Love (fifth harmony fan fiction)

8 guys audtion for the x-factor USA as Wonderland. They get treu to the live shows. Simon Cowell thinks it would be good for them to meet fifth harmony. But what happens when 2 of them fall in love? Will they be together? Or is it just a lie?
Wonderland does not egsist.
I'm sorry if the story sucks.
I'm sorry if my English sucks.


11. 3

Liam’s pov

“Do I look alright?” I asked. “You look good.” Jeremy answered. I looked at my phone. “We got 10 minutes.” I said. “I know.” They all answered. “Breathe, Liam. Just breathe.” Jeremy said. Morgan chuckled. Minutes passed away. “Why am I freaking out so much?” I asked. “Because you know we are going to embarrass you.” Harry answered. The others nodded. I closed my eyes. I opened them again. I checked my phone. “They’re late.” I said. Jeremy laughed. “Who cares?” Morgan said. I started to calm down. I laughed a bit. “I’m getting some drinks, what do you all want?” Nick asked. “Pepsi.” We all said. He walked away. “So we have been talking about Liam and Camila the whole time but what about you Jer? Are you gonna ask out Lauren?” Morgan asked. I chuckled. Jeremy started blushing. “I doubt it.” He answered. “10 minutes late, they better have a good explanation.” Sawyer said. I chuckled. “Do they think they can let us wait because they’re fifth harmony?” Harrison said. “They actually can.” Jeremy said. I laughed. “I’m back, did you miss me?” Nick asked. “No, but I have been waiting for my drink.” Morgan said. Nick chuckled and gave us our drinks. I started to think and closed my eyes. I pictured how Camila would wake in their direction. “Wake up.” Jeremy whispered. I opened my eyes. “What is it?” I snapped. “Sorry mate.” Jeremy said. “I just don’t want you to miss how the girls wake in.” He continued.   “I don’t care.” I said. He chuckled. “I know everything was an act Liam but you could have kept it going just a bit longer.” He said. I chuckled. We both started at the door when it opened. Dinah walked in first behind her was Normani then Ally after her came the beautiful Lauren and then… my personal favorite Camila. They walked towards us. “You girls are 25 minutes late.” Harrison said. “Explain.” Sawyer continued. They giggled. “We’re so sorry.” Ally said. “It’s okay.” Kevin said. I turned around shocked. Jer chuckled. “He doesn’t talk around us but he does around girls.” Jer said. “There is something seriously wrong with you Kevin.” Nick said. The girls laughed. “So what are we gonna do?” Morgan asked. “I’m hungry.” Camila said. “So we’re gonna for lunch.” Jer said. “Who said that? She only said she was hungry.” Morgan said. “I said that.” Jer said. “What do you have against lunch Morgan?” I asked. “Nothing, I was just saying…. never mind.” Morgan replied. Harrison laughed. “Excuse my band members. They are not used to be around pretty girls.” Kevin said. “That’s my sentence. YOU STOLE MY SENTENCE!!!” I yelled. “It is his sentence.” Jer said. Harry laughed. “High five bro.” Nick said. “We’re just a bunch of moroons.” Jeremy said to the girls. “Speak for yourself.” Nick said. “Let’s get some lunch.” Sawyer said. “Poor girls they have to spend the whole day with us.” I said. “And now they are probably happy they were late.” Jer said. “No.” Dinah said. “You will soon.” Jer said. I chuckled. “Let’s just go before I do from the hunger.” I said. “Okay.” Sawyer said. And then we all got up.       


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