Where are you?

How could this happen? One day here and the next you were gone. What happened? We were just friends right?
Anna was just another girl,but after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant. She didn't even know his name. What happens when her son looks a lot like a famous singer? Has she found his father or will she be forever in the dark?


9. Chapter 9

Josh's POV

I hurried back into our room locking the door. If Anna wasn't going to go look for Niall I was. I pulled out my laptop looking up One Direction. Apparently they were coming to our town in a month. 

Smirking i bought three tickets, including backstage passes. Even if she didn't want to Anna was going to confront Niall.


~One Month later~

Anna's POV

"Hey Anna let's go." Josh called from front door.

Josh was taking Ashton and I to a surprise. I was hoping he was done with pushing the Niall thing. Ashton wasn't Niall's son, not a change. What is the change that someone famous was is Ashton's father?

Josh honked the horn from the car. "Moomy." Ashton called walking over to me. "Daddy says it's time to go." 

"Ok." I smiled picking up Ashton. "Let's go."

I locked up the house and headed for the car. After putting Ashton in his car seat I hoped up next to Josh. "So where are we going?" I asked.

Josh leaned over kissing me on my nose. "Nice try, but I'm not going to tell you."

I pounted a little in my seat, sticking my tongue out at Josh. He chuckled lightly patting my leg."You'll know soon enough."

I laughed quietly drifting off to sleep.


~Three hours later~

Anna's POV

"Anna." Josh whispered shaking me lightly. "We're here."

I looked around but all I saw was black. "Josh what's going on?"

"You have a blindfold on." Josh whispered taking my hand. "It's a surprise."

Ashton grabbed my other hand. "Mommy we're at a big building."

"Ashton." Josh said laughing. "Don't give it away."

Josh lead Ashton and I somewhere until he told us to stop.

"Tickets please." A strange voice. Josh handed something over and a door opened. Ashton tryed to run ahead, but I held his hand tight. 

"Ok." Josh said stoping me. "This is far enough."

Josh removed my blindfold. I blinked several times before I was able to see again. In front of me was a sign. When I could read what it said I couldn't believe my eyes. 

"What did you do Josh?"

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