Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


3. Chapter Two

     I arrived at the practice room for eight o'clock on Friday, the exact time that Dan and I agreed on. The only problem was Dan was no where to be seen. Well, at least not for an hour and a half. When he did show up he behaved unusually cheery; especially given that it was half nine on a Friday morning and we had the room booked all day so that we practice for the show. "Who is he?" I asked as came in and handed a copy of the sheet music to Kayley; our pianist and a copy to me.

     "Elizabeth Satterfield, I Daniel McClean-Grant do not kiss and tell."

     "You're right." I said, "You use a megaphone and shout it from the roof of this building." he put on his best 'I'm hurt that you said that' face before laughing.

     "His name is John and we met on Wednesday night."

     "Do you think he could be the one?" I asked. Dan hasn't exactly been the luckiest in love, he usually chooses jerks, creeps, and downright unpleasant guys. So I was really hoping he'd found him.

     "I think so. Anyway enough about my love life, how about you?"

     "What about me?" I'd already guessed what he was getting at.

     "You and Robert Winston."

     "Ok, first of all there is no me and Robert Winston," I looked down at the sheet music. "Second, why would you choose a song from High school Musical?" it came as a surprise to me because when we started at the school a year ago, he made me swear not to pick a song from High School Musical, and now here he is choosing one for our second Summer Performance.

     "What I like it, it's a happy song."

     "Ok, Mr. Perky. Why don't we just sing it?" his cheeriness was actually starting to make me queasy. Though I was happy for him, he was in love and I wasn't about to rain on his parade. However, loved-up Dan doesn't have a very high attention span; which makes it all the more harder for us to rehearse. I suggested going to the canteen for lunch and that way Dan could spill the beans and get it out of his system before we head back to the room this is what I found out:


Name: John

Age: 21

Starsign: Pisces

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Fave Food: Pizza

Fave Movie: Die Hard


He also attends the same School as us and is in his third and final year. Dan described his personality to me as kind hearted, and bubbly but mixed the right amount of seriousness and told me that he is very down to earth. As I sat there listening to my best friend talking about his new boyfriend, I couldn't help thinking that I wish it was me.

      After about an hour, we headed back to the rehearsal room. It was another hour before Kayley arrived back, some what out of breath. "Guess." she began as she regained some of her breath. "What." both Dan and I were bewildered as to what so important that she had to run back to tell us.

      "What?" we asked her simultaneously.

      "Robert Winston is going to be the celebrity judge at this years Summer Performance." She blurted out at lightning speed. I'm surprised that I actually heard the last bit because she went really high pitched, anyway the only words I caught were Robert Winston. Why can I not seem to get away from him all of a sudden?

      "Daniela, say that again, only slowly this time." I told the ever excitable first year.

      "This years celebrity judge is going to be Robert Winston." she repeated. Did she just say celebrity? Ugh, I hate that word. He's going to be a judge as well, another chance for me to absolutely humiliate myself. Why do I care? He has girlfriend - I think - even if he didn't, he wouldn't pay any attention to me. As I began thinking about all the possible ways that the performance could go wrong, I heard Kayley saying that he was visiting the school next week. I just had to be extra prepared for the performance.

       "Beth?" I must have had a worried look on my face. "Beth are you ok?" Kayley asked.

       "Yeah." I reassured her before having an idea. "Hey, why don't we perform an original song?"

       "What do you mean?" Kayley asked.

       "Well, third years focus on a specific scene from a musical, and first years go with Disney songs." I explained. "Second years do what ever the hell they feel like."

       "So…" Kayley wasn't getting it as quick as Dan though I wasn't expecting her to since she's only a first year. She was kind of adopted by Dan and I when we found her sitting by herself in the Student common room at the beginning of the year. She was struggling to write her first essay for Music Theory - I know, at the beginning of the year it's just mean; especially since it was the first week. But Simon Wetherspoon is that evil - and since then we've been dubbed the three musketeers. Mainly because we've worked on every project together. We came in the top ten for first and second years, and I think it's helped Kayley settle in.

      "I think I know what you're trying to say." Dan started. "And I think it's a mint idea." he opened his bag on top of the piano, and took out a notebook and pen, after a five minute pause, Kayley and I did the same and we spent the rest of the afternoon writing a song for the Show.


      At five, we left the room. Kayley said that she'd work on the song over night and try to recruit as many firsties as she could get to help us with our performance, and Dan and I agreed that we would teach volunteers the choreography we come up with. The whole thing is going to take patience, as well as a lot of fast learners because doing it in a week isn't going to be easy. Though if Ashley Banjo can teach an ENTIRE town in a week, then the two of us should have no problem teaching fifteen to twenty volunteers.

      "Ok, so we'll work on the song and choreography tonight and rehearse at Beths tomorrow." Dan said as we walked down the corridor towards the exit. We stop dead when spotted Marti and Noelle walking towards us.

      "Look Noelle," Marti shouted pointing in our direction. "It's the three talentless musketeers." her tone was full of venom.

      "I don't why the three of you are entering this year." Marti said. "I mean it's not like you'll win." I have mentioned how much I hate the two of them.

      "I think you'll find that we will win." Kayley retaliated.

      "Oh, you poor deluded First year," Marti told her. "Haven't they told you? Third years always win."

      "Come on, there's no need to be condescending." I told them. All I want at that moment was for both of them to stop. "Let's make this interesting shall we?"

      "Go on." they said in unison.

      "Whoever wins next Friday, the losers become their slaves for two days."

      "Losers have to dress in hula skirts and coconut bras," Kayley added. "In the middle of the park."

      They looked at each other before answering "Deal." we shook on it and they walked off giggling and mumbling something under their breath. Once they'd gone I realized what we'd done and saw the look on Dan's face.

       "Don't worry Dan, we'll win." I tried to reassure him.

       "We'd better, because I am not wearing a hula skirt and coconut bra in the middle of a London park." I don't know why, but I started laughing.

       "Oh, come on." I said linking our arms. "Let's go grab a coffee and get to work on the choreography." that worked, Dan launched himself at the door and let me and Kayley out first. We walked to Starbucks and ordered three large Caramel Frappuccinos since the weather was nice for the time of year. We managed to get to the sofas before a group of third years which was an added bonus. "I have no idea what we're wearing for the performance." I told them as we sat down. I know it was a little early to think about what we would wear, but I have to prepare EVERYTHING before hand. It's one of my quirks.

        "Why don't we go shopping tomorrow?" Kayley suggested.

        "Ugh." was Dan's response.

        "What? You don't want to spend time with two of your best friends?" I asked giggling. 

        "No, I'd love to but…"

        "But we aren't him are we." I finished his sentence for him. "He can come too. If he wants he can help with our performance as well." I looked down at my watch to see what time it was. Five to six. "I'm going to go home. See you at mine tomorrow though?" we agreed to meet up at the flat at nine the next morning before I left. 

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