Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


3. Three

Thalassa's P.O.V.

"Thali!" I heard Perses shout from downstairs. "Mom needs help, I'm busy!"

Mom had came home two days ago, and ever since, no news of Justin. I, sometimes, see him in school. My courage is underground, so I don't exactly get the guts to say a single word to him, not even a simple 'hey'. 

Rushing downstairs, I saw my mother on her computer, pushing her glasses up to the base of her nose. 

"Could you please pass me that pile of sheets there?" She asked, not giving me a single look. 
"What's it about?" I raised my eyebrows, picking it up. 
"Aphrodite." She answered shortly, taking the document out of my hand. 

She asked me to come downstairs to pass her... papers? They were inches from her hands, and here she was, typing her life away. Sometimes, I worry about her, but I'm not exactly in a better place to speak. 

As I was about to head back upstairs, I heard the door bell ring. I groaned, sighing. I trudged to the entrance, looking at the different pictures on the wall. One of them had my father in it, which is kind of weird. Perses and I looked exactly like him, even though we've never met him, it shows in pictures. I walked to the door, turning the knob lazily. 

"What are you all doing here?" I raised my eyebrows, looking at eight boys in swimming trunks and towels over their shoulders. 
"Hey guys!" I heard my brother shout. "Come in!" 

They practically stomped on me whilst joining my brother in the backyard, which kind of caught me off guard since I was expecting them to do like normal people and... you know, brush past, not bump past. 

Sighing sleepily, I walked back upstairs, where Jessie was. She smiled sympathetically at me as I let myself fall back on the wrinkled sheets. I've been pretty busy lately, with the whole studying and trying to keep my social life active; I'm exhausted. 

"Who was it?" Jessie asked, a mouth full of Doritos. 
"The boys." I mumbled. 
"What are they doing here?" She creased her eyebrows together. 
"Came to swim, I guess." I shrugged carelessly. 

She shot from my bed, rushing to my window. Her eyes almost twinkled as her mouth fell agape; this only means one thing. She's staring at Luke McKenzie, the boy of her dreams. He wasn't the hottest boy you'll ever meet; he was simply cute. He did have a rocking body, but he had a baby face and he was the cutest boy ever. He was a year younger than both of us; but still hung out with the seniors, somehow. 

"How about a little swim?" She asked, begging on her knees. 

Well, not really. I just like to picture it that way. I grumbled, shaking my head. She kept insisting and insisting that I just couldn't take it anymore. I finally snapped and shut her up, agreeing. She thanked me and rummaged through my drawer. She pulled a black one piece, that exposed her hips and back. And I just... you know, picked the first thing that came into view.

Although I knew I wasn't going to swim, I still pulled a bathing suit on in case I'd get thrown in the pool or something like that. You never know with these boys, I'm telling you.

I pulled my hair in a bun, lazily waiting for Jessie who was applying waterproof makeup, she's overreacting. She's so... naturally beautiful. She has porcelain skin that looks so soft, sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. 

"Okay." She breathed. "I'm ready." 

We walked downstairs, my mother still on her computer. We walked in the backyard and every movement from the boys seemed to stop; all their eyes on Jessie. I was used to it, she kind of was the most beautiful girl in school. Just to have her in the same backyard as them was like a miracle. Luke wasn't excluded. 

"Mind if we-" She cut cut herself off, giving her flirty look. "Swim with you guys?"
"N-no." Grant, one of the jocks, stuttered. 

She dramatically pulled her hair out of the ponytail she had just did, purposely shaking it around for a bit. I shook my head, giggling quietly. I sat on one of the beach chairs, my phone tightly clutched into my hands. I started checking Facebook and Instagram, since I literally never go on Twitter. Sighing, I sensed someone sitting next to me due to the small water drops on my skin. 

"Aren't you coming in?" His voice gave me chills, my head slowly turning to look at him.
"Nah." I shrugged. "I prefer watching the boys running around her." 

He smirked, raising his eyebrows. He nodded, walking back to the pool. Justin was definitely something that couldn't be understood in a short matter of time. I was presently lost in his personality, trying to figure it out. He's not very shy, but still a little. Maybe it's the reason he doesn't speak much, but I find it attractive how he seems gentle, mysterious and nice at the same time... it's a bit complicated if I'm honest. 

I watched as him and my brother threw each other a ball, the other seven guys playing around with my best friend. Sometimes, I wonder how we even became best friends; even friends. She's the most popular girl in school, and I'm me. I rarely wear makeup, and certainly don't dress up for classes. I go on natural. 

"Hey!" Jessie shouted at me, catching my attention. "Come in! Don't be such a fun crasher!" 

I smirked, raising my eyebrows. I took my Ray-Bans off, leaving my cellphone on the small table beside the chair I was sitting in. I stepped on the small springboard we had at the edge of inground pool. The boys swam to the sides, leaving me space to jump in. I turned backwards to the water, taking a deep breath. I hadn't done this in forever, so I decided to just go for it and not over think everything. I executed a perfect backflip, landing in the cool water. I swam back to the surface, rather quickly. 

"You know sis, let me try that." Perses pulled himself out of the pool, walking to the springboard, worrying me. 
"Perses, I don't think-" I was cut off by him falling face first on the springboard. 

I laughed out loud, swimming towards him. I tried so hard to contain my laughter in, but it was too strong to control. 

"My nose." He groaned, sitting up. 

His nose was bruised and had blood dripping from both his nostrils. I smirked at him, raising my eyebrows causing him to scowl at me. Just on cue, my mother opened the patio door to the backyard, eyeing my brother. 

"Perses!" She grumbled. "What did we say about trying to be better than your sister?" 
"That I do my own things and stop showing off." He called back, my mom giving him a stern look and ushering him inside. 

Well, what an afternoon.


I know it was kind of boring, but I'll try to update before next weekend. BUT THE SPRINGBOARD PART THOUGH :'D!


-Audrey :]

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