Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


21. Chapter Twenty

I volunteered to o a couple of shifts at the café the next day. Janice was once again conveniently busy, and my step-sisters had a day of shopping planned. I didn’t mind it, it actually took my mind off everything, and I got to chat and catch up with Mrs Everett; our number one regular customer.

“If he can’t see how amazing you are he’s not worth it.” She told me as I took brought her, her toasted sandwich and coffee.

“Thanks.” I said.

“You just think about you.” I smiled as I made my way back to the till where another customer was waiting to pay.

At lunch time another waitress, Meg, came in and took over from me. With nothing else to do, I went and walked around town. I stopped off at the post office to get a couple of notebooks before deciding to head home. I’d got as far as the bus stop when I spotted Caleb getting off a bus. “Hey.” He said as I got closer.

“Hey. I didn’t know you lived here.” I said.

“No, I don’t. My gran does though.” He told me. “She walks just round the corner.” He points behind him.

“I’m going that way too.” I said, and started to walk with him.

It turns out that Caleb's gran live in the street next to mine, and is friends with my gran. Sometimes the world just seems really small – but that might just be my town. We arranged to meet up later on and have a night out, and I carried on walking.

When I get home, I found Bobcat sat in the hallway meowing like his life depended on it. I picked him up and took him through to the kitchen where I found Janice sitting at the table reading one of gossip magazines. “Have you fed Bobcat today?” I asked, letting the cat climb onto my shoulders.

“Um. Oh, no. I thought you did.” She answered not even looking up.

“Er, no. I asked you to feed him today because I was in a hurry.”

“I don’t think you did.” She was still not looking up at me. Rather than get into an argument I sighed and fed Bobcat myself. Once he was fed, I headed upstairs to do some writing.

But i couldn’t do that. When I got to my room, I found the door wide open (I always leave it wide enough for Bobcat to get through) and everything spread across the floor. I figured that it was just Janice trying to wind me up, so I just pick everything up and put it away. It’s only when I come across my photo album that I realize that it wasn’t my stepmother that had been in and messed my room up. It was my stepsisters.

They’d drawn all over the photos I had of Mum. One of them – I think it might have been Marti – had drawn obscene pictures next to any photo with me in. I’d had enough at that point. I wanted to confront them, but they were still out shopping.

I went down to their rooms and packed up all of their things, and then I headed to Dads room and packed Janice’s stuff. I was going to show them that I wasn’t going to lie down and take what they threw at me. They were definitely going to leave. I didn’t even stop when Janice walked in, I just grabbed her things and threw them into the bags and dragged them downstairs with the others when I was done.

“What’s going on?” Dad asked when he walked through the door, closely followed by Marti and Noelle.

“They’re leaving.” I said.

“Elizabeth.” Dad sighed.

“No, Dad. I have it with them.” I told him. “Since you married Janice, all her and her daughters have done is make my life miserable. They leaving today.” I snapped. Dad walked over to me and tried to calm me down.

“They drew all over this.” I told him, as I held up the photo album. I won’t have normally played the Daddy’s little girl card, but I was really angry with Marti and Noelle for ruining the last memories that I have of my mother.

“You can’t just throw us out.” Marti said. “Where are we going to go?”

“I guess the three of you are going to have to think of something aren’t you?” Dad said.

“Matthew, what are you saying?”

“Don’t Janice.” Dad scolded. “Do you honestly think that I haven’t noticed how much you treated my daughter like dirt?” my eyes widened.

“Y-You knew?” I asked. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I was waiting for you to talk to me about it.” He pulled me into a hug. “You three can get out now.” A gobsmacked Marti and Noelle and a speechless Janice picked up their bags and slowly left the house. I watch from the window as they leave the drive, finally pleased that I can stay at Dad’s without having to worry about my room being trashed, or Bobcat starving to death.

“How about tonight, me, you and Bobcat chill out with popcorn and a movie?” Dad suggested.

“It’ll have to be you and Bobcat Dad.” I tell him.


“I kind of told a friend that we would have a night out tonight.” Dad feigned a hurt look. “Sorry.”

“Hey, you’ve got nothing to apologize for. You can out and have fun, don’t worry about me ok?” I nodded.

“I don’t have to get ready just yet though.” I said picking up the remote control and sitting down on the sofa. It was nice it just being me and Dad again. 

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