Relatable Things

This movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave if you enjoy it!


4. Text brake ups

This was requested by: Me

I know no one requested this but its going to be a rant of its okay with you all.


When you get dumped by text.


I just had this done to me and the guy was using his mates phone. Just , why use your mates phone. Use your own or say it. Done get a friend to tell me. Tell me yourself! And if your going to do it over text. Why would you laugh about it. Just grow up Jack ok! And after you dump someone you don't go putting hearts to them. Later on he asked if I was actually. Wouldn't you be crying if you had just had your heart broken. Stop pretending your Adam and just tell me if its you or not.



My mate was telling me all along he didn't mean anything he said. I believed her but at the same time I kinda didn't. Ya know what I wish I had done now. Take this advise if a mate says something about your boyfriend, listen to her please. I learned the hard way.



A/N- I know I kinda based this chapter on me but I didn't know any onther way to put it. Sorry for it being a rant but am sure I happened to some of you before. Oh yeh and by the way Jack you a ****HEAD


Keep coming with the suggestions





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