Love (fifth harmony fan fiction)

8 guys audtion for the x-factor USA as Wonderland. They get treu to the live shows. Simon Cowell thinks it would be good for them to meet fifth harmony. But what happens when 2 of them fall in love? Will they be together? Or is it just a lie?
Wonderland does not egsist.
I'm sorry if the story sucks.
I'm sorry if my English sucks.


12. 4

Jeremy’s pov

“Lauren looks hot.” I whispered in Liam’s ear. “Tell her that.” He said out loud. All the girls started looked at us. Liam smirked. “Lauren, you look hot.” I said. She giggled and smiled. “Geez, thank you Jeremy.” She said and started blushing. I smiled. “You actually said it. I thought you were gonna say pretty or nice but you actually said hot. Give it up for Jer.” Liam said. I laughed. “Thank you Li.” I said. The girls giggled and the guys laughed. I smirked at Liam. “Don’t you have to say something to Camila.” Morgan said to Liam. I took a bite of my food. Camila looked up at Liam. “Euuhhhmmm…. I don’t know what you are talking about Morgan.” Liam said shy. “But I do.” I said with a smirk. “No, you don’t.” Liam said angry. “I believe I do.” I said teasing him. He tried to hit me but I got out of the way. “Don’t even try.” I yelled. He tried again. “I will tell them.” I said. He hit me. “CAMILA!!!” I started. “DON’T YOU DARE!!!!!” Liam yelled. He started hitting me. I groaned in pain. “Liam stop.” I said. He didn’t. “STOP IT!!!” Harry yelled. “STOP!!!” The girls tried. Morgan pulled Liam away. I was bleeding and had bruises everywhere. “What is your freaking problem?” Morgan yelled. “Are you okay Jeremy?” Lauren asked. “Yeah.” I said. “You could have killed him.” Morgan said. Liam looked at me. “I’m so sorry, Jer.” He walked towards me. “Get away from me.” I said. “This doesn’t usually happen.” Sawyer said to the girls. “I hope.” Camila said. Lauren looked at me concerned. “You are bleeding.” She said. “Tell me something I don’t know.” I gave Liam a death glare. “Was this really needed?” I asked him. “I’m so sorry.” He said. “I don’t wanna hear it.” I said. I get up and needed to hold me on the table because otherwise I would have fell down. “You can’t drive. Or even walk.” Morgan said. “Harry will drive.” I said. “Okay.” Harry said. “NO, you are not going.” Morgan said. Everybody stared at Morgan. “Why are you picking his side now? He started hitting me. Remember?” I snapped. “I know, but if you leave this fight will never be solved.” Morgan said. “Maybe Morgan is right.” Camila whispered. “I don’t know if Morgan is right or not but I don’t want you to leave Jeremy.” Lauren said. “Fine, I’ll stay but only for the girls so don’t think we are fine.” I said to Liam who was looking hopefully at me. He nodded. “Good.” Morgan said. We all sat down again and continued eating. Lauren stared at me. When I noticed I smiled at her and continued eating. I saw her smile and blush bride red. I looked up at her seeing her still looking at me blushing red from embarrassment. She smiled. “Everything alright?” I asked. She nodded. “Everything is fine.” She said. I smiled. “Great.” “Yes.” She said. After lunch we went to my place. We all actually lived there. “Wow.” I heard Camila say. Liam chuckled. “Does anybody want to drink something?” I asked. “What do you have?” Ally asked. “Anything.” I answered. “I would like a pepsi.” Lauren said. “Sure, anybody else?” “Same as Lauren.” Camila said. I gave them there drinks and we sat down in the living area. “So what do you wanna do?” Liam asked. “We could do some karaoke?” Harrison suggested. “Sure.” Normani said. I looked around. Tears formed in my eyes. “Whats wrong, Jeremy?” Lauren asked. I forced a smile on my face. “Nothing.” I said. “I’m not stupid.” Lauren said. “I know.” I said. “Whats wrong?” She asked again. “Nothing at all.” I lied. “Fine.” She said. “Who’s starting?” Nick asked. “Starting?” I asked. “Yes, starting.” Dinah said. “I’ll start.” Harrison said. “Karaoke.” Lauren whispered in my ear. “What are you gonna sing?” Harry asked. “Marlboro lights from Natalia Kills.” Harrison answered. “THAT’S MY SONG!!!” Harry yelled. “Now it’s mine.” Harrison said calm. “I’m going to my room.” I said. “Why?” Lauren asked. “I’m not in the mood for karaoke.” I answered. “Okay, I’ll join you.” She said. “Sure.”            

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