Where are you?

How could this happen? One day here and the next you were gone. What happened? We were just friends right?
Anna was just another girl,but after a one night stand she finds herself pregnant. She didn't even know his name. What happens when her son looks a lot like a famous singer? Has she found his father or will she be forever in the dark?


10. Chapter 10

Anna's POV


"What did you do Josh?" I cried again. Josh shot me a hurt look. "It's for you and Ashton, you have to tell Niall."

I looked down at Ashton, his blue eyes were bright with awe. "Mommy are we seeing One Direction?" He pointed at a poster of Niall, Louis and the other three band members.

I looked at Josh, he was nodding. I let out a sigh giving in. "Yes we are Ash."

Josh wrapped his arm around me kissing me on the tip of my nose. "It's going to be ok Anna." Ashton hugged my leg buired his head between Josh and I.

Ashton rushed ahead a little, always keeping in view. Josh gave me the tickets and headed off to grab us some food and drinks. I was surprised when I saw our seats, we were right up by the stage, as close as we could get. 

Josh joined us handing Ashton a hotdog and me a pretzel. "Thank you." I whisper, kissing his cheek lightly. Josh smiled slightly his eyes sad. I was hopping that he did not think that Niall would replace him in Ashton's eye, he will always be Ashton's father. 

The lights dimmed and all the young girls around us screamed and cheered. Ashton clung to the top of my dress his eyes wide with excitement.

The opening lines to "One thing" start and the boys walk out from behind a big sign. The girls in the crowd go crazy.

"Mommy, Mommy." Ashton cried pointing at Niall. "It's the guy from the band."

I let out a laugh. "Yea he is." I hand Ashton to Josh turning back to the One Direction boys as the song ends. 

"Hey everybody." The curly haired one shouted.

All the girls yell back. The one next to see shouted. "I love you Harry."

"The curly haired one is Harry." I whisper to Josh. 

Ashton laughed clapping his hands. "Harry Harry." 

Harry looked right over at him smiling. He nudged the boy next to him, Niall. When he looked over at Ashton he smiled, but as he looked at me and Josh his eyes widen.

Josh looked at me surprised. "Do you think he remembers?"

All I can do nod. Niall remembered me. Maybe he could tell me about that night.

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