Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


14. Fourteen.

Thalassa's P.O.V.


I fell off the couch in surprise, the book I was reading flying through the air. I had heard so much about The Maze Runner and wanted to read the book before seeing the movie, clearly I couldn't do that in peace. 

"Sam, you can't do that." I groaned, picking up the book from the ground. "Aw, now I lost my page and—"
"She said yes!" He screeched like a little girl, jumping up and down. 
"Who is this girl, anyway?" I raised my eyebrows up. "You've been talking about her non-stop." 
"Oh, her name's Wren Smulders." He shrugged his shoulders. 
"Sounds familiar." I also shrugged. 

It took me a few more minutes to find the page I had left off to, and I was finally able to continue my reading. I had barely ever been this interested in a book since The Fault In Our Stars, I still cry for you Augustus, I still do. 

"Wait, Wren Smulders?" My book dropped to the floor, eyes wider than beads. 

Although Justin and I aren't exactly... on the best of terms, I still had the chance to hear his constant rambling about the beautiful girl he wanted to ask to prom. He was supposed to be here half an hour ago to study for his finals, what in the world is happening? 

I stood up from the couch quickly, ignoring the opened book laying on the floor. My heart tugged a fit in fear, which I absolutely hated. I knew if it wasn't for this whole dream thing, I wouldn't even be sweating it. But... we all know how this works. 

I drove as quickly as I could to the school, where he would probably still be. If I remember correctly, he told me he'd be a few minutes late because of detention, not half an hour. Then again, maybe I'm overreacting but that doesn't make me any less worried. 

I parked in the parking lot, obviously, and ran out of my car. Knowing Justin, every scenario was possible with him and I don't know whether I was more worried about what he'd do or about him, gosh, this is just so weird. I absolutely despised Justin Bieber only a few seconds ago, it seems, what in the world happened? 

I pushed the large metal double doors opened, rushing through the large halls of my old High School. There was blood dripping down a locker, along with a fuming Justin and a traumatized Wren Smulders, I'm guessing. She was beautiful, no doubt the both of them liked her. She was that typical girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin... she had the right amount of chest and perfect hips, a guy's dream girl. 

"Justin." I sighed, throwing my arms in the air. "You can't do that." 
"Not in the mood, Thali." His eyes narrowed in anger, which would have totally scared me off, but it didn't. 
"Yeah, well me neither." I groaned, gripping his arm and turning towards the poor girl. "Whatever he did, he's sorry." 

I dragged him outside, surprisingly receiving no protests as he followed closely behind. His knuckled were covered in blood. Why do guys feel the need to punch everything in their way when they're angry? Try sports, jeez. 

"Is your dad or mother home?" I asked. 
"No, why?" He frowned as I pushed him in the passenger seat. 
"Well, I'll start by cleaning out those cuts and bruises, than I'll lecture you." I smiled sarcastically, slamming the door shut. 
"You're not my mother, gosh." He scrunched his nose up. 
"No, but I surely will be the one putting you in your place." I scoffed. 

He stayed silent for the entire ride to his house, the one I actually went to. I had never been to his mother's house, but I did go to his dad's and remembered the way. His house was rather large and beautiful, most certainly not hard to miss. 

I waited for him to unlock his front door and I raised an eyebrow bitchily, as if forcing him to show me the way to his bathroom. He glared at me and squinted his eyes, shaking his head, but didn't argue whatsoever. 

"You're such a dipshit, the lecture starts now." I groaned, after finishing cleaning his hand and had him sitting on the couch as I paced around the living room. "You don't go around traumatizing people like that, Justin, just because someone else asked her to prom—"
"How do you know that?" His eyes narrowed, he seems to do that a lot. 
"Because my brother was the one who asked her out." I smirked and crossed my arms over my chest. 
"I wanna beat—"
"If you do that, say goodbye to graduating." I cut him off. 
"Don't do that." He ran his hand through his hair. 
"Do what?"

He didn't speak for a few seconds, then looked at me straight in the eye. My heart stopped, and everything around seemed to disappear, something I wasn't so sure how to take. These feelings were growing stronger and it felt as if they had popped out of no where, which was no where near normal... but then again, you fucking dream about your one true love, so... 

"You're calming me down." He flared his nostrils. 
"So?" I was confused, now. 
"I'm supposed to be angry, and normally, I don't calm down like this." He grumbled. "This isn't normal and it feels kinda... nice." 
"Uh—" I stood in front of him, still filled with confusion. "I guess that's nice?" 

We completely drifted off topic, but before I could even process what was happening, he pulled me down onto him and planted his lips against mine. I totally would've pulled away, if it wasn't for my heart beating ten times faster and those damn soft pink lips. 

What in the world is happening?



De todos modos... 


-Audrey :]

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