Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


1. One

Thalassa's P.O.V.

Thalassa; spirit of the sea and consort of Pontos. 
My mother is in greek mythology, so here's the explication to the awkward name. Well, I kind of like it anyway. Even though many people call me Thaleessa, I've learnt to deal with the originality. 

"Mom wants you downstairs." My older brother, Perses, barged into my room. 

Perses; titan of destruction and peace. 
We both had the lovely chance to be named after weird people we don't know a single thing about. I stood up from my bed, closing my lap top along the way. I walked downstairs, maintaining my slow pace. 

"Hey, you wanted to see me?" I asked my mother, who took off her glasses and shifted her gaze towards me. 
"Yes. Sit down." She smiled warmly, motioning to the seat in front of her. 
"So, what's up?" I asked casually. 
"I have a business trip, in Ancient Greece." She cleared her throat. "I wanted to make sure your brother and yourself would be alright with my absence. If not, I can call Uncle Steve." 

She was referring to Creepy Steve. My brother and I had named him that way when my mother left on her last business trip. He was constantly stalking Perses because he believed he was a delinquent and would set the house on fire. He had weird intentions too. He tried to make a fruit meatloaf. The house smelled disgusting for a few hours. 

"Thalassa?" My mom snapped me out of my thoughts, making me quickly shake my head. 
"There's absolutely no need to call Uncle Steve!" I said, rather quickly.
"Alright..." She trailed unsurely. "Well, I'm leaving in the early hours. I hope you behave, please do?" 
"You got yourself a promise." I smiled reassuringly. 

She nodded, a bit more confident with her choice. I hopped back upstairs, thinking what'd happen for the next two weeks. Probably a couple of parties, due to Perses popularity, it could get tiring, but a little festivity here and there never hurts. 

I took a quick shower, making sure I shaved. I had P.E tomorrow, no need for everyone to see me as a bear. I changed in my pyjamas, drying my long brown hair. After blow drying it completely, I pulled it into a lose bun, walking back into my room. 

This isn't the time where I tell you I have those Tumblr type of rooms. I share a bathroom with my mom and brother, we only have two and the one downstairs is only a toilet. My room is quite small, and rather unoriginal. The whole walls are covered with posters of Passenger, Coldplay, The Fray, The Script, The Beatles, Michael Jackson... There wasn't a single glance of wall that could catch my eye. The ceiling is clear though. 

I hung Christmas lights around my room, because when I didn't want to light the actual lights, it did the job. Plus, the switch was besides my bed so I didn't have to stand up and walk to the light switch. Such a relief. 

I slipped into my warm bed, flipping the Christmas lights switched. As I was about to close my eyes, I remembered school starts tomorrow. I quickly set my alarm clock, making sure I had done it right. I knew Perses wouldn't wake me up if it didn't ring. 


What's My Name? by Rihanna blasted through my small alarm clock's speakers, scaring the shit out of me. I slammed my hand on the plastic object, making it break into small pieces. I groaned, knowing perfectly I'd have to pay for another one. 

Standing up, I walked to the bathroom, seeing Perses shaving. I grabbed my tooth brush, putting tooth paste on it. We both pushed each other to get closer to the sink, causing him to cut himself and me to have bloody gums. 

As he finally left, I pulled my hair out of its bun, looking at the beach waves. I decided to let it like it is, applying light foundation, mascara and eyeliner. Satisfied, I walked back into my room, walking to my extremely small closet. I battled to get my pair of jeans off the hanger, causing it to split in half. The only thing I can do is break things today. I struggled to pull my black skinny jeans on, grabbing my black TOMS in the back. I decided on a black singlet, a white smiley face on it. 

I scurried downstairs, grabbing an apple as I saw Perses in the driveway. I quickly threw my messenger bag over my shoulder, running to the car. As I sat in the passenger seat, I glared at my older brother, who was about to leave without me. 

"I waited for you." He shrugged carelessly. 
"For what?" I scoffed. "Five minutes?" 
"Nope." He popped the 'p'. "Two."

I rolled my eyes, looking out the window. You see, he's kind of the jock senior you can cross path with in the halls. I'm a year younger, and actually have some respect towards others than my own friends. 

He pulled up in the school's parking lot, cutting off the engine. He walked out of the car, walking to my side. The only way you could get out of the passenger's seat is by opening the door by the outside. He smirked and waved at me, making redden in anger. 

I crawled on the driver's seat, struggling as people gave me weird looks whilst passing by, which made me flip many of them off. I finally got out, breathing in relief. I locked his door and walked towards the school's entrance. 

As I was putting my books in my locker, my best friend, Jessie came by my side, smiling brightly like a small child on Christmas. I greeted her, laughing at how chirpy she always was. She was such a... happy person. 

"How's your morning going?" She asked as we walked to History class together.
"Awful." I whined. "First, Perses takes the bathroom and pushes me around, causing my gums to start bleeding because I was brushing my teeth. And then, he was about to leave without me to school, on the first day. And this is the worst, he leaves me in the car. Because you know how the door-" 
"Yeah, I know." She cuts me off, giggling. "What about your mom?" 
"On a business trip in Ancient Greece." I breathed as we took our seats in Mrs Gallagher's classroom. 
"Didn't she call Creepy Steve?" She raised her eyebrows, taking her notebook and pen out. 
"Nope." I sighed. "It's a first." 

Students piled in the small class, the bell ringing after a few seconds they had arrived. Most of them had relieved looks that they made it in time. The skinny teacher took place in front, holding a ruler in her hand, occasionally slapping her other hand with it. It seemed like she was about to spank someone with it, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't... I hope. 

"Welcome to eleventh grade." Her high pitch voice already annoying me as I watched her pace in the front of the class. "This isn't elementary school, there are rules that will have to be respected. Understood?" 

A couple of yeah's were heard, faintly though. She kept lecturing us on our soon-to-be behaviour, which only aggravated the fact that I couldn't stand her anymore. She was annoying me to a very high point. Would she just.... stop speaking? 

"I will now call your names." She stated coldly. "Please raise your hand when I do so." 

And she started calling out the names, me being such an imaginative person, I started zoning out, thinking what it'd be like if my father hadn't died when I was two months old. I wonder what it'd be like to have a dad home. 

"Thaleessa Verga."
"Uh, it's Thalassa." I awkwardly coughed, raising my hand. 

She strictly nodded, not even apologizing. Well, she seems awfully nice. Yeah, that's definitely not a word to describe her. The bell finally rang, making me sigh in relief, I was totally waiting for that moment to come. 

After school.

"Hey, are you coming over?" I asked Jessie as we walked out of school. 
"Sure." She smiled. "But... here goes our ride." 

I watched as my brother's car drove away, making me groan. He was such a pain in the ass, I was so going to give him a piece of my mind when we get home. We sped walked, since it started drizzling. We finally reached my small house, me pushing the front door open angrily. 

"Perses!" I shouted angrily. 

I stomped upstairs, Jessie shyly following behind. Once I was in front of his room, I barged in, coming face to face with a boy I didn't even know. He was tall, extremely tall. He had honey-brown eyes, a very toned body and soft brown looking hair. I excused myself embarrassed, stepping aside to see my brother playing video games. 

"You left me at school!" I roared. "Again!" 
"Oh, must've forgotten you there." He shrugged. 
"You're such an ass." I grumbled. "Why?" 
"The car was already full, with important people in it. Not your shitty ass." He smirked. 
"So, if tomorrow you don't bring me to school, and bring me back home...." I trailed. "I'm calling Creepy Steve." 
"You wouldn't." He gasped, pausing his game. 
"Oh." I smirked, brushing past the cute boy. "I would." 
"Fine." He sighed. "But don't expect me to make you food." 
"You never did, idiot." I chuckled, slamming his door shut. 

Jessie and I both walked to my room, throwing our backpacks in the corner. I let myself fall on the comfy bed, her soon following my acts. We both breathed out, me closing my eyes for a couple of seconds. 

"That boy was hot." Jessie blurted out of nowhere. "He was absolutely gorgeous. Plus, he was eye raping you."
"Yeah, like that'll ever happen."




-Audrey :]


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