Life's Melody

Elizabeth Satterfield has lived a life of misery thanks to her ever cruel and scheming step-sisters. But one chance meeting with Lord Robert Winston leaves Elizabeth hopeful of a life away from the shadows. A life filled with magic and love; nothing less than a fairytale.


16. Chapter Fifteen

My alarm went off at five thirty the next morning, and even though I decided that there was no time to waste, I spent half an hour on my tablet before heading to the bathroom to shower. I had to cut the shower short though, because Evie needed in the bathroom before she could get dressed. I went to grab my hairbrush once I was dressed, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

As I opened the door, I found Emily stood in front of me dressed in completely Hogwarts (Slytherin) uniform. "I thought we weren't going in the full uniform?" I said, closing the door when she'd entered the room.

"No," she began. "Evie and I decided that it would be more fun."

"Bu-" just as I'd started to speak, Evie walked out of the bathroom in Gryffindor uniform.

"Beth!" she screeched, looking at me dressed in a red skirt and black top. "Why aren't you in uniform?"

"I'll change after breakfast." I told them as I picked up the brush. Once we were all ready, we headed back towards the dining area for breakfast. If I told that my best friend and my cousin didn't get funny looks because of what they had chosen to wear that morning, I'd be lying. But they seemed happy so I didn't mention the old lady sitting and throwing a silly girls look at them over her breakfast. Besides, they're both young. If we were in our thirties, then I'd have been embarrassed to sit with them.

The staff at the Hotel had laid out a variety of different breakfast stuff. There were individual boxes of cereal, racks of toast next to baskets of those tiny pots of jam/ marmalade/ chocolate spread, pain au chocolat and croissants. On a separate table were jugs of apple juice, orange juice, milk, and pots of tea and coffee.

Evie, who could out eat a pig despite being a stick insect, followed some of the other guests and got herself a Full English complete with all the trimmings. Emily, went with toast and cereal. I chose pain au chocolat and a croissant washed down with apple juice. Once we'd finished eating, we sat and talked whilst the other two finished their coffee.


I spent the journey to Harry Potter Studios competing with the girl next to me, to see who was a better Hermione. But as no one wanted to upset her or anger her mother, we said she'd won.

The rest of the journey to the studios, Kai spent doing impressions of various Harry Potter characters. That is until I informed him that Dobby's and Fred's deaths were still painful to think about.

When we arrived, Kai parked the coach and went to get the tickets, leaving everyone on the coach to get themselves (and their kids) ready to go and explore the studios, where the Harry Potter movies had been filmed. "I can't believe you didn't wear the full uniform." Evie complained as she looked over the back of her seat at me. I'd changed my mind after breakfast, and decided that the robe would be fine.

"I know." I said apologetically. "But it didn't make any sense, me getting changed."

"Well, at least you have your house robes." I there is one thing that you can count on with Evie; it's that she is possibly the biggest HP fan you'll come across. .

Kai handed us the tickets as we got off the bus. He also made a point of telling us that it was his third time at Harry Potter Studios (the first was with a group of friends and the second was on a trip like the one that we were on. I'm telling you, the drivers that drove us on school trips weren't as friendly as Kai was; but they also weren't as young as him either.  

We couldn't start the tour until eleven o'clock, so we sat in the café with Caleb and co until then. Georgia sat and read the fourth Harry Potter book and Evie was busy working on some app thingamajig, while the rest of us talked about whatever random subject came up. I think we were talking about our first day at secondary school, when a voice announced over the tanoy, that it was our turn to go in.


The experience was amazing. I mean, the first room we were in had these screens on the walls, and we had to stand up (not cool when you’re wearing wedges), but the rest of it was brilliant. When we were in the great hall, the tour guide asked us which houses were in, and I have to say that Gryffindor and Slytherin are very overrated. What’s so special about those two houses anyway? I mean they’re the two houses that have points taken away the most.

How the hell did Gryffindor manage to win the House cup so many times?

We had a brilliant time at the green screen, flying broomsticks and then there was the Butterbeer. My god, it’s like heaven.

My favourite part of the tour was definitely the end. There was this room, with a massive model of Hogwarts that you couldn’t help but look at as you walked around to the exit (the door to the gift shop). To say that I enjoyed myself even though it wasn’t exactly my first time going round would be an understatement.

I don’t know how, but we somehow managed to pull ourselves out and back to the coach after buying a couple of things from the gift shop. But the journey home was a little depressing. Though that may have been due to the fact that everyone had been super excited, to get there and in a matter of hours, we had to leave. It was just so unfair. 

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