Relatable Things

This movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave if you enjoy it!


1. Hey!!!!!!

Hey, my name is Alisha and am 16 years old. In this I will post something that is relatable to everyday life. Things that annoys you. I could be very calm or just have a massive rant depending on what subject it is. One time it could be something that is annoying or another time could be something that is really sweet or it could be about boys/girls. I will post the first subject up soon. If you have any requests just put them in the comments and it will turn it into a chapter for you! It could even be about the most randomest thing you could think of.  Please read and enjoy this book. I will make it as fun as possible instead of boring. Basically enjoy it :D

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