Where are you?

How could this happen? One day here and the next you were gone. What happened? We were just friends right?
Anna was just another girl,but after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant. She didn't even know his name. What happens when her son looks a lot like a famous singer? Has she found his father or will she be forever in the dark?


7. Chapter 7

Anna's POV

~3 months later~

The last three months went by fast. Josh made the best of it, having movie nights, or just hanging out. It had been great. 

We had monthly vists to the doctors to make sure Ashton was ok. So far he was doing great. As my due date was getting closer I began to fall ill. A week before he was due Josh took me in. 

"You ok Anna?" Josh ask as he sat by my hospital bed. 

"I'm fine." I murmured. "Is Ashton ok?"

Josh nodded, smiling. "They say it will be anyday now so you can't leave."

I lay back with a sigh. "It's going to be so boring staying in here though."

Josh took my hand. "I won't leave your side till you get out of here."

I smiled leading over and giving him a soft kiss. Josh smiled against my lips kissing me back. "Trust me, this won't be boring. I'll keep you company."

And he did. The next two days flew by. The first night they wanted Josh to leave, but once I told them that he was my boyfriend they let him stay. I guess they thought he was the father. Once I thought I would laugh at the thought of Josh being Ashton's father, but now... maybe he could be.

On September, 14th I started having pains. "Josh." I moaned. "It's Ashton."

Josh rushed out of the room grabbing the closest doctor. I could hear him from my roo. "Erm.. Could you come my girlfriends having a baby."

The doctors rushed in wheeling me away.

~Four hours later~

"One more push Anna." The doctor called.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and gave one final push. "It's a boy Miss. Hayes." The doctor smiled holding a scrimping bundle.

I smiled with tears in my eyes as he handed Ashton to Josh. "What's his name?"

Josh handed him to me. "Ashton Gray Hayes."

I cuddled him close. "He's perfect.




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