Love (fifth harmony fan fiction)

8 guys audtion for the x-factor USA as Wonderland. They get treu to the live shows. Simon Cowell thinks it would be good for them to meet fifth harmony. But what happens when 2 of them fall in love? Will they be together? Or is it just a lie?
Wonderland does not egsist.
I'm sorry if the story sucks.
I'm sorry if my English sucks.


1. 1

Liam’s pov

“JEREMY WAKE UP!!!!” I yelled. He groaned and opened his eyes. “Why in the name of God did you wake me up at 6 am?” He said annoyed with me. “We are supposed to go to the x-factor to audition, remember?” I said. He groaned again and walked to his closet trying to find proper clothes. “I completely forgot I’m sorry Li.” He said. “It’s okay, just make sure you are ready in 10 minutes. We need to go.” I said walking out of his room to the other guys. “Is he awake?” Morgan asked. I nodded. “Normally it’s Morgan who doesn’t wake up on time.” Nick said. “I know.” Morgan replied. We chuckled. Jeremy walked downstairs. “Ready?” Harry asked. “I think so.” Jeremy answered. “Lets go!” Harrison yelled with his enthusiasm. We got up and walked to the cars. We were with 8 so 4 in each car. Jeremy stepped in his. I got in mine and waited for the guys to join me. I saw Nick and Kevin get into Jeremy’s and waited for Morgan Harrison and Harry to get in mine. I watched the guys talk but couldn’t understand what they were saying. After quite a while everybody got in the car and we drove to the x-factor studio. I wasn’t so nervous but I saw Jeremy and Kevin were. Jeremy was the oldest so he always felt responsible. I saw him mouth his lines and chuckled. Morgan checked his tumblr. Harrison and Harry were joking around. Kevin went to the bathroom every 5 seconds and Nick and Sawyer were talking about their relationship status. I was just staring around thinking about which celebrity I would like to date. I chuckled when the name Camila Cabello popped into my mind knowing me and Jeremy always made jokes about that. After what had felt like a century we had to get on the stage. We looked at the judges getting a bit of the healthy nerves. Except for Morgan. He never got nervous or scared.  “Hello, how are you boys?” Simon asked. “We are great, just a bit nervous.” Jeremy said. “What are your names?” he continued. “I’m Jeremy Campbell.”

“Nick Dotch.”

“My name is Morgan Hunter.”

“I’m Harry Thompson.”

“They call me Harrison Hunter.”

“I’m Kevin Forbes.”

“Sawyer Styles.”

“And I’m Liam Dex.”


Simon nodded and asked: “What are you gonna sing for us?”

“Stand behind the music by Anjulie.” Jeremy said. “Okay, good luck boys.” He said and the music started. We sang the song. I was getting more nervous for the judges reactions. When we were dun the crowed started to cheer and the judges seemed to be happily surprised. I smiled. “We live for the applause.” Harrison whispered in my ear and I chuckled a bit. The judges told us they liked our performance and then they had to vote. I heard 2 yesses and waited for Demi’s answer. “A big yes.” She said. “Thank you.” Jeremy repeated for the 12 time. “You got 4 yesses, boys.” Simon said. I freaked out and the other boys did the same before Jeremy said “Thank you.” For the last time. We got of the stage. “OH MY FREAKIN GOD. We got true.” Harrison yelled.

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