Upon Your Fears.

Meeting her was a whole new feeling. Meeting her was upon his fears.


4. Four

Thalassa's P.O.V.

"THALASSA!" I heard someone squeal, making me snap upwards. 

I fell off my bed, groaning as my face was pressed against the cold wooden floor. Jessie was jumping up and down, running around. I felt like a starfish at the moment, and I definitely felt like staying that way.

"What?" I mumbled. 
"Guess who asked me out to the bonfire tonight?" She screamed, almost jumping on top of me. 
"Let me guess, Luke." I grumbled. 
"Yes!" She shouted. 

I sat up, squinting my eyes as the daylight blinded me. I slowly brought my hand to my eyes, hiding them. I smiled sleepily at her, as she threw my clothes around. She kept whining, looking at herself in the mirror with different pieces of clothing. She was trying so hard for this one boy. 

"Go with the washed jeans, not with rips, and a tank top. Don't bring a cover up so he'll give you his jacket or something." I told her. "And don't put heels, you'll be walking in the sand." 
"Thank you!" She exclaimed, picking the clothes up and walking downstairs. 

I heard my front door slam shut, causing me to sigh. I looked at the alarm clock, the one I had bought not so long ago. Five forty-five. Oops, I guess I kind of overslept. I have to be at the bonfire, since, I want to go. 

I lazily took a shower, stepping out. I dressed in dark ripped skinny jeans and a grey long sleeve shirt, that I wear a bit too often. I looked at my hair, shrugging. I pulled a black beanie over it and my favourite TOMS. The black ones, obviously. 

Walking downstairs, I saw it was seven o'clock. Great, I'm late, and I have to walk there. Sighing deeply, I stepped out of the house, lazily trudging and kicking rocks. I finally arrived at the bonfire, everyone was around the fire, sitting on the big wood benches. 

"Hey!" Perses shouted. "Sorry, forgot you at home." 
"Some chance you have that mom's home!" I called back. "I would've called him!"

I smirked, sitting next to Jessie, who had Luke's hoodie on. She winked at me, looking behind me. I snapped my head to where she was looking, and realized Justin was by my side. I waved at him gently, him returning the favour. 

"Do you ever talk?" I asked. "I know you already did, but why don't you?"
"Because, there's nothing to say." He shrugged, messing with his red cup. 
"Or, you're depressed and don't feel like doing anything, you try to cover up by smiling from time to time but it's obvious something's upsetting you." I raised my eyebrows at him as he squinted his eyes at me. 
"Or, I'm an extremely shy kid who's been bullied when he was younger and picked on for being intelligent." He said quietly. 
"You know, I've learnt that speaking about your problems actually help." I looked over at him and gently smiled. "So if you ever need a personal psychologist, I'll be right over."

He gently smiled, but I knew I shouldn't take the subject further, and I knew he had a limit to what people should know. But the thing is, I didn't believe one bit of what he just said. I could tell that wasn't just it. He had left out parts that I knew were vital to put the puzzle together. 

The bonfire was alright, I guess. Nothing interesting happened, just a get together kind of thing, which we get regularly. The disgusting thing was Luke and Jessie making out. Gross. It's not that it's absolutely disgusting, but you know, it isn't very appealing. 

And I found myself walking home in the dark, as usual, with a wooden stick as protection. That's probably every teenage girl's dream. Having the chance of getting raped with a stick in your hand, I don't see why anyone wouldn't want it to happen.

I finally reached my house, only to find it plain full. I knew this wasn't what I expected, but I definitely should've. Over thirteen boys were in the small living room, watching a football game, and for the first time, I saw Justin shout. After the T.V, obviously. 

Thalassa, Perses,
I'll be gone for the night, have late work at the office. 
Please don't invite too many people over and make 
sure to clean everything up. 
Mom -xox-

Dumb Perses, inviting the whole disgusting and nasty boys over. The living room got awfully quiet, and that never means something good. I quickly peaked through the kitchen door, only to see men in black, guns pointed on the guys. I may be shy, but this isn't happening in my house. 

"Who the fuck are you?" I never swear, literally. 
"Shut up, you whore." One of them turned himself towards me, pointing the gun at my head. "Or I'll blow this pretty little head of yours." 
"Go ahead, freak." I sneered, crossing my arms over my chest. "In my own house, where you've let digital handprints. Why don't you ask your friend over there to get his filthy hands off my furniture?" 
"That's it!" The man screamed, and started shooting everything. 

Justin slammed his body against my waist, pushing us behind the couch. I groaned as he landed on top of me, shaking his head. 

"Take Thali away, Justin!" Perses shouted, taking a gun out. "I don't want her in here, you know what trouble it'll cause!" 

What the hell? I was struggling to get out of Justin's grip, but no success. Damn boy, you got some muscles. He threw me over his shoulder, making me dangle in defeat. He started running, and that hurts the stomach if you ask me. 

"You stubborn little girl." I heard him mumble, as we finally escaped the hell hole. 

Throwing me in the passenger seat of his car, he ran to his side, driving out of the driveway as soon as he was seated. I quickly buckled up, watching as he drove like one of those dudes in Fast & Furious. He pulled the handbrake, causing us to drift slowly. 

"What's going on?" I asked, grumbling. 
"They found you."
"What do you mean they found me?" I asked, insulted to say the least. "You know, I have a right to have a better explanation than this-" 
"Your brother and I have been on your protection for over a year." Justin snapped. "I've been around more than you've had the chance to see, and your mother is aware." 
"What do they want?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"What's in your right arm." He answered simply, making me frown. "Your father inserted a chip before you died, and sadly, it's full of information Parker's gang want." 
"Explains the scar." I breathed. 

I'd ask myself what the hell is going on, but I kind of get it. I still wonder what's in that that chip, but I don't exactly want to discover what opening your arm feels like. On the other hand, what father could insert a chip in their own child's arm?

"Where are we going?" I asked curiously, watching as his perfect jaw clenched, his gaze soon falling upon mine. 





De todos modos...


-Audrey :]



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