*For Ever* [on hold]

Ever Crimsen, a girl who has sisters who were twins. They were directioners. She went to a signing to surprise her sisters that she has their autographs, but what if Niall gets interested in her? Will she fall in love, too?


1. Meeting Her

*Ever's POV*

Yo! I'm Ever Crimsen. I'm lining for the signing of the CD's of One Direction. I'm actually doing this for my younger twin sisters, Courtney and Alison. They're twins and they're both directioners and they don't know I'm here. Both 15 years old. I'm 18 years old, with brown, curly hair. One thing about me, I’m home-schooled. So, moving on, I'm not so much of a directioner, but I LOVE THEIR SONGS!!! I was holding two CD's, two One Direction t-shirts, two One direction mugs, and Courtney and Alison's favorite headphones. They have to sign all these... Then, the first one was a curly guy..."Hello, I'm Harry, that's a lot of things" he says, "Yeah, they're for my sisters" I say. He signed all of it and said "Have a great time". I moved to another guy...who's hair was on Mohawk..."Hello, I'm Liam, nice mug" he says and Harry, the curly one whispered something in his ear and he smirked "I'm just wondering, how old are you?" he asks "I'm 18 years old" I say "Are you a directioner? You don't seem interested in any of us" he says "I'm not a fan, but I love your songs" I say "Really? That's great" the guy beside him with black hair who looks like and Indian says "Okay, that's all of it...have a great time. I hope we satisfied you" Liam says as I moved on to the Indian guy "Hello, I'm Zayn, I've heard you like our songs...here...these are some songs I've mixed myself" he says handing me a USB. "Are you serious?" I ask "Yup, now let me sign those stuffs you've got” he says and signed them "Are you an Indian?" I ask "Nope, I'm from Pakistan, which is almost the same thing" he says and laughed "Here you go, the next one is Louis, just in case that you know...you don't know his name" he says "Thanks...and I really don't know his name" he says "Hello!" he shouted "Um...hi" I say and gave the stuffs to him "Wow...that's a lot of stuffs you got there" he says and signed them "Off you go to--" I cut him off "Niall, yes, I...uh...know his name" I say "Oh, I see you've got a crush there" he teased "Thanks, Louis" I say and moved on to Niall "Hello, I'm Niall" he says, actually, he's the only one I know from the group...he's the cutest "Hello, I'm Ever" I say...embarrassed with my name "That's acute name...very unique" he says "Thanks" I say as he signed them "Here you go...I hope you have a good day" he says. I placed all the things in my backpack and was about to go when Niall called me "Hey Ever, um...I don't normally do this but...call me..." he says and handed me a piece of paper "And in case you don't call me...may I have your number?" he asks "Um...yeah...sure" I say and wrote my number on his palm. I went home and say my two sisters on the floor watching TV as my mom was cooking and my dad was at work. "Hello, guys...I'm home" I say as both my sisters came rushing for me "Did you buy us anything when you passed by the supermarket? You have any food? Drink?" Courtney asks "Nope, but I do have a surprise" I say as I let out the things that One Direction signed. "AHHHHH!!!" they both screamed "Calm down, girls. What is going on?" our mom asked "Well, Ever just got our mugs, t-shirts and albums signed by One Direction!!!"Alison says "And that's not the only thing I have. I've got these" I say pulling out Niall's number and Zayn's USB "What are those?" Alison asked "This on is Zayn's USB, he gave it to me and he said these are the songs he mixed himself..." I say pointing out at the USB "...and this is...drum roll please..." I say slowing things down "Spill the beans, sis" Courtney says "Niall James Horan's number" I say and they both turned wild! "Settle down, now" our mom scolded "I think Ever should have that USB and that number...they gave that to her...you two better be satisfied of what you have" our mother said "aw..."they both whined "But are you gonna call him?" Courtney asks "Maybe later...I'm not really interested with that guy" I say. I went in my room and got changed, then, went to the kitchen to eat with my sisters and my mom. I was day dreaming, in the evening though. Then, my cellphone rang and my sister got it and answered my phone for me. "Hello? Oh...okay...just a sec..." Courtney says on the phone "...it's Niall" she screamed-shouted, but she covered the mic and I answered: Me: Hello? Niall: Oh...hi...just checking on you...i thought you gave me the wrong number...

Me: I would never do that, well, not with a stranger...like you...

Niall: Oh...well, I've also heard that those things you've let us all sign...~people giggling in the background~...were from your directioner sisters.

Me: Yeah...

Niall: Well, my mates wanted to see them...and...I wanted to see you again...

Me: Oh...yeah sure...when?

Niall: If you have time...today...

Me: Just a sec... Courtney, Alison, do you have time to see One Direction today?

Courtney and Alison: Um...AHHH!!!

Niall: I take those screams as a yes...what do you think about Nando's?

Me: Yeah, sure... Niall: I'll pick you all up on 2 hours...I'm sure they'll need a lot of time to dress up... Me: Yeah...

Niall: Okay...where do you live?

Me: ~says address~

Niall: Okay, pick you up. bye!!!

~End of phone call~

"So, what'd he say?" Courtney asks "What if I tell you that One Direction will fetch us in 2 hours?" I say "Oh my goodness? Mom, help me out in my outfit" Courtney says as she went in the room with mom and started changing "Ever, may you please pick out a pair of pants for me?" Alison asks "Sure, me, too, I'll wear pants" I say. Me and Alison wore pants and t-shirts, while Courtney wore a dress. Yeah, she's really like that, but she's the most fashionable one in the family. Later, a van pulled in and the driver was someone else. Then, Niall opened a sliding door, come in ladies. "Thank you" Courtney went in first. The whole ride was quiet, except for me and Niall, we were both talking and laughing about...everything actually. ~Later at Nando's~ We went down from the van and sat on a table. Niall was beside me, Harry sat with Alison, Courtney was in the middle of Liam and Louis and Zayn was in front of the table. We ordered somethings and then waited, "So do you have any boyfriend?" Niall asks "Nope" I say "Why?" he asks "A newly-heartbroken person over here" I say "Oh sorry...what happened?" he asks "Well, we were together for a year or two, but he ditched me for...a girl" I say "Oh...I'm really sorry...I promise I won't ask again" he says. We ate, but Harry really looks interested in Alison...and Courtney was just stuck there talking to guys with girlfriends...poor Courtney.

~In The Van~

I was tired and our house is still far...so I slept.

*Niall's POV*

Ever slept, she looks really tired, since we were the only on in the row of the van, I made her lay her head on my shoulder. She really looks beautiful...I wanted to ask her out, but I was too shy so I made the boys come and as an excuse, I made her sisters as an excuse to be with her. I was kind of disappointed when I knew she was newly heartbroken, girls like that takes a lot of time to heal. But I know that she's tough, when I see that guy...I'll rip his head off for breaking my baby girl's heart.

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