else would know that voice, but I would. Aria walked to the door and opened it, she looked at me, and I nodded for her to let him. “Give us a minute guys” I spoke, and they all nodded and walked out. I turned my back to him and looked at myself in the mirror. I saw Zayn stood in the back, I smiled “I didn't think you'd come” I told him, “I didn't think I would ever wear a tux again” he told me. I turned around and looked at him, he smiled at me, “You look... perfect” he whispered.


“Just one thing” he spoke, and walked forward. Reaching up to my hair, and pulling out the small tiara that was clipped in, and the two sparkled pins. Letting the long curls loose. “Much better” he smiled at me, I laughed, “I knew that wasn't me” I told him. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror, and smiled. He was right, it was much better. “I always thought I would be the first one to see you in your wedding dress” he spoke, “You were, remember?” I asked him, he nodded “I just didn't get the chance to take it off you” he whispered, and ran his hand up my arm.


“You won't either” I spoke, he sighed laughing, “here take this, something old right?” he spoke, and handed me a box, “Its your engagement ring, on a chain” he spoke, “Should I be wearing this at my wedding?” I asked him, he nodded “here let me” he spoke, and moved my hair so he put it around my neck. “You don't have to do this you know?” he spoke, I shook my head and turned to face him “I want to “ I spoke, “I love him” I told him. Zayn rolled his eyes, “Don't do that” I told him, “Your only with him, because I let you down” he told me. “Yes, too much so I couldn't forgive you, Zayn what you did was the worst thing you have ever done” I told him, he rolled his eyes again. “Do you even love him” he asked me, I nodded. “Brook, are you IN love with him?” he asked me, emphasising the word In. I sighed, and shook him off me. “Stop trying to change my mind” I told him.


“Brook, stop it!” he shouted, and I turned around dropping the whiskey glass I had been holding, and my hands shook. Zayn walked over, and took my hands. “How long have you been drinking for?” he asked me, I pulled my hands back. “I am fine” I shook with a shaky breath. “Brook, your not fine, your shaking because you haven't had a drink” I told him, I shook my head and pushed him away. “I said I am fine” I told him. “Your need to get help” he told me, “Stop it” I whispered. “You don't get to tell me what to do, okay? You lost the chance to do that a long time ago” I snapped at him.


“I miss you” he spoke, and I whipped my head around. “No, you don't” I whispered. “Brook, tell me I am not the only who is going mad here” he begged me. “Zayn I am getting married today” I told him, “to a man your not in love with” he whispered, and walked over to me. “I am in love with him” I whispered, “Your not” he tried to convince me like he still knew my mind. He did still know my mind. “Stop trying to convince me, you don't care that I love him, you care that I am not that young 17 year old girl that fell in love with you two years ago” I spoke to him, “You do still love me though, don't you?” he asked me, “Stop it okay?!” I shouted and moved away from him.


“Brook, I can't let you marry someone your not going to be happy with!” he yelled at me, “You were going to let me marry you, and we hadn't even been married five minutes, and wasn't happy” I told him, “I screwed up I get it, but you can't marry him” he told me, “I am going to, your not going to stop me” I told him. “I do love you Zayn, I always will, and probably more than I am ever going to love any one ever again, but I can't just drop him, I have a life here, America is good for me, its got him and a good job, and no heart break... if I come back with you, if I dropped everything, I know it won't be like that” I told him.


“You think that this is good for you? Brook, he calls me up every night asking what you like, what makes you feel better, you really think he knows you like I do. Brook you need a drink to see the day the trough, you can't live like that, in a job you hate, with a man you don't love, feeling nothing but numb” he spoke, “I could take you away, take your hand we could run away right now, I wouldn't leave you like I did... I wouldn't, I couldn't” he spoke, one hand on my cheek tucked behind my hair, as he came close speaking the words. “Zayn I need to marry him” I told him, “Why? What is so important that you need to marry him?!” he shouted at me, “I can't explain it, but I can't hurt him, I have hurt so much in the past, and he knows that I will always love you a little bit more, but you know how I feel about you, and why that was never enough, I won't understand?... But you have to let me go” I told him.


I cried, and Zayn pulled me in close. “Make sure he looks after you” he told me. “What do tell him on the phone?” I looked up at him, “To hold you like this” he whispered, and I sighed wanting to fall into him. “I miss you too” I whispered, he pulled back and kissed my forehead. “I will always love you” he whispered, “Me too” I told him, he let go and walked to the door. “Pleas stay for the ceremony” I spoke, he undid his bow tie, “I will stay how ever long can, as long you as you promise me that I finally get my first dance with the bride” he spoke, and I let a tear roll my cheek, “I promise” I whispered, and he smiled before walking out and leaving.


I turned to the mirror, and fixed my make up, wiping it off where it had ran. I sighed and kept my hair down. Aria walked back in. “Brook, its almost... your hair, your make up... what happened?!” she exclaimed. “I realised something” I turned around, “You don't want to do this, do you?” she asked me, I shook my head. 'But I am going to” I told her, she sighed and hugged me. “Don't break his heart” she whispered, “I love him, and I am going to marry him” I told her, “Who?” she asked, “Both of them” I spoke, “You can't have both” she whispered, “I hurt both of them no matter who I choose” I told her, she nodded. “Don't a mistake, follow you heart” she told me, “Doesn't my head know better?” I asked her, “No, you know better” she spoke.

End of flash back.


I sat on the cold hospital floor feeling sorry for myself, but I know that it all was my fault. I couldn't do this, keep hurting him time and time again, when all he ever did was love me. I was going to love him forever. No matter what happened, but he loved me and I love him. I was so scared he wasn't going to forgive me every time I did something. There were things I wanted to tell him. But I knew they would hurt him. So I buried them, and let them hurt me. I stood up and paced the floor back and forward, pushing my hands against the wall and turning myself around. I cried, I didn't think anything like this was going to stop. I turned around and went to leave, stopping when I heard two heavy feet, down at the other end of the corridor. I took a breath in and turned.


Zayn's Pov


I saw her sat there on the floor crying. I blamed myself for those tears that lay on her cheeks. I sighed, and dug my hands in my pockets. I knew I did a lot of shit that upset, but I don't think she gets it. When she got back she changed, everything changed. She came a completely different person. With a new mindset, and a new look on life. The girl that once cared way too much, about everything and everyone. Now didn't care about what happened to her. I stepped forward, and after her pacing the floor she went to leave but stopped hearing me. I walked forward as she turned and stared at me with her light changing green eyes.


“I am sorry” her voice broke, I walked forward. “Me too” I whispered, I smiled at her. We sat down against the hospital wall, “I hate this” I confessed to her, “I am guessing you want this back?” she spoke about to take her ring off, I touched her hand. “No” I spoke, “I still want to marry you Brook” I told her, she looked up at me with broken eyes. “You don't” she whispered, and wiped away a dropping mascara tear. “I have told you a million times, you need to start listening... I am never going to loose you” I told her, she looked up at me. “Why do you keep taking me back after all the shit I have done” she whispered, “Because you forgive me for the shit I do” I told her.


Brook stood up. “I know you think your in love with me Zayn, but I promise you, you're going to find someone better” she cried, I stood up and cupped her face. “Don't you see?.. your the only person I want... I do love you” I told her, she moved away. “Zayn...” she trailed off, “I really do believe you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me” I told her, she turned to look at me. “I have slept with your friends, I have broke your heart so many times, I have let you down, stop letting me get away with it” she shouted at me. “We get saying we are done with each other but, we never are” she spoke. “I never want to be done with you” I told her.


“Right, here is what I am going to do... I am going to give you 24 hours to go mad.. you can get drunk, go out with old friends, do what ever you want, but you can't sleep with everyone, you get it all out of your system... I will stay with Niall... then at the end of your 24 hours you look after Niall and I get to go mad... then we start clean completely... deal?” I asked her, she cocked her head. “You'd do that?” she asked, “I trust you” I told her, she walked up to me “Could it be the very reason I need to leave is the reason I want to stay?” she asked me, “Highly possible” I spoke, “Deal” she spoke, and I pulled it forward. “Seal with a kiss?” I whispered, and she pressed her lips against mine.




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