Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


10. Ten

Thalassa's P.O.V.

It was 3h30 and I thought my mind was going to explode. I was tutoring the jerk tonight, sadly, and I couldn't seem to get over the fact I had actually offered to. I mentally scowled at myself for doing such thing, realizing I had some kind of obligation from now on. 

I was dressed in a black, long sleeved polyester shirt and grey sweatpants rolled around my waist because they were too long. I wasn't exactly dressed properly, but what would he do in my own home? Bully me? *insert scoff here* Yeah, right. 

I mentally died as the doorbell rang, my eyes rolling as an instinct. I adjusted the glasses on the bridge of my nose, slowly walking towards the door. My mother and brother were out to shop for a new car because ours had been ruined. Cough, cough

I slowly opened the front door, revealing him and his phone, eyes concentrating on the screen because apparently, it seemed so much more important than finishing his senior year properly. His back pack was draped over one of his shoulder casually and he had literally no idea that I was present. 

I ripped the phone out of his hand, closing it and smiling sarcastically, opening the door wide open, motioning for him to come in. He groaned, walking inside. I placed his iPhone in my pocket, making sure to leave it there. 

"Shoes." I pointed to his feet as he was about to walk on the freshly cleaned floor. 

He sighed, slipping out of his Supra's. I walked towards the dining room, seating myself where I previously was. He plopped down on the chair in front of me, placing his backpack on the table, taking his textbooks out. 

"Which subject do you need help with?" I asked lazily. 
"English, Algebra, Math, Science, History, Chemistry and French." He literally had to count off his fingers to name them all. 

Resuming English wasn't so hard, but still needed a whole lot of convincing him that he hadn't written the word asphyxia correctly. Algebra went pretty badly, we'll have to work on that for a while. Math was okay, but I mean, I was hoping he'd be good in some sort of way. Science, Chemistry and History were probably the worst. I thought about digging my grave but I guess it kind of vanished as soon as he realized what year the World Wars happened in. 


I was quite good due to the fact my mother is French-Canadian, we used to speak French a lot around here, until she decided it was time to speak English to learn it correctly for work. We barely say a few words in French now. 

"Je rouge vu l'animal de proche." 

I groaned, face palming. 

"You just said, and I quote, I red see the animal closely." I sighed. 
"It's close, no?" He frowned, reading the phrase on the sheet. 
"It says I saw the flag from afar." I mumbled, looking at him expectingly. 

He let his head slam against the table, moaning in pain afterwards. It was almost nine in the evening and both of us were literally dying in tiredness. But we had to study for his French exam a bit more, which was almost impossible to make him learn. 

"Let's just learn the basics of conjugation." I sighed, rubbing my eyes under my glasses. 

After another hour of torture, my mother called to say they were coming home soon. I simply shooed Justin out of the dining room and back into the entrance. He was so slow I was sure my grandmother could run from Brazil to here and he wouldn't even have his left shoe on. 

"Would you hurry? Some of us are out of school and have better things to do." I snapped tiredly, crossing my arms over my chest. 
"For a conceited bitch, you know how to tutor." He shrugged, ignoring my question. 
"For such a dumb kid, you learn faster than I thought you would." I rolled my eyes, pushing him out of the door. "Goodbye, Justin." 
"Wait, can you come over tomorrow?" He asked, making me frown. "I have to babysit my little brother and sister." 
"Uh, sure." I didn't exactly feel like picking a fight at ten in the evening. "Where do you live?" 
"I'll just come and pick you up." He shrugged, turning away from me. 

After all, he seemed quite nice. Well, not really. I mean, he was turning nice by the end because he threw so many insults when we were studying and all that jazz, but he seemed so nice. Was something wrong. 

"See you tomorrow, freak." He shouted from his car, showing me his middle finger. 

Nope, nothing changed. 



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]



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