Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


2. She pregnant and I have to tell

Sierras P.O.V

" y'all forgot, how could you forget I tell you everyday, ther under the sink". " I'm sorry mom". " I'll help" I yelled. " how are you going to do that". " I'm going to tell Justin" 

" good" and I took skylar up the stairs to give her a bath. I got her baby bath and filled water in it, got her out of the mommy loves me onezy and put her in it. I grabbed the baby shampoo bottle and put some in her hair rinsed that out and washed her body and them got her out

I wrapped her in her groggy towel and ran her in my bedroom I went over to her dresser and got her cute little dress out and white leggings, I went to my lotion area and got her baby lotion, her bugger sucker and baby brush, plus the dipper, and baby rash stuff.

" baby girl, you're so cute" and I blew on her stomach which made a fart noise it tickled her and she laughed. I got her diaper on and put lotion on her. " you're a good smelling baby" I said to her. I put her white leggings on and then her cute Halloween dress, and brushed her hair, then got buggers out of her nose.

i got ready and yelled " mom I'm going to the store need anything" while putting Skylar in here baby seat. " some milk and lipgloss" she yelled. " ok" and I went downstair.

i put Skylar in the car and started the engine. And drove to the local Walmart. I pulled in a spot and put Skylars pink blanket over her and got her out. I walked on walmart and went to the toy section. Christmas is soon so I'm starting to get things for Christmas. 

I knocked into someone trying to get something for my friends son. " so I see your doing Christmas shopping" the deep voice said it sounded very familiar. " yeah, never to early to start" he looked at me with those honey brown eyes and dirty blonde hair I knew who it was " Justin" I said

" Sierra, who is this beautiful sleepy girl" he asked pointing at her. " about her can we talk real fast. " yeah". " mhm, do you remember when that night happened", ' yeah, she's mine isn't she" he said looking at her. " yeah, how did you know" 

" the way she looks, she looks like me and a lot like you ne

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