Baby Skylar

Sierra is a 18 year old, who had a baby with Justin bieber but is to afraid to tell him, he's comeing back to Canada and she is forced to tell him but does he remember and if so will he believe her


6. He came but mom caught him

yeah we have pretty good fans" he said then there was a knock on the door. " ill get it watch Skylar" I said handing Justin Skylar. I opened the door and it was my mom ' mom what are you doing here", " this is my house" she said walking in. I closed the door " of course but you're suppose to be with your friend", ' yes but do you really think I'm going in these cloths for the whole time", ' they have stores there", " Sierra Michelle, what is going on" she asked very coldly, " what are you talking about" I said. She slapped me " I mean you're acting very suspicious", that's it she slaps my brother then she slaps me, " listen here, I don't know who you think you are slapping me and my brother like this, sorry to burst you're bubble but you're not even my real mother and you're not allowed to touch us at all", ' I'm allowed it's the law", " actually you have to be married to my father then you are allowed, right now it would be child abuse" everyone ran downstairs. " what's wrong here" Kayla asked. " where leaveing" I said running off getting a bag full of mine and SkylArs stuff. " really we're are you going the side of the road", ' actually no my real mothers house" I said very coldly, " you're real mother died", " exactly why I said her house" and I walked to Kayla and my brothers room. " Kayla pack some cloths", " Kayla don't pack any cloths", " get you're hands of her" I yelled to my step mother, " I don't have to listen to a 18 year old, go get you're ugly ass baby and go on with you're life you dead beat mother" " I'm not a dead beat mother, at least I didnt kill my baby, like you know who's the dead beat mother" I said while Kayla got her and my brother some cloths. " know where leaveing come on Justin, Ryan, and Chaz get skylar" they got Skylar And we went to my car I'll drive Kayla, Justin do you wanna drive Skylar" I asked him. " sure" and we drove to my moms house, goodness her house was just so dusty when we walked in " gosh I remember this" I said walking over to the coffe table where there was a picture of me and my mom. " what happened" Chaz and Ryan asked while Justin sat sleeping Skylar down. " my mom was driving home one night, and um she got in a really bad car accident she died from to much blood lost" I started to cry, ' shes I. A better place" Justin said holding me while I cried. " I know but i miss her like crazy, i was so close to my step mom were I called her mom, but she hit me and my brother I don't fell safe even tought she is gone, she could always come back" I said whipping my tears heading to the kitchen, I opened the cabinet and there was nothing and nothing in the frige. " I need to go to the grocery store, I'm liveing here, just goota call the landlady.

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